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# 1 site to learn Arabic and To MASTER arabic

# 1 site to learn Arabic and To MASTER arabic:
I did not Kid when i said, to MASTER Arabic. You will master it if you go over all 4 books DVD lessons and you master each lessons. you will understand Qur'an and be able to read any classical arabic books. insha-Allah. i am SERIOUS.

in Arabic this site has a lot:
she can find a lot on this page:† - just have to look and find. tell her to see the photo section and also attached files and link sections insha-allah.
and here: - in english - classes of shaykh muhammad almalki - can find lots of english and arabic materials - go down to # 14 section - arabic - in english - great sources mash-allah.

arabic - Stars of Islam - from kids' arabic stories.

ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview arabic - Stars of Islam - from kids' arabic stories. May 7, '09 10:26 AM
for everyone
Category: Books
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Author: -
I thought i should put another review of these books.

the books are amazing mash-Allah, i read several of them and this book is in 2nd column's 3rd book.

The way i felt was that the book teaches you "salafee Manhaj". It really is like that. alhamdulillah. it shows the virtues of the sahabah, and why they are of such a high status and why they should be respected and loved.

i liked it a lot.

and the second book from first column, it is the story of one of the tabee, who lose his hands, feet and almost didn't have eye sight or hearing but He constantly praised Allah for blessings saying that Allah favored him above many, he had a son who took care of him.

the book teaches you to be patient in times of hardship, to give thanks in times of health and fearing Allah openly and secretly. how big of a lesson it is for kids to learn?

what is amazing about these books is that they have ayas of Qur'an and ahadeeth and duas to teach each lessons. i like that. you learn Islam and Islamic manners. alhamdulillah.

6 books series, from these books.

i read first row of books. they are so nice. in the first one, it teaches you importance of hijab and girls wearing them and not copying the kuffar or men in dressing etc.

i read end of the book: it was in a school, the teacher was teaching about the importance of following the order of Allah, and woman not dressing like men or kuffar. and the girls had pants on, and the girl with blue pant with home and told her mom of this and she took it off and she bought new jilbab and wore it to school. mash-Allah, a good lesson on sacrifice. although she loved her dress, she left it off for the sake of Allah in obedience to His Command.

the other book was funny, but it teaches you importance of obeying parents, not lying etc.

the girl learned a hadith where it talks of a person who follows people blindly in their mistakes along with what is correct, having none of their opinion, so the girl does that too but she goes little too much and misses homework and not do what mom says, i.e. having her opinion not follow others.

but then she realizes at the end about it and her mom teaches her importance of obeying parents and tells her hadith on it etc.

so yea.

i have to go.

i hope you get to buy the books and ENJOYYYYYYYYYY!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Explanation of Al-Fiya by Shaykh Uthaymeen.

Ash-Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen explains the famous Arabic grammar matn: Alfiya bin Malik.

I bought this book very recently, alhamdulillah. I dont know which other store beside sells it. I was so happy to see it and couldn't wait to buy it. Alhamdulillah i had money so i ordered as soon as possible before it runs out of stock.

it is still in stock. so buy it insha-Allah.

it's audio is found @ at audio section

and may on other side.

it is an advance grammar book. i tried to read first couple of pages, looked advance mash-Allah, it doesn't start with beginning grammar. alhamdulillah.

I was told al-fiyah is a very advance grammar book on both grammar and sarf.

 As Shaykh Uthaymeen advised, in this book - The book of Knowledge - a student of knowledge should take to buy books when can afford and built library. I always thought of it this way. It is very beneficial that one buys beneficial books when one has money to buy them and when books are found before a time when one does not have money to buy books and when books are not found. Many books come out and then goes out of stock and print.

So insha-Allah Buy BOoks When you can afford and make your library.
Insha-Allah you will always benefit from them.

Exp. Al-Aajaroomiyah by Shaykh Uthaymeen

Of course i haven't gone over these books yet but i just thought of posting it hence someone will buy them. I was told that this explanation is very good for beginner and also those who are advance in grammar and the book is very beneficial.

You can find its audio online at and also at at audio section.

I have the Egyptian print. You can find both print @ sells another print for like first one for $25 dollars. 

Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen explains the famous matn Al-Aaajaroomiyah, which deals with the topic of Arabic Grammar (An-Nahw). Saudi Print

Ash-Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen explains the famous arabic grammar matn, Al-Aajaroomiyah. Egyptian Print.

مختصر مغنى اللبيب عن كتب الاعاريب

This Book is sold @

and you just have it online. So insha-Allah may Allah benefit is. I did not go over it but i have it. insha-Allah in future I will go over it. I was told the book is very good. I am sure it is. It looked very brief to me. The book has very nice print mash-Allah and very clear writing. Alhamdulillah.

المكتبة المقروءة : اللـغة : مختصر مغنى اللبيب عن كتب الاعاريب

  · مقدمة المعتني
  · في تفسير المفردات وذكر أحكامها
  · في تفسير الجملة وأحكامها
  · في أحكام الظرف والجار والمجرور
  · في أحكام يكثر دورها
  · الباب الخامس
  · في أمور اشتهرت بين المعربين والصواب خلافها
  · في ذكر أموركلية

Monday, November 16, 2009

متون النحو

This is the tiny little lovely book that i am using to memorize Al-Jaromiyah alhamdulillah. I like the print and i like it's organization of the full book chapter by chapter. It's paper is good too and that's why they cost much too.

This book was sold for $5 dollars but i got some discount.

also, the book has another grammar book text: Muhallat al-'rab. I didn't know of that book when i bought it but i know it now. I am happy that i have it in this book. Alhamdulillah.

There is no vowel marks in the book though, i am using another of my mutun book for that - and i am recognizing many things looking at the vowel alhamdulillah, i was surprize myself.

like the praise: جمع المذكر السالم - you know what that last word is and which word it is related to?

I thought it was for middle term but when i saw its vowel mark that's when i realized: السالم - هي نعت للكلمة - جمع
الحمد  لله.

maybe you knew, i didn't know. and there are many other details like that.

So knowing correct grammar ruling and having vowel marks to help you through is a great benefit for the correct understanding of the text.


Just figured my last night, there are couple of words that are different and switched around in this text compared with my big mutun text. 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Essential Tools in Learning anything specifically Arabic Language

Writing is like one of the important matter in learning Arabic Language, you hear many teachers tell you, write, write... I know of two teachers i benefited from - one of them will keep telling write write...

Alhamdulillah. I like writing Arabic very much. I am not so organized in my writing though. It is just writing to absorb the lesson being taught.

I like the use of notepad very much with the clip board alhamdulillah with good quality papers. and Pencil is the thing i only use. I kind of forgot how to use pen and i don't use it so often at all.

I was looking to buy notepad and notebooks for a while as my last ones were almost done. Alhamdulillah, after trying here and there, i finally went out other day to one of the store near us and bought 12 notepads in a pack, and 3 other composition notebook. alhamdulillah. I was very happy with the good price for the notepads - 12 notepads for only about $4 dollars or a little more than $4 dollars with the taxes.

i was going to buy these same ones if i didn't find 12 sold together from $.99 cents - 2 notepads in a pack for $.99 cents - + 0.08 cents taxes.

Not all notepads papers are good where my pencils run well. one of the sister out of her kindness gave me a notepad, but sadly i cannot use it, the paper isn't good for my pencil to run. i tried to use it but i don't like it. so i left it.

the notepads have 50 sheets in each single notepads. this is good alhamdulillah. if it was too think, it would be hard to use in clipboard.

i write in every 2 lines, i skip a line so my write looks neat to me, when i write in every lines - it looks crazy, i don't like looking at it. you can see my writings - here [click to see img big]. mash-Allah. alhamdulillah.

and i first write in all pages up and finish one side of the full notepad and then turn it downside up to have the black page up and then finish this side straight to the end of the notebook - thus i have written 100 pages in total alhamdulillah.

Finding the good lead for pencil is a tough matter, the lead box you see here is the best one i believe, it is rated as #1 too as mentioned on its pack. It does not break after like every few seconds as some of the leads do.

I bought a lot of leads last term from my school stores - i still have few boxes left and i told my sister to buy me a box other day. each box have 12 leads pieces and each box costs 0.99 cents + 0.08 cents taxes. so in total $1.08 cents.

i won't say it is too bad as the good papers and good leads are hard to find in my opinion and i cannot be running around for them too much either.

Finding these composition notebooks with good quality papers was hard but alhamdulillah i found them in the store near our house - so i got 3 of them. each is 0.99 cents + 0.08 cents taxes. and they have 100 sheets in the notebook. i didn't mind the piece so long my paper is good enough for me to write.

my father got me 150 pages notebooks from wholesale stores and they paper quality was good. i gave money to my brother to get me those but he couldn't find. in their wholesale stores, 100 pages ones have bad papers.

alhamdulillah i was very happy to buy my notebooks and notepads as i needed very much and there will be much materials for me to write soon insha-allah.

and the eraser - i like these pen type eraser very much, they last long and excellent for erasing - very good quality. i think they costed $.99 cents + tax. i bought couple of them last term from school store, i lost one of them - didn't feel happy but alhamdulillah, now this is the last one i have. i hope it last long insha-allah.

and the pencil - i like these light pencil as they are light and easy on the hand, i have some big fat ones, i don't like it although they have good eraser at the end of  them. these light ones, their end eraser is bad but i still use - it leaves black marks on the back though.

i bought a pack of these last term from school stores, i still have 2 left. alhamdulillah. i think the pack had 6 of them, i think lost couple of them in school and gave one to someone.

and the clipboard - i like them very much. i think i got them for i think $1.50 something like that. it was good price compare to what they are sold for in stores like staples - mash-allah.

i am making useing of my 4 clipboars well. alhamdulillah.

beside the notebooks and notepads, all other things i bought from my colllege bookstore. alhamdulillah.
they sell good stuffs. alhamdulillah.

Friday, November 13, 2009

FIVE SETS of Textbooks to Learn Arabic - Which ONE is BEST?

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem
asalamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu

I really wished to write this review very much. I hope Allah will make it a benefit for all insha-Allah including myself.
what i like about all these FIVE SETS of Books is that they all have lessons and then follows up by Exercises.

First Thing: How to study the books by yourself?
Suggestion: I like this very much, people studying on their own. I have very great issue with people who when you advise them to study on their own, they will say something like, "I need someone to teach me right in front of me face to face, teach me by writing on board etc...". I mean you don't leave off learning from people when there are good people giving classes, but when there is none to learn from you just don't sit home and do nothing making such excuse, you can't learn by yourself, you need someone to teach you. what a thing on earth. Leave this excuse behind and get up and get ready to study hard insha-Allah.

To study: Look at how much time you have each day that you can spend to study. Then, look at the book that you want to study. Look at each lessons and decide how many lessons you can finish in a day. After you have decided that, make a start date and end date and be on top of your schedule to finish your work. Do not slack of insha-Allah. Do your best to finish your work by the due date.

Like a friend of mine said to me: keep a break time, you need it. I would say this too. I think one needs a break in the middle of the day if one studies all day.

Writing the Head of the Matter: I truly think writing out what one goes over helps a lot to absorve what one learns. I didn't like to write so much before but now alhamdulillah for the tawpiq of Allah, i write as i study. I just can't leave the writing alone anymore. and i truly believe it benefits one to learn faster so much. Alhamdulillah. I would say, as one goes over - Write out almost the full book as you study insha-Allah. [I don't write any English parts - no English wriitng - whatever in Arabic that's what i write out alhamdulillah]

Now these are some text books out there to learn Arabic and i am sure there are more. Alhamdulillah i have these 5 sets and i have gone over them and seen what's in them. So i would like to share some of my words on each books insha-Allah.

 The First set of books that are world wide known. This set is found online in full with its
3 sets of Text Books 
3 books Grammar Keys
3 books Solution manuals with all answer key to all exercises 
and the Glossary
 along with DVD and Audio lessons found online for download and watch for FREE 

There is teacher teaching version of these books as well.
[I don't hve that]

[There is one site that sells all these and lets one download for free download except for teacher teaching version books]

This completes the full set Alhamdulillah. Over the time, i bought everything to complete this set alhamdulillah. Most of my Arabic i learned from this set so far Alhamdulillah due to finishing the full set Alhamdulillah.

The book is great and the 3rd book is a great book with so much grammar in that book in much detail and exercises.

Book one is simple - teaches mostly nouns and its rules, second book on verbs of 3 letters and its rules and book 3 teaches you details of book and 2 and more grammars that you can find in Aljaromiyah. 

By the time you finish book 3, you should be very good with all grammar rules of Aljaromiyah in brief detail at least insha-Allah.

Al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum al-'Arabiyya with DVDs: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic

 This set of Text Books has

Four Textbooks
First book - alif baa is to teach only letters and some new words and writing
then from First vol on starts the teaching of Arabic and its grammar
So textbook is from Vol 1 to 3
There is solution manual to first book - alif baa to Vol # 2
There is no solutional manual for last vol. as it is a very advance grammar. I believe they assumed by that time you should be excellent in Arabic Insha-Allah.
The Set also includes DVD for First 3 books and for the last book you have MP3 CD for the Book.

This is the textbook that was taught and is taught in our City College of New York and also at Hunter College and Queens College and other Colleges.

This is a English <> Arabic Book i.e. there is English to Explain Arabic terms and words and Grammar and more. The book is ok.

at the beginning of each lessons you have list of words to memorize then you have exercies to do and then you have some reading and exercies on that.

I have finished almost the full book in College - upto 19 or 18th lessons. Then i finished rest of the book by myself. I bought all four books and solutions for second book to third one.

I finished upto 6th lessons of the second book. I liked book two more than book one. Book two is very advance and you can feel how much works it has .I gave 3 days to finish one lessons and it wasn't enough. i felt like if i wanted to finish each lessons well then i needed about 5 days.

I did not like the method of learning new words from these books. There is no dialog which makes it easy to learn new words. In book two, you have like 4 to 5 pages long new words in each lessons. in DVD they just read words and say a sentence about each. Well there are more reading in book 2, so by doing that you learn words but authors suggests you memorize words before you read which is best otherwise you be flipping pages as they said.

But yea beside that part i like from book 2 - vol 2 to vol 3 as they are advance. book - vol 1 is ok - not so advance but there are so many important grammar taught. you won't feel it unless you go over Madinah books because Madinah book does not touch these grammars until in 3rd and last vol of it. mash-Allah.

Well, there is one thing i realized each author and book has its own method.
Madinah book looked more organized than this book and other books.

For vol 1, you don't need DVD so much, i didn't use it at all almost but from Vol 2 you need it very much.

You can buy these books at and also many other sites.

Just each by its name.

Arabic Between Your Hands العربية بين يديك

This book set has Three volumes
and they come with MP3 CD of the full book reading except for some exercies
There is Arabic to Arabic Dictionary comes with this set. 

The Book set also has a teacher teaching version of these books. In the teacher version you have the solution to the Exams in the books and also the exercies and more.

Alhamdulillah all books and dictionary and i hope to buy teachers' version of these books very much as well insha-allah.

Alhamadulillah i was able to finish First Vol. of this set so far. Alhamdulillah. I looked through all sets grammar and i see all grammars will be review for one who finished Madinah Arabic Course in full [upto last and 3rd vol].

The Books are really good and i like the fact that they have dialog to teach new words very much.

You have about 3 dialog in each chapters and after that you have new words list and then you have a lot of exercies for writing and reading.

Vol 1 - teaches only new words without focusing much on Grammar at all, but Vol 2 on you have a lot of grammar coming from Vol 2 - teaching with nice charts mash-Allah.

 i saw these books last year Summar, [2008] and when i saw these books filled with real people picures, i ran off but i did download its ebook version and also mp3 and i tried to listen to the audios - i liked audios but i didn't have time to go over them. But i was hesitant to touch the book because of amount of pictures in them.

Then after reading the reviw of Brother Aboo Imraan, i decided to buy the books, so i bought them at the beginning of this summer [2009] - all 3 vols. alhamdulillah.

The book are sold for so much cheap price at its official site but other store sells for $45 dollars that is double the price. The store in brooklyn didn't lower the price - i didn't complain with good excuse so yea, they still sell for $45 dollars but for online store, i complained good alhamdulillah, they were very kind to check through whole company and lower the price to $34.99 dollars - very good price Alhamdulillah compare to the excuses they have. Alhamdulillah.

These books have Self Exams at the end of each 2 lessons and there is a mid-book exam and end-book exam as well for the vol 1.

for vol 2 - you have - a start-book exam, then exam after every 2 lessons and then mid-book exam and then end-book exam and same goes for vol 3.

So this is something very helpful Alhamdulillah and i like it very much and there is so much reading and writing and exercies from Vol 2 on that you can feel the books are very intensive and advance Alhamdulillah.

So to compare this set with Madinah Arabic Course - In terms of organization in teaching Grammar, Madinah Arabic Course Book wins
In terms of teaching new words and giving you speaking ability by teaching you a lot of conversation, this book is best. Really. Alhamdulilllah.

in vol 1 of this set, you have a lot of conversation that they just skip Subject and just tells you the Predicate [in complete sentences], so if you know grammar, you know the rest is hidden and understood and grammar rules are applied that way.

This is FOUR Vol. Set
the book is a translation of a set of book by an author and this book is taught in many country in schools to teach Arabic.

There is said to be a solution to these books but i haven't seen them. I have the four books. These are found online for free PDF download as will.

I finished some parts of vol. 1 and finished vol. 2. and looked through vol. 3 and 4.

The books are really good in teaching you grammar. By vol. 4, they give you so much details of grammar and words construction that you cannot find in Madinah Arabic Course books that i feel very happy i bought these books. Alhamdulillah.

The books are set in this mannar,
they have teach you some grammar rules and its detail in each lessons and then gives you a list of new words and then gives you exercieses and then self test.

I like doing exercieses very so i am very happy. After reading a lot of grammar rules, one need to practice and apply them to get them in the head well. Otherwise, much of the reading may fly off.

After finishing Madinah Arabic Course and also Al-Arabiya Bayna Ya Dayk, if you finish this four sets you will expend your Arabic Grammar Knowledge a Great Deal insha-Allah. I plan to finish these books in near future insha-Allah with finishing the Exercises insha-Allah. I just read the book but no writing out of Exerciese sor doing them. So, i don't feel like i have gone over it yet.

 Exciting Grammar القواعد المشوقة للطلاب

 This is a Text Book set intended for Middle School students of Arabic lands. This is a four vol. set.
I just found them in a onine store and bought them hoping to learn and benefit. alhamdulillah.

First Vol. teaches you Arabic Letters and A LOT of NEW WORDS - mash-Allah and there are little story here and there and exercies.

I read through about half of first book, i like the fact its funny type book but i felt confused to do the exercies. Maybe it was due to my lack of vocab.. Couple of times i felt like selling them back but then when i look into vol 3 and 4, i see so much works, i kept them.

The books starts by being simple and then goes deep and becomes Advance. A lot of grammar are taught by vol. 4 and a lot of reading and exercies Alhamdulillah.

There are cartoon type pictures - what i don't like is that all stuffs have faces, so i had to cover up all funny pictures that i didn't like to look at in  vol 1 and 2, vol . 1 has more pictures than vol. 2.

pictures amount go down by vol 4.


It could be a good text book to learn ARabic for the beginner - maybe with a teacher [just sayingit because i found it confusing, not like Al-Arabiyah bayna ya dayk].

I think i will go over this book as the last book insha-Allah.

The Order in which i would suggest for myself and others to go over these FIVE sets of Text book is: 

# 1: Madinah Arabic Course [with its full set and DVD and Audio Lessons]

# 2 : Al-Arabiyah Bayna Ya Dayk [it would be good to have a teacher just to learn the new words meaning OR good dictonary use - as Al-Mawrid or Hans Wahr & use of teachers' version of these books for solutions and answer key]

# 3: Arabic Tutor [for Grammar review and detail learning]
# 4 : Al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum Al-Arabiyah [with its DVDs and MP3 and Answer keys - solution manuals]

# 5: The Exciting Grammar [for grammar review and learning of new words]

OR this order

# 1: Madinah Arabic Course [with its full set and DVD and Audio Lessons]

# 2 : Al-Kitaab fii Ta'allum Al-Arabiyah [with its DVDs and MP3 and Answer keys - solution manuals] This suggestion is only for you to learn GOOD amount of Arabic Words so you do not feel discourage to go over the book all alone by yourself, and then leave off your learning of Arabic by yourself while you have no ne to teach you. insha-Allah.
# 3 : Al-Arabiyah Bayna Ya Dayk [it would be good to have a teacher just to learn the new words meaning OR good dictonary use - as Al-Mawrid or Hans Wahr & use of teachers' version of these books for solutions and answer key]

# 4: Arabic Tutor [for Grammar review and detail learning]

# 5: The Exciting Grammar [for grammar review and learning of new words]

Alhamdulillah End of my LONG review. I hope Allah makes it a benefit for many insha-allah.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A pocket dictionary of verb conjugation

A pocket dictionary of verb conjugationJun 20, '09 12:25 PM
by Nissho for everyone
ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewA pocket dictionary of verb conjugationJun 20, '09 12:22 PM
for everyone
Genre:Religion & Spirituality
Author:antoinee eldahdah
i bought the book recently, it is the 2nd order from, i ordered this book and the other book which was on the same topic, that was this book:

and this current book is this one:,

i didn't want to buy it then i ordered it with the other one. the shipping was a lot which made me sad but yea i alhamdulillah.

i hope it pays off by benefiting from both book. i didn't expect that both book are on the same topic.

BUT GOOD NEWS: this book is better and is very useful. it gives you conjugation of many verbs and patters and at the end of the book gives you a LONG list of verbs on these patters so you can refer to the pattern that is done to look up the conjugation of the new verb of the same patter.

i find it useful now as i am going over week verbs and the teacher of the DVD keeps telling we must do conjugation of as many of these verbs as possible to become strong. it takes a lot of time to do them but alhamdulillah it helps looking up the conjugation system in this book.

the other book is ok, but i don't like their way of organizing the ضمائر - which seems abnormal to me.

but this book has nice organization of ضمائر - from هو الى أنا - and they boxed up all in groups and gives you active, passive, and amr and ism fail and ism maful and more of the verb.

and it is an arabic book although in the store they kept the english title page. mash-allah.

so if you wish to buy a book on these conjugation buy this one, the other one is not as comprehensive as this one. but i hope i will benefit from that one too insha-allah.

so yea. got to go. computer takes away much time. with click click click hours flies by. mash-allah

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

النحو التطبيقى من القران و السنة

النحو التطبيقى من القران و السنة

I bought this book at the beginning this passed summer, i think or before the summer. I think before the summer. Alhamdulillah. The book is really nice mash-Allah.
It has so many charts in it. I did not read the book. But i really like it. The book has 2 more parts i believe, this is the first part that i found at Dar-us-Salam store in brooklyn. Alhamdulillah.

Grammar made easy with examples and exercies by Dr. Asraf Fahmy

Grammar made easy with examples and exercies by Dr. Asraf Fahmy

This is the book that our teacher at albaseerah's Arabic Course wrote. It is a really nice easy and short book. He starts every single lesson explanation with examples and then breaks down and then gives you the rules behind the grammar and then gives you a lot of exercises. Alhamdulillah.

This is how he has been teaching us the grammar as well. He teaches in like 5 to 10 min a lot of advance grammar so easily alhamdulillah. Very easy to understand. 

you see all charts in my blog of My Notes from Arabic Class - where i shared the notes from the classes - all charts were short lessons of maybe up to 15 min or sometimes maybe more because he goes of exercises and then asks students etc.

But Alhamdulillah very easy book. Insha-Allah i will be studying it very soon in full. Alhamdulillah.

Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Concise Guide (Paperback)

Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Concise Guide

Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Concise Guide (Paperback)

Product Description

In a compact, easy-to-use format, Modern Standard Arabic Grammar offers a convenient guide to grammar for any student of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the version of Arabic mostly commonly used in journalism, formal writing, and literature. Drawing on over a decade of experience as a full-time teacher of Arabic, Azza Hassanein explains the rules in straightforward English, illustrating usage with examples throughout. The book covers all the rules of grammar and morphology that students require for elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of Arabic. As a compact guide, it is an ideal auxiliary, no matter what textbook the student is using. While students of the language will find Modern Standard Arabic Grammar extremely helpful, it is also a valuable tool for linguists who want to acquire a clear idea about the skeletal structure of the language, as well as translators who are working with written Arabic. Covering all the important grammatical rules of MSA, from nisba adjectives and nominal and verbal sentences to more complex constructions such as conditional sentences and the subjunctive, this unique handbook fills a real need for the growing number of people worldwide learning Arabic.

About the Author

AZZA HASSANEIN holds a BA from Mansoura University and an MA in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo, where she has taught Arabic since 1994.
Paperback: 108 pages
  • Publisher: AUC Press; Bilingual edition (November 29, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9774160126
  • ISBN-13: 978-9774160127
  • Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.8 x 0.4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces 

What i have to say about this book?

The book is very concise as the title says and the intro. to the book. After reading through the book, i just felt this book is like Aljaroomiyah or other Arabic grammar text that many scholars gave explanation to. 

This book touched almost all basic grammar details in brief. 

But it didn't mention the types of كم there are, so i feel a bit bad as i made a mistake on it in my homework. After that i was liking, why didn't this book mention it. I learned it in madinah book 3 but i forgot. MAsh-Allah. 

Anyway, the book is very good for review after going through many grammar books alhamdulillah.

I would recommend to buy it. The author makes some materials very easy to understand as well. Alhamdulillah. Also, i like the fact the Arabic grammar terms are given in Arabic, which is a great help always. Alhamdulillah.

So, Yea, that's it.