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A pocket dictionary of verb conjugation

A pocket dictionary of verb conjugationJun 20, '09 12:25 PM
by Nissho for everyone
ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewA pocket dictionary of verb conjugationJun 20, '09 12:22 PM
for everyone
Genre:Religion & Spirituality
Author:antoinee eldahdah
i bought the book recently, it is the 2nd order from, i ordered this book and the other book which was on the same topic, that was this book:

and this current book is this one:,

i didn't want to buy it then i ordered it with the other one. the shipping was a lot which made me sad but yea i alhamdulillah.

i hope it pays off by benefiting from both book. i didn't expect that both book are on the same topic.

BUT GOOD NEWS: this book is better and is very useful. it gives you conjugation of many verbs and patters and at the end of the book gives you a LONG list of verbs on these patters so you can refer to the pattern that is done to look up the conjugation of the new verb of the same patter.

i find it useful now as i am going over week verbs and the teacher of the DVD keeps telling we must do conjugation of as many of these verbs as possible to become strong. it takes a lot of time to do them but alhamdulillah it helps looking up the conjugation system in this book.

the other book is ok, but i don't like their way of organizing the ضمائر - which seems abnormal to me.

but this book has nice organization of ضمائر - from هو الى أنا - and they boxed up all in groups and gives you active, passive, and amr and ism fail and ism maful and more of the verb.

and it is an arabic book although in the store they kept the english title page. mash-allah.

so if you wish to buy a book on these conjugation buy this one, the other one is not as comprehensive as this one. but i hope i will benefit from that one too insha-allah.

so yea. got to go. computer takes away much time. with click click click hours flies by. mash-allah

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