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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Here you can find useful links to sites and material that will help you to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Arabic language.  Kindly note that providing and/or permitting external links on this blog, does not necessarily mean we promote or agree with all content contained at those sites. We ask that our visitors use wise judgement and take from those sources what is in accordance with the Qur’aan, the Sunnah and the consensus of our scholars.  Any questions or suggestions may be forwarded to:  Baarakallaahu feekum.
CORPUS-QURAN - Excellent Qur`aanic Words Dictionary with root words and their forms as they come in the Qur’aan Maashaa’Allaah
MU`JAM MUFAHRAS -  Qur’aan Concordance – excellent reference tool  being used in our morphological analysis classes
أكون - Read the manual and follow the guidelines to derive the conjugations in shaa’Allaah.
BASIC CONJUGATION CHART - Supplement for Kitaab At-Taariqiyah class
ARABIC VERB CHART ENHANCED LAYOUT - Another format  of Supplement for Kitaab At-Taariqiyah class
ARABIC GRAMMAR for QUR’AAN – contains nice conjugation charts
ilmularabiyyah. BLOG – MP3 recordings of Ustaadh Fahad’s Classes
IMPORTANCE of NAHW and SARF -  from Quranhifdh blog
LEARN YOUR ARABIC LETTERS  -  with audio and step step by lessons for identifying letters and joining them together making words and sentences …
LEARNING to READ and WRITE ARABIC RESOURCES - a great collection of resources from our sister Thuriayaa -  may Allaah reward her with all good!
MAKHAARIJ NOTEBOOK -  Don’t worry if you can’t read Arabic just yet -  the pictures make it easy to understand and the format is really great Maashaa’Allaah!
Memorize using the Audio Clips  (Currently Available:  القواعد الأربع)
Conjugation Form ( A Word Doc which may be editted and modified )
The Conjugation of Chapter One – Reference Chart  (contains the conjugation of the three examples given for First Chapter with additional vocabulary)
Reference Chart – Conjugation of Second Chapter  (contains the conjugation of two examples given for Second Chapter with additional vocabulary)
More Conjugation Tables – Verbs from Surah Al-Qasas (contains conjugation tables for verbs of the first two chapters taken in class)
Conjugation_Worksheet 1  (simple sentences to translate based on the two charts above)
Conjugation_Worksheet 2  (simple sentences to translate using verbs and vocabs from chapter 1)
Sarf worksheet 1  (for conjugating the maadhee and the mudhaari`)
Sarf worksheet 2  (for chapter one verbs with sample)
Sarf worksheet 3 (for chapter one verbs – when the `aynul- kalimah is a waaw)
Sarf worksheet 4 (for chapter one verbs – when the laamul – kalimah is a waaw)
Sarf worksheet 5 (for chapter one verbs – the mudha`af that is muta`addin)
PRINCIPLES 1 (fi`lul-mudhaari` an-naaqis)
PRINCIPLES 2 (fi`lul-maadhee an-naaqis)

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