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Arabic Courses as offered at Brooklyn College

Inventory of Undergraduate Courses

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All courses, unless otherwise indicated, are taught in the target language.

*Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are not counted toward the requirement of no fewer than 24-27 credits in advanced courses in the major language.

§Independent work means not less than three additional hours each week of conference, research, independent reading, and writing as assigned by the instructor. The student's grade is determined in part by the successful completion of this independent work.

Tier I Introductory Courses include basic culture and civilization courses and two core courses that provide a basis for future electives: 2120 Understanding Texts teaches students how to read, analyze, and write about texts from a diversity of genres; 3610 Landmarks of Literature presents an established core of representative texts in chronological order.
Tier II Genre Courses include courses titled Thematic Readings in five major literary genres (poetry, the novel, short fiction, theater, and the essay). The content of these courses varies from semester to semester and it is always presented in chronological order to help students develop a sense of literary history.
Tier III Multidisciplinary Courses expand the study of literature beyond the traditional fields, focusing on special areas of interest in the contemporary world; women; autobiography; moral and religious concerns; historical and social concerns; and the arts.
Tier IV Pivotal and Monographic Courses offer the intensive study of a major author or body of literary works at an advanced level. Their in-depth nature makes them suitable for students toward the end of their course of study.
The college has recently transitioned to a new course numbering system in preparation for the migration to the CUNYfirst platform. Old course numbers are provided in the parenthesis after the "/" symbol.

    Summar - part 2 - Free Group Arabic Classes For Sisters ONLY


    Assalamualikum warahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu 

    *** I am Currently taking more students for my Madinah Arabic Book 1 Group Class, this is for the part 2 of the Madinah Book 1 that starts from Lesson 12 *** 

    The Lesson will Start From June 1st. Anyone who is interested to join should be up to that level, should know what came before lesson 12 in Madinah Book 1 in terms of words and grammar. 

    Class timing is as of today: Sundays, 9:30 AM EST to about 11:00 AM as required. 

    There is a small registration fee for these free classes to save my life from people who come and go as they wish; the fee is $15 per person as admission and registration fee, must be paid via western union before class day. 

    For More details please visit:

    **** TO INITIATE YOUR ARABIC CLASS REGISTRATION, Please fill out this form ****


    Success is failure turned inside out; 
    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
    And you never can tell how close you are, 
    It may be near when it seems afar; 
    So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit; 
    It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit.


    Arabic Courses For Sisters Only By ME

    Arabic Courses For Sisters ONLY
    I offer two types of Arabic Courses: 
    • Group Classes (For FREE) But with Admission/Registration Fee; Class contains more than or less than 7 students but no more than 10 students. 
    • Private Classes ($13 Per Hour)
    All classes take place via skype and for group classes' screen share is via Therefore, all students must have a free account with and to join the classes

    Registration Form for the classes is here: 
    Arabic Study Background Information Form is here: 
    Registration & Admission Fee is $15 dollars for group classes per person. There is no registration fee for private classes and there is no free trail classes either. 

    PLEASE NOTE: All payment is via western-union only. Students will only join the classes after they have made their payment for private classes and for admission and registration for group classes. 

    **** TO INITIATE YOUR ARABIC CLASS REGISTRATION, Please fill out this form ****

    Saturday, May 10, 2014

    Want to Learn Arabic BUT......

    Bismillah assalamualikum....

    It is not surprising that Muslims want to learn Arabic at all, i hear it all around me from people, i want to learn Arabic, I want to learn ARabic, I want to learn ARABIC..... That's great that we all desire to learn Arabic but what happens after the desire to learn Arabic.... 

    Many people then would tell you, i want to learn arabic but.... i am too busy with works, i want to learn arabic but i have major classes to finish, i need to focus on my college classes, i am done with college, no more term left to take arabic classes, i am transferring out .... ilahi! we can have a long LIST of excuses as to why people are running away from learning arabic, also, another is one: it is too hard, the teacher is hard, i have been studying so much but it is too hard to learn etccccccc.... if i study for arabic for a such a long time, i don't have time to study anything for other classes, my GPA will go down etc etcccccccc

    ilahi ilahi! give me some break. 

    Other day a Chrisitan lady met me with 2 African american man and woman, the main lady was from Lebanon so she knew ARabic - Fushaa - 100% so well, spoke fusha so well with clear pronunciation and more. And you know what, the african american woman KNEW ARABIC TOO... WOW! i was surprised and i asked her right away, which college did you learn it from because in Arabic classes, there are a lot of non-Muslims and they LOVE learning Arabic too and enjoy it... And you know what? In many of the Arabic classes, it is the non-muslims, the kuffar - students - who are the best student in the ARabic classes and Muslims are behind them!!! isn't that a shame?! 

    So yea, the african american lady was telling me she learned Arabic from her ARAB FRIENDS!!!! i was so shocked! She never went to colleges for ARabic classes nor took any private lessons but she spoke Arabic Fusha so clearly and understood it so well!!! 

    Man! I was like where are the ARab Friends for us MUSLIMS who could teach us ARabic so well without taking any help from classes or teachers!!!!! 
    I met many nice Arabs but NONE OF THEM - YES NONE OF THEM Was one of those type who could help you learn ARabic and give time in correcting your translations or teach you some Arabic. Shame on the Arabs!!!! 

    Now we have two CUNY colleges offering MINOR in ARabic and if Muslims do not take advantage of such program! ShAME ON THE MUSLIMS WHO ATTEND CUNY COLLEGE! Shame on THEM!!!!!! 

    GET ON YOUR HILL< TAKE e-permit and take classes in colleges that offer arabic.... cunyfirst makes it even more easy to take classes in colleges within CUNY colleges... 


    Success is failure turned inside out; 
    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;
    And you never can tell how close you are, 
    It may be near when it seems afar; 
    So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit; 
    It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit.


    Thursday, May 8, 2014

    العدد - مذكر - مؤنث

    العدد -  مذكر -  مؤنث
    واحد/ة  - الأول - الأولى
    إثنان/إثنين - الثاني - الثانية
    ثلاث/ة - الثالث / الثالثة
    أربع/ة - الرابع - الرابعة
    خمس/ة - الخامس / الخامسة
    ست/ة - السادس - السادسة
    سبع/ة - السابع - السابعة
    ثماني/ة - الثامن - الثامنة
    تسعة - التاسع - التاسعة 
    عشر/ عشرة - العاشر - العاشرة
    أحد عشر - الحادي عشر - الحادية عشرة
    اثنا عشر - الثاني عشر - الثانية عشرة

    ثلاثة عشر - الثالث عشر - الثالثة عشرة