Sunday, July 7, 2013

GOod: An Arabic to Arabic Dictionary

It's been so long i have shared something like this with everyone. I have been using this dictionary here and there these days. I really felt it is a very good and useful dictionary. I bought it thinking it is the dictionary called, "Almu3jab alwaseet." I really needed a dictionary back then (2 years ago after selling my full library, i was rebuilding my library again). In haste, i just googled the name of the dictionary i wanted and i ended up on the site where this dictionary was. Without reading the title fully, i just ordered it. When i received it, i was surprised to have the wrong dictionary. However, i kept it for future benefit. 

The dictionary is organized alphabetically and has easy simple definitions for words. It is colorful as well. so, i like its printing and layout and easy definitions. I prefer using Arabic to Arabic dictionary over the Ar<=>Eng dictionary as you can learn new words thie way. What's more important is that you actually learn the real definition of the word. SOmetimes, i read a definition and i feel surprised to know the real detail of the word, which you won't find in English.

So, if you like to have this dictionary, get it. InshaaAllah. 

I also use this dictionary: - arabic to arabic one. It gives definition of words from few dictionaries at once. Since it is quick, i use it more when i have my iphone near me. They have a mobile version of this site, which makes it perfect for use on phone as real dictionary. Check it out inshaaallah.

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