Beginner’s Library

At-Tibyaan: Easy Way to Qur’aanic Reading (book, CD and chart): A unique course for complete beginners desirous of learning to read Arabic and the Qur’aan the easy way. The course adopts an unconventional teaching approach based on advanced teaching principles and scientific co-ordinated learning. Its methods have proven to considerably shorten the learning time and help quickly acquire Arabic and Qur’aanic reading skills.  Its special feature is tailoring the course for English speakers. Aspects of English phonetics are used which help pin-point the articulation of the Arabic letters in the learner. The course is successfully used in certain parts of the world.

With a special Arabic Alphabet Pronunciation and Phonetic Notation Chart:

Duruus al-Lughati l-”Arabiyyati li-Ghayri l-Naatiqiina bi-haa: Our Shaykh’s world renowned Arabic course for non-natives of Arabic, was originally devised and continues to be taught at the International  Islaamic University, Madinah.The course is successfully used in schools, colleges and universities throughout the world.

Using the interactive teaching methods of Madinah Islaamic University, classical and modern Arabic are taught in methodical steps using topical dialogues, every-day conversations and ample examples from the Qur’aan, aHaadiith and Arabic poetry. Knowledge is cemented through a world of creative exercises.

ON-LINE FEATURE: The course is supplemented with new colourful worksheets based on the Shaykh’s interactive teaching methods and step-by-step instructions in Kitaab al-Mu”allim (3 Vol. Teachers’ Manuals on how to teach Duruus al-Lughah). The worksheets contain more exercises, rule charts, conversation drills, flashcards & vocabulary aids.

Note: We have published lively, new lessons for Madinah Book 1 in the ‘Children’s Library’ . Please benefit from these which are also suitable for adult beginners, until we publish more worksheets, in sha Allaah.  
Samples from the worksheets of Kitaab Al-Mu”allim Vol 2,for Madinah Book 2:

AL-AJWIBAH “ani l-’asilati l-”aammati: An essential book for every student, graduate and teacher of the  Madinah Arabic Course. This book is part of Madinah Book 3. See Book Fair.

‘Ahaadiith Sahlah: 20 short and easy aHaadiith are selected to teach Qur’aanic Arabic and cultivate Islaamic manners according to the Sunnah.  Topics in the narrations include: pillars of IslaamIimaanSalaah, beloved deeds, charitable deeds, the best deed, the worst deed, forbidden deeds, manners of worship, manners of eating, manners of giving salaam.

Each Hadiith is explained with simple lexical and grammatical notes, followed by easy exercises. The book paves the way for beginners, those ready for Arabic-only books and for teaching children.