Saturday, November 28, 2009

Audio Tapes - Dars on Madinah Books


  1. Kindly post the complete audio files of third volume of Droos so that we can download them also as we need them badly. please also send a copy of the same on my email if possible.


  2. i just wanted to say, there is no other audios to this set for the third book of the madinah.

    the brother who did this series of audios for a brother who really wanted to learn arabic, he stopped right there in 3rd book, because he thought it was enough to finish right there and a student who did this far, should be able to do the rest of the book on his own.

    so the set ended here.

    i do not know if you or the people that need rest of the audio, would be willing to use DVD series found on this site:, his classes are excellent and gives very detail class on all books. they are not salafi and it is videos and they don't show women/men students for most part but you will hear them and etc.

    and sometimes that brother teaching gives advices here and there and in my second time going over, i figured later on he made few mistakes in his speech but NOTHING serious, nothing on aqeedah, he is not someone with islamic knowledge so if he talks we should always check.