Monday, November 16, 2009

متون النحو

This is the tiny little lovely book that i am using to memorize Al-Jaromiyah alhamdulillah. I like the print and i like it's organization of the full book chapter by chapter. It's paper is good too and that's why they cost much too.

This book was sold for $5 dollars but i got some discount.

also, the book has another grammar book text: Muhallat al-'rab. I didn't know of that book when i bought it but i know it now. I am happy that i have it in this book. Alhamdulillah.

There is no vowel marks in the book though, i am using another of my mutun book for that - and i am recognizing many things looking at the vowel alhamdulillah, i was surprize myself.

like the praise: جمع المذكر السالم - you know what that last word is and which word it is related to?

I thought it was for middle term but when i saw its vowel mark that's when i realized: السالم - هي نعت للكلمة - جمع
الحمد  لله.

maybe you knew, i didn't know. and there are many other details like that.

So knowing correct grammar ruling and having vowel marks to help you through is a great benefit for the correct understanding of the text.


Just figured my last night, there are couple of words that are different and switched around in this text compared with my big mutun text. 

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