Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jazahum Allahu khayran kathiran...

I decided not to post my own words too much out there over online. inshaaAllah this would be the last one...

Alhamdulillah our Arabic class has been a blessing to us, a great blessing for me before anyone else, someone who benefited the most from it. May Allah reward my brother Zahid for his extra ordinary care and attention that he gave me and for all his hard work and sabr with me in carrying out everything i asked him. Jazahu Allahu khayran kathiran baaraka Allahu feehe jiddan. ameen.

Then of course all thanks goes to our brothers at the masjid who came early to the masjid to set up the classes and tried their best to do everything as perfectly as Allah has made easy on them. Indeed, if it wasn't for the mercy of Allah, then their cooperation and kindness, this class would not have been possible and we would not have been in the last days of classes either.

although the sisters side have been very hard on the teacher due to their zeal to benefit from the teacher as much as possible in the short period of time but Allah knows we are grateful to Allah for the blessing of having a salafi Arabic teacher, on top of that a salafi student of knowledge as our Arabic teacher to teach us Arabic for FREE in the masjid of Ahlul Quraan wa as-Sunnah. we ask Allah to bless him for his great effort in teaching us and for having great patience with us and for teaching us manners. Indeed it is a rare opportunity for us to have a salafi teacher who cares to teach knowledge, not to mention the manners. we ask Allah to make all his effort heavy on his scale of Good Deed. and we ask Allah to preserve our teacher and make him even more stronger teacher for us and bring him back to us next year for the benefit of Islam and Muslims. Ameen.

and i ask Allah to bless our albaseerah administrator for their generosity in offering the classes free for us. I know they put so much effort to make these classes free for us. and Alhamdulillah that Allah has made this Nasrin from amongst those who was able to attend the classes and benefit. Not only that she benefited but Allah willed that she got so much attention in the classes such that it was like she is the only student in the class and whole organization was just about teaching her. This poor nasrin Allah knows with her tons of shortcomings and mistakes, deserves none of these. But Alhamdulillah for the blessings of Allah, i am in great need of all the blessings of Allah i can get and on top of that all the forgiveness of Allah as well.

I ask Allah to reward my teacher for caring for me, and giving me all his attention to teach me and pushing me to improve myself. It is the only time this nasrin gets a teacher who she benefits the most from.

I hope my brother zahid, and my teacher and the brothers in charge and all the administrators of the masjid forgives me for everything.

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