Sunday, May 18, 2014

Arabic Courses For Sisters Only By ME

Arabic Courses For Sisters ONLY
I offer two types of Arabic Courses: 
  • Group Classes (For FREE) But with Admission/Registration Fee; Class contains more than or less than 7 students but no more than 10 students. 
  • Private Classes ($13 Per Hour)
All classes take place via skype and for group classes' screen share is via Therefore, all students must have a free account with and to join the classes

Registration Form for the classes is here: 
Arabic Study Background Information Form is here: 
Registration & Admission Fee is $15 dollars for group classes per person. There is no registration fee for private classes and there is no free trail classes either. 

PLEASE NOTE: All payment is via western-union only. Students will only join the classes after they have made their payment for private classes and for admission and registration for group classes. 

**** TO INITIATE YOUR ARABIC CLASS REGISTRATION, Please fill out this form ****

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  1. This sounds like a good way for sister to learn Arabic appropriately because i have personally seen this thing in this reasonable price we hardly get to see some offers, Ways to Learn the Arabic Language are also shows how things should be.