Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review of Nahw Al-Wadeh (النحو الواضح) Vol. 1

This is one of the easiest grammar book that i read in my opinion and based on my feelings. I just finished reading through the chapters. It is just 89 pages long. That's it. I feel worried now as to why the hard copy looks so thick. I want to make sure the hard copy is same as this online copy. I did not read nor do any of the exercises of any chapters. I read it in the train and now in my free time at work. The book is so simple and has such an excellent method of organization and teaching style as well. This book actually reminded me of the Arabic Intensive course of 2009 Teacher. He used to teach in the same style. He used to write out the sentences first and then explain the grammar concepts in those sentences. And he used to be very brief in his explanation of the grammar concepts. This book has exactly the same methodology. My that teacher's grammar book followed the same style as well. This is so surprising to me. I guess he learned from his teachers and books and followed the style he felt most beneficial and quick in teaching people. You can see some of my notes here:

This style is really good because students can see right in the examples what they are doing and with simple explanation they can absorb the concepts easily. If i teach someone, i will surely use this book in the future InshaaAllah.

This book goes over up to sifah section in brief. Alhamdulillah. It was a 100% review for me and i loved it. It has been such a long time that i read a grammar book. Alhamdulillah for the tawfiq. The reading was not complicated. What's more, the author used same style of writing in each section. So, if you checked up new words for first chapter, you would have not look them up for the next chapter. 

Honestly, i love this book. I feel so excited to be able to find such a simple grammar book. This is a perfect book for beginners and those who want to teach beginners and those who want a quick review of the concepts and how they work. 

Such a good book. Alhamdulillah.


  1. Hi can ou help me ?
    What does it mean, which verb is
    I begin ti study this book, buit i cannot translate this word ايت example:
    ايت بخمس جمل يبتدئ كل واحد منها بفعل

  2. Hi, this word means, BRING, it is a command form of the verb

    آتٍ: ( إسم )
    اسم فاعل من أتَى / أتَى بـ / أتَى على
    مُقْبِل { إِنَّ مَا تُوعَدُونَ لَآتٍ }
    الأجيال الآتية : أجيال الأبناء والأحفاد ،
    الأشخاص الآتية أسماؤهم : المذكورة أسماؤهم بعد ،
    على الوجه الآتي / كالآتي : كما يتبع
    آتٍ: ( إسم )
    آتٍ : فاعل من أَتَى

    • آتٍ (أيضاً الآتي)
    [صفة] قادم
    [adj] coming, upcoming, next, future

    [صفة] وافد
    [adj] arriver, incoming

  3. you could also say, come as its meaning:

    meaning of the sentence you posted is: come up with 5 sentences while starting each of these sentences with a verb.