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Ra'id-ut-Tulab - Mu3jam al-Waseet - Hans Wehr - Al-Mawrid

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by Nasrin for everyone
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Author:About four dictionaries to Learn Arabic.
i thought about writing a post on these 4 dictionaries that are out there for us to use to learn our Arabic Language for a long time but never made it until today, alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me with the tawpiq to buy all these four dictionaries.

and i am sure many of have all these dictionaries as well. Last two dictionaries:- Hans Wehr - Al-Mawrid, they are arabic to English and almawrid has English to Arabic dictionary in it as well, i hardly ever use that part.

and the first two dictionaries: Ra'id-ut-Tulab - Mu3jam al-Waseet are FULL ARABIC to Arabic dictionaries.

I do not know why the ARabic writing shows upside down in the picture, i tried to see if i can take pictures and writing shows up correctly but it doesn't work with my built in laptop camera.

But you see the order in the picture from left to write is like i wrote the subject of this review and the short dictionary in front of the middle one is al-mawrid.


I think bought Al-Mawrid when i was in the 2nd semester of Arabic class in my college - CCNY - i used to hear the name of this dictionary a lot, Umm kutubah mentioned she has it and so this is the only dictionary i knew of at the time. and my teacher wanted us to buy an arabic dictionary as we will need it for the class. So i went ahead and bought this dictionary from dar-us-salam. it was $13 or $14 dollars i believe. It was think but i cut it into parts as it was hard to use. It is the pocket size one that i have.

maashaaAllah, we didn't use dictionary for that term and i hardly ever used this dictionary couple of years ago or even 5 months ago or few months ago, i used to feel like it was a waste of my money to buys this dictionary and i often felt like selling or giving it away or even return it as i didn't find it of much benefit but Allah willed to turn my heart around each time i thought of such for a reason i did not know

BUT i believe i know now after 2 years later almost alhamdulillah i have used this dictionary quite often here and there to look up words as i was studying and couldn't find in any other dictionaries i had. I felt grateful to Allah that He guided me to keep this dictionary that i bought long ago. alhamdulillah.

it is a very useful dictionary mostly if you are looking for nouns - for verbs it is ok as well but not so useful as it doesn't give but just the word and its meaning in English, and it doesn't give plurals of words, but as i was told it gives pretty accurate translation of arabic words. and this is what made this dictionary popular. and Allah knows best.

also it is a good dictionary for quick look up of words as words are organized in alphabetical order instead of root letters.

Hans Wehr

It is the second dictionary i bought in the summer of 2008 i believe after the 2nd semester of my Arabic class in college, i was really looking to buy an electronic Dictionary online and i was searching and found some but they were very expansive but i was still willing to buy if i heard from people they were good, so i was searching and asking around if anyone ever used those dictionaries and how they are but no one seemed to know.

so i emailed our salafi Duat that i often contact Muhammad Yaseen, and i asked him for his advice with regard to buy an electronic dictionary like over $200 dollars as he learned Arabic as well. So he advised me saying that these are dictionaries good for translation for the traveler not for those who are learning Arabic as they don't give any grammar information of the words,

and he guided me to this dictionary Hans Wehr and said this is the best dictionary he knows of and it gives Arabic Grammar information and he said i should work hard like our salaf did in learning Arabic looking through books,

so i went ahead and bought this dictionary alhamdulillah from online after searching around in the google. and i have to say, i loved this dictionary and used it much since i bought it.

The dictionary is very good that i won't have to tell you, and it organizes the words based the Arabic words' root letters and also gives meaning of different forms of verbs for that root letters.

and some say to use this word it is HARD and you have to LEARN HOW TO USE IT first etc.

Firstly, CALM down ok, do not just look at the dictionary and say it is HARD and scary the people off who just approached this dictionary. SECONDLY, it is NOT hard but you just have to learn couple of words and a concept that is short and easy to use this dictionary, and THIRDLY, you are good to go with this dictionary inshaaAllah

i don't like to hear it anymore, this is hard, that is hard, like my mom said, people say eating is hard too, every time you want to eat, you have to open your mouth. not funny i know. but just take it easy and relax and don't run off saying it is HARD.

so here is how to use the dictionary:
1. the root letters are always THREE [3], and no more than that
2. when you see a word, just take off all extra letters added in it, and the extra letters are: س-أ-ل-ت-م-و-ن-ي-ه-ا : سألتمونيها

so if the words have more than 3 letters, you take off all extra letters and end up with 3 letters only, and in that 3 letters sometimes you will have س-أ-ل-ت-م-و-ن-ي-ه-ا as
root letters as well.

this is all. and also at the beginning of this dictionary, they tell you how to use it, and you have to know the FORMS of VERB and they are TEN [10] and they are #ed using roman numerical #s, I, II, III, IV, V, VI etc... and you have those patters given to you at the beginning of the dictionary. that's it.

this is a good dictionary to refer back to in learning verbs and their different forms meaning.

Mu3jam al-Waseet

Brother Dawud adib mentions this dictionary as well and advised to use it and also this is the dictionary Dr. V. Abdur Raheem advices to buy in Madinah Book # 2 [if you finished this book, you know he says it to the last chapters, 2nd or 1st to last ones]

and i heard about from this madinah book so i was really to find and buy it but when i asked brother Aboo Imran he told me to buy Muktasher as-Sahih first so i got that.

But honest, i did not like that dictionary although it was short and looked nice and it has very brief definition, it looked very useless to me as i didn't understand the meaning but i liked the way they used to give much detail about the verbs and what bab they fall into etc. So i sold it and after long time i bought this dictionary after hearing the lecture of brother Dawud Adib i believe.

i sold couple of my books to get the money to buy, and alhamdulillah the store people were so nice, first time he sent me the dictionary, it was tore inside so i asked him back about it, and he sent me another copy and he gave me time to return the other copy whenever i was able. i was very very blessed with their kindness alhamdulillah, the brother was very kind and was like do not rush or worry about sending the other copy back, if you are able to then do whenever you can. so i did alhamdulillah.

i used this dictionary not too many times but i used it several times, at the beginning it looked hard but alhamdulillah then as i used it few times it became easy.

MaashaaAllah, it is like Hans Wehr and goes over the meaning of different forms of Verbs and nouns and def. are short and they give examples as well i believe. alhamdulillah.

and organizes the words based on the root letters as well but you have to know the fool letters and look to find it alphabetically as well. i tried both and it worked for me, sometimes if i just went by one it became hard to find the word.

when i got Ra'id-ut-Tulab - i checked meaning of the word in this raid ut tulab and mu3jam alwaseet and to my amazed they had the same def. in arabic. so i hope it is the case for all words but ra'id ut tulab does not give detail of grammar as mu3jam alwaseet does.

these are both arabic dictionary by the way. alhamdulillah.


i use this dictionary more than any of the other ones above now and if i don't understand the meaning at all or cannot find a word in it, i go to other ones, and sometimes if i am in a rush to find a word i go to al-Mawrid

if cannot find then hans wehr.

Mu3jam alwaseet i do not use it as much as i use ra'id ut tulab as it is big to hand and also looking through much and ra'id ut tulab easy to hand and short and looking up is easy.

and the words are organized alphabetically instead of root letters so it is easy to find words in it. alhamdulillah

and def. are short and easy to understand as well alhamdulillah.

and i mentioned some info. about it and where to buy it here in this review CLICK HERE TO VIEW

This is the dictionary that brother Dawud Adib Mentioned to buy and he said it could be found in USA and yes you can buy it online from this place FROM HERE $14 dollars

I bought it from this store and alhamdulillah it is a hardcover book and pretty thick and medium size - you can check the next post about 3 dictionaries that i will post shortly inshaaAllah in the review section.

Very clear and good print, alhamdulillah and the dictionary is very very beneficial and i use it quiet often and try best not to look into any Ar. to Eng. dictionaries. the dictionary gives very short yet quite clear def. of the words and it gives the tasreef of the words as it mentions - and also plural of words as well, alhamdulillah.

I really would recommend anyone to buy this dictionary and use it often.


and i hope this info. is helpful for whoever reads it inshaaAllah and may Allah make it a benefit for us all and may Allah grant you and us success in our study of Arabic and grant us comprehensive understanding of Arabic Language ameen.

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