Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bind Your Book with Your Own Hands 
- You can Visit the Album to view each picture single and you can zoom in also - 

I hope the slide show is clear up to be able to understand each step as to how to go about binding books.

So far alhamdulillah i bind-ed few books and the largest of them are Arabic Grammar books - one is 700 + pages and another 351 pages [i didn't bind it yet, the print of this book is what you see in the second picture.]

My Sister prints the books out for me, may Allah reward her.

It saved me a lot of money, and many people cannot afford to buy books all the time while they do not like reading on the net, so it is a very good tool that we are able to print and bind into books. Alhamdulillah.

I hope you all find it useful and bind your books.

that 700+ pages books was about $40 dollars at mash-allah. you can save this money and buy more than 4 books or so that are not found as ebook. RIGHT? so why not save the money and make useful use of it. RIGHT?

I hope you all enjoy.

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