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An Important Advice to the Learners of Arabic

An Important Advice to the Learners of Arabic
Jan 7, '10 5:29 PM
by Nasrin for everyone
Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem
asalamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu

May Allah grant you and us success in our path to learn the Language of His Book.

I cannot advice the learners of Arabic except with what i learned from my experience in my striving to learn Arabic, that is:

If you really wish to learn Arabic fast and you want to actually learn Arabic, Then upon you is few things:

1st: of course sincerity
2nd: making dua to Allah constantly to grant you success, to make it easy for to learn fast
3rd: doing one thing at a time, and not jumping from one lessons to another, one dars to another, one book to another, one series of books to another, but Doing one book or one series of books, or one set of dars at a time, or at most TWO, that's it.
4th: the more time you will spend in learning Arabic, the faster you will learn Arabic
5th: the more organized way you will learn Arabic, the easier you will find it is to learn Arabic.

There is one thing i guess in most of us, starter of learning Arabic do, that is we want to learn Arabic fast and we jump around the books, without finishing a book in full or a set of books in full, we will starter another one, or while we are taking a teacher's lessons, we will be jumping to another one.

if you have read the book of knowledge of Shaykh Uthaymeen, you will know, this is not from the manners of seeker of knowledge, take things step by step and you should sit with a teacher and then finish with them and then do with others.

and you should study by stage by stage, do small book, then advance to big book, do not start with a THICK book and then half way through, you quit it and move on to another.

This is not to say, you don't buy books or dvds or cds to learn what you want to learn, rather you should buy and gather for yourself all tools of knowledge when you are able to afford before you are not able to afford. Alhamdulillah that Allah gave me tawpiq to buy many important books to Learn Arabic and trust me, i have not looked into some as of yet, there are so many books to study from, but i am being patient and not trying to read little from here and there.

But trying best to do a set of book and then finish them and then move on to another.

and the more time you will give yourself to learn Arabic the faster you will learn Arabic, so you decide for yourself, by when you want to be fluent in Araibc and then spend the time needed to learn the language by the time you want to have good hold of Arabic.

It is always important to have a goal and striving to it, otherwise, i don't know, you may not know where you are going???

I am in a hurry to wait too long or take too long time to Learn this language. May Allah grant you and us success in our Learning of Arabic seeking the nearness to Allah alone.

And Yes, my biggest tool in learning by myself is: always doing the study that motivates me and keeps me happy and firm upon my seeking knowledge, not studying in a way that makes me feel like, i am not good enough to do the study by myself or i cannot do this study etc. Nothing to stop me from my study. Always do the study such that you feel happy and proud that you did what you did. This is why i would always go by my level, i would not take something that is out of my level such that i feel i cannot do it.

There are many books to learn from but some are hard to understand for one at one stage of learning but that book could be easy if you have taken it after some time doing some study that will help you to do the book that is not for your level at the time. It is very important. and it will always prove fruitful for you inshaa-Allah and you will find motivation that way.

Also, you can check your level by going into other books, or reading materials, i would do this every now and then, and see if i find some books i want to read easy enough for me to start going over it, if i find i will take it, if not, i will leave it and do other studies. This is VERY Important also if you are studying on your own.

Also, try to be around people that motivates you and encourages you to learn Arabic, trust me my company with Umm Kutubah motivated me a lot, may Allah reward my beloved sister for her encouragement always. i truly love her for the sake of Allah. and brother Aboo Imran's advice and blog and my friends of Yemen and other than them. May Allah reward everyone who encouraged me to keep up my study. Ameen.

Also, avoid paying attention to people who does not encourage, TRUST ME  this is SUPPER Important, i faced some of those people, it bothered me a lot but i never paid attention to them.

if i said anything good, then it is from Allah, anything evil then it is from Shaytan.
wasalamualikum wa rahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu

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