Saturday, November 14, 2009

Essential Tools in Learning anything specifically Arabic Language

Writing is like one of the important matter in learning Arabic Language, you hear many teachers tell you, write, write... I know of two teachers i benefited from - one of them will keep telling write write...

Alhamdulillah. I like writing Arabic very much. I am not so organized in my writing though. It is just writing to absorb the lesson being taught.

I like the use of notepad very much with the clip board alhamdulillah with good quality papers. and Pencil is the thing i only use. I kind of forgot how to use pen and i don't use it so often at all.

I was looking to buy notepad and notebooks for a while as my last ones were almost done. Alhamdulillah, after trying here and there, i finally went out other day to one of the store near us and bought 12 notepads in a pack, and 3 other composition notebook. alhamdulillah. I was very happy with the good price for the notepads - 12 notepads for only about $4 dollars or a little more than $4 dollars with the taxes.

i was going to buy these same ones if i didn't find 12 sold together from $.99 cents - 2 notepads in a pack for $.99 cents - + 0.08 cents taxes.

Not all notepads papers are good where my pencils run well. one of the sister out of her kindness gave me a notepad, but sadly i cannot use it, the paper isn't good for my pencil to run. i tried to use it but i don't like it. so i left it.

the notepads have 50 sheets in each single notepads. this is good alhamdulillah. if it was too think, it would be hard to use in clipboard.

i write in every 2 lines, i skip a line so my write looks neat to me, when i write in every lines - it looks crazy, i don't like looking at it. you can see my writings - here [click to see img big]. mash-Allah. alhamdulillah.

and i first write in all pages up and finish one side of the full notepad and then turn it downside up to have the black page up and then finish this side straight to the end of the notebook - thus i have written 100 pages in total alhamdulillah.

Finding the good lead for pencil is a tough matter, the lead box you see here is the best one i believe, it is rated as #1 too as mentioned on its pack. It does not break after like every few seconds as some of the leads do.

I bought a lot of leads last term from my school stores - i still have few boxes left and i told my sister to buy me a box other day. each box have 12 leads pieces and each box costs 0.99 cents + 0.08 cents taxes. so in total $1.08 cents.

i won't say it is too bad as the good papers and good leads are hard to find in my opinion and i cannot be running around for them too much either.

Finding these composition notebooks with good quality papers was hard but alhamdulillah i found them in the store near our house - so i got 3 of them. each is 0.99 cents + 0.08 cents taxes. and they have 100 sheets in the notebook. i didn't mind the piece so long my paper is good enough for me to write.

my father got me 150 pages notebooks from wholesale stores and they paper quality was good. i gave money to my brother to get me those but he couldn't find. in their wholesale stores, 100 pages ones have bad papers.

alhamdulillah i was very happy to buy my notebooks and notepads as i needed very much and there will be much materials for me to write soon insha-allah.

and the eraser - i like these pen type eraser very much, they last long and excellent for erasing - very good quality. i think they costed $.99 cents + tax. i bought couple of them last term from school store, i lost one of them - didn't feel happy but alhamdulillah, now this is the last one i have. i hope it last long insha-allah.

and the pencil - i like these light pencil as they are light and easy on the hand, i have some big fat ones, i don't like it although they have good eraser at the end of  them. these light ones, their end eraser is bad but i still use - it leaves black marks on the back though.

i bought a pack of these last term from school stores, i still have 2 left. alhamdulillah. i think the pack had 6 of them, i think lost couple of them in school and gave one to someone.

and the clipboard - i like them very much. i think i got them for i think $1.50 something like that. it was good price compare to what they are sold for in stores like staples - mash-allah.

i am making useing of my 4 clipboars well. alhamdulillah.

beside the notebooks and notepads, all other things i bought from my colllege bookstore. alhamdulillah.
they sell good stuffs. alhamdulillah.

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