Monday, December 28, 2009

Al Mumtee’u Fi Sharh Aljurmiyyah

ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewAl Mumtee’u Fi Sharh Aljurmiyyah Dec 28, '09 4:02 PM
by Nasrin for everyone
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Author:Aboo Anas
asalamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu

Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Allah, for giving me tawpiq to buy this book, and then to benefit from it.

I wrote a little review of this book last Summer, when i started reading this book a little and then stopped as college started.

Alhamdulillah, now after a year later, after going over madinah books - all 3 - couple of more times, i decided to start this book again. Alhamdulillah.

i really have to say, the book is SO easy, masha-Allah, and this book has an intro. from Shaykh Muqbil, and the author and shaykh Muqbil both said this book is for beginner.

also, it is very easy for me to go over the book, and not go into the dictionary for once to check up any words. The book is about 166 pages long, and i have finished up to 60+ pages, there were few words i did not know exact meaning of but i didn't bother go into the dictionary because Context was enough to tell me the meaning. Alhamdulillah.

also, due to going over madinah 3 books DVD found online that i bought and went over, Alhamdulillah the book is even more easy for me to go over, all grammar terms are familiar to me, و الإعراب is even more easy Alhamdulillah.

The author teaches you a topic and then gives you ayat of Qur'an having that topic grammar, and then he gives you grammatical analysis of the ayat mentioned in full. Alhamdulillah.

and there are footnotes that gives you extra benefit to the main book explanations, where the author quotes from the advance grammar books to clarify many grammar points. He said to read them after reading the main shar of the book, i find it personally some of the quotes a little hard to understand, maybe due to new words in them. i don't mind on that at all.

Also, going over shaykh Uthaymeen's explanation aljaromiyah audio dars, HELPS a lot alhamdulillah. Shaykh uthaymeen teaches more than what this book teaches and he gives more explanation and examples and goes over the examples in detail and he talks back and forth with students and asks questions and answers and corrects the students, so all these helps a lot. alhamdulillah.

i like one thing in shaykh uthaymeen teaching, he will ask a question and then confuse the students with right and wrong answer, to make sure the students actually know the correct answer, if they answer, he will ask why and they will answer why such or else shaykh clarifies. alhamdulillah. this establishes a firm root in understanding the lessons taught. alhamdulillah.

finally, this book is sold here:

you should buy it, very simple and easy books. Yes there are many charts mash-Allah. alhamdulillah.

i think after reading the note on the site about the book, i bought the book alhamdulillah. the site was down back then, so i told umm Kutubah to sent me while i pay her. alhamdulillah.

Umm kutubah has been going over this book for a while now, i hope she will finish soon. insha-allah.

Because i finished full madinah book series, i find almost all materials review for me. alhamdulilllah.

also, i really suggest that you memorize aljaromiya really well before you start its shar reading and studying, this will help you a lot. alhamdulillah.

so far i am just reading the book, i don't write out anything or take notes, sometimes i find nice points and i want to make note of it, then thinking, should i or no. So far in my Learning of arabic, i took no notes, i don't now, i just say, these are in the book, i can just use the books. RIGHT?

insha-allah after finishing this book and the audio dars of shaykh uthaymeen, i will give a review of both, then i think i will make a notebook to take note of important things or new things etc.

this is the first time i am reading a full arabic grammar book with the aim to finish it. i am really tired of Madinah books, i don't want to touch them maybe in next few months, i do have to go over last 10 lessons of 3rd book for the 3rd time. I cannot wait to be fluent and reading and learning my Deen in full Arabic.

i don't like dictionary use, i would suggest whoever wishes to go over this book, finish all 3 madinah books, [with the DVD lessons found online], then i can assure you with 98% assurance that you won't have to go back to dictionary in reading this book unless YOU WANT TO.

Because i don't like dictionary use too much, i want to be fluent enough to read Arabic books.

if you finish all 3 madinah books, you will find aljaromiyah in most part a REVIEW for you and if you do aljaromiay first then madinah books will be review for you. so either way you decide. right?


i hope you all buy this book and enjoy reading it and benefit insha-allah.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bind Your Book with Your Own Hands 
- You can Visit the Album to view each picture single and you can zoom in also - 

I hope the slide show is clear up to be able to understand each step as to how to go about binding books.

So far alhamdulillah i bind-ed few books and the largest of them are Arabic Grammar books - one is 700 + pages and another 351 pages [i didn't bind it yet, the print of this book is what you see in the second picture.]

My Sister prints the books out for me, may Allah reward her.

It saved me a lot of money, and many people cannot afford to buy books all the time while they do not like reading on the net, so it is a very good tool that we are able to print and bind into books. Alhamdulillah.

I hope you all find it useful and bind your books.

that 700+ pages books was about $40 dollars at mash-allah. you can save this money and buy more than 4 books or so that are not found as ebook. RIGHT? so why not save the money and make useful use of it. RIGHT?

I hope you all enjoy.