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arabic - Stars of Islam - from kids' arabic stories.

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I thought i should put another review of these books.

the books are amazing mash-Allah, i read several of them and this book is in 2nd column's 3rd book.

The way i felt was that the book teaches you "salafee Manhaj". It really is like that. alhamdulillah. it shows the virtues of the sahabah, and why they are of such a high status and why they should be respected and loved.

i liked it a lot.

and the second book from first column, it is the story of one of the tabee, who lose his hands, feet and almost didn't have eye sight or hearing but He constantly praised Allah for blessings saying that Allah favored him above many, he had a son who took care of him.

the book teaches you to be patient in times of hardship, to give thanks in times of health and fearing Allah openly and secretly. how big of a lesson it is for kids to learn?

what is amazing about these books is that they have ayas of Qur'an and ahadeeth and duas to teach each lessons. i like that. you learn Islam and Islamic manners. alhamdulillah.

6 books series, from these books.

i read first row of books. they are so nice. in the first one, it teaches you importance of hijab and girls wearing them and not copying the kuffar or men in dressing etc.

i read end of the book: it was in a school, the teacher was teaching about the importance of following the order of Allah, and woman not dressing like men or kuffar. and the girls had pants on, and the girl with blue pant with home and told her mom of this and she took it off and she bought new jilbab and wore it to school. mash-Allah, a good lesson on sacrifice. although she loved her dress, she left it off for the sake of Allah in obedience to His Command.

the other book was funny, but it teaches you importance of obeying parents, not lying etc.

the girl learned a hadith where it talks of a person who follows people blindly in their mistakes along with what is correct, having none of their opinion, so the girl does that too but she goes little too much and misses homework and not do what mom says, i.e. having her opinion not follow others.

but then she realizes at the end about it and her mom teaches her importance of obeying parents and tells her hadith on it etc.

so yea.

i have to go.

i hope you get to buy the books and ENJOYYYYYYYYYY!

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