Sunday, September 9, 2012

fastest way to speak ARabic inshaaAllah.

For those learning or want to Learn Arabic: Do you want to speak Arabic [Fusha] in a short period of time? if answer is NO, we end here but if it is YES, then lets do this:

I asked two of my very beloved teachers to advice me regarding this matter, how can i speak Arabic well, what should i do to attain this goal?

# 1 teacher said: You should read a page or so in Arabic loudly and also try to speak as much arabic as you know, etc...

# 2 teacher said: keep listening to the Arabic [as she speaks it in the class with me/us] and i should be speaking Arabic [better], she was saying, the important part is that you listen to ARabic and you have it stored in your brain, then you will just speak Arabic easily.

so, what i did was?

I am always looking for the easiest way to reach my goal, really.

first advice was hard for me, honest! Read a page loudly daily, i tried and then stopped.

second advice was easy for me to carry out and not only that i knew brother and sister who learned Arabic just by listening to ARabic lectures of our scholars, they used to listen to a lot of arabic. What's more, i know people who learned other than arabic language just by listening along with watching [for them it is TV shows].

So here, i am convinced and now...

Just bombard your ears with Arabic, and abandon English, from seeing, from hearing, etc.

Arabic all around you, can you do this? the more you make Arabic part of your seeing, and hearing, the better you will get at it.

So let's do this....

JOin me on the same road... goal is to master this Arabic... inshaaAllah...

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  1. Reading books on arabic culture can greatly help you in improving your arabic speaking skills. Also, just by listening to other arabic speakers you can learn new arabic phrases spontaneously, which is going to further help you in your goal to learn arabic language.