Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The critical stage of my ARabic Learning...

I want to share so maybe it will help me find my solutions and/or maybe some of you will be willing to share some of your thoughts that will help me as well inshaaAllah.

I am like in the tough stage of my Arabic Learning, Alhamdulillah i do believe i am good with my Arabic Grammar, the grammar of Aljaromiyah inshaaAllah, though i may need some more review of the last lessons of aljaromiyah to be better at those end lessons of aljaromiyah.

The only obstacles on my way is the VOCABULARIES, the new words stand like the mountains on my way to move up and advance ahead. maaShaaAllah. Alhamdulillah. I have been looking for a while to find a sister to help me on this, in going over Al-arabiyah bayna yadayk vol 2 and 3.

I know 2 sisters, who are really good at Fusha Arabic but one is too busy to even give 15 or 30 min or any help, and another one doesn't even show any sign of interest of help, neither did i ask more than once.

and i found a sister, who maashaaAllah at first ask was like YES i can study vocabularies with you, then she was avoiding me, and i wasn't going to bother. but what bothered me is that she said YES, YES, YES maashaaAllah and she wasn't keeping her words, it was like she was playing around with me and lying to me. subhan Allah.

you won't help, that is perfectly fine with me, but there is no need to lie or play around with people. may Allah guide us Muslims to honesty and make us trustworthy ameen.

another sister she said yes, she will help and then she got scared thinking that i was making it like course, where she has to come online and we will use wiziq site and use voice chat to go over etc.

another sister said she will help at a night, but i changed my mind of studying with her because she was like she is very busy with school works etc, and i don't like people keep complaining while they are helping, it is just so horrible, i won't bother concentrate on my study. it is like someone feeding me sweet at one hand and on the other they are feeding me bitter stuffs or cutting me.

but anyway, i haven't seen her at that time in the college again. i left one week and other week i didn't see her.

and finally, found a teacher who charges like $10 dollars per hour and then she reduced it for me, but as i was reading vol. 2 chapters, in each reading there are like 2 or 3 or at most 6 or so words i don't know. if i knew the meaning of these words, i could understand full reading text without problem.

Because i cannot afford all that paying, i was trying to read and find the hardest text and keep that only to go over with the tutor, and it came at the end to be ONLY ONE TEXT which i took less care to read in each chapter to go over with the teacher and rest reading i could do on my own with dictionary checking.

i was like i must be TOO LAZY that i am looking for an easy way out, and our Salaf used to work so hard in seeking knowledge. like 3 years ago, i was searching to buy a electronic dictionary so it will be easy to find words, but it was very expensive for a good one with a lot of words in them. so i was asking if anyone used and found them beneficial but no one seemed to use them.

so i asked our salafi duat who learned arabic as well for advice in buying dictionary, he was like do not buy those electronic dictionary as they do not give any grammar info but just simply translate which is good for visitors to arab countries or arabs to non-arab countries and he directed me to buy Hans Wehr. so i got that alhamdulillah and he said that i should learn looking through dictionary working hard like our salaf did in the past. maashaaAllah.

alhamdulillah i bought hens wehr, mujam alwasit, and i have a dictionary with alarabiyah byana yadayk book [ar-ar] and glossary with madinah book. alhamdulillah. but subhan Allah, may Allah guide me, i don't like using dictionaries too much. i just like look to find easy way out instead of looking into dictionaries.

so i use context to understand words a lot alhamdulillah and it helps. also, learning new word LISTs is like another tough matter to me. subhan Allah.

i started a set of books full arabic, after few chapters i stopped because i had to like look up almost half the chapter's words in the dictionary. then i started another set of books, i finished 2 vols out of 4 without problem alhamdulillah. it was super easy but the last 2 or 3 chapters of the vol 2 had long list of words i couldn't stand memorizing them. i did best to finish the exercises. alhamdulillah.

i started vol 3, now matter became tough, there are like 5 pages long or 4 pages long new words list, and then exercises based on them, i didn't know what to do, i had to stop.

then i started another audio set with a grammar book, it is ok but shaykh didn't go over words meaning so i cannot do exercises but i still read chapters alhamdulillah and understand it good enough. and i was doing another book, which was easy until the end of first part and second part's 2nd's chapter now looks tough with new words.

NOW i am LOST, what should i do, how should i go about, what is the method i should employ to move ahead and advance ahead.

i don't like English books on Arabic Grammar, it is just no fun anymore when they translate Arabic grammar term with english grammar terms. i don't know english grammar that deep. and those words are HARD maashaaAllah.

NOw it feels like i have a HUGE MOUNTAIN on my way and i need to find a way to crash it and move ahead and advance ahead, to crash a mountain i need some strength right, i have to spend some energy and work HARD...

So perhaps, got to sit down and figure a best way to use dictionary so it will take less time while i benefit and learn a great deal inshaaAllah.

i read 5 chapters of vol 2 of alarabiyah byana yadayk, just reading and listing new words and look them up. it was good, didn't seem to take that long time. so perhaps i should read a text first and then list new words and look them up and then read again and do exercises. inshaaAllah.

But Looks tough, but i hope Allah makes it easy for me inshaaAllah. i don't want to take that class paying money for my laziness and it is over online for an hour and time waste away with clicking more than benefiting, if it was face to face then there would be more benefit inshaaAllah.

and i sold away the electronic dictionary i bought, i didn't find it so helpful and it was costly for me compare to the benefit i get from it. so alhamdulillah.

i can save the money and buy some beneficial books to benefit and use the dictionaries i already have to learn inshaaAllah.

Right inshaaAllah. may Allah make it easy on us and grant us tawpiq and guide us to the best and easy way to learn Arabic to Learn His Noble Deen al-Islam. ameen

- also memorizing beneficial books and ahadeeth and Qur'an helps learn arabic much as well. Alhamdulillah. i was doing a book and i learn some new words from it alhamdulillah and some from ahadeeth too. alhamdulillah.

and the hadith book that i am doing it has new words definition with simple arabic words, i was very happy to see that alhamdulillah. and the book i was doing, it has english translation so i can check the new words meaning in translation to know its meaning alhamdulillah.

May Allah be in our Aid ameen.

Excuse my typos.


  1. AoA sister, your journey seems mashAllah very motivated, may Allah swt strengthen your intentions and make you excel in all your efforts!

    I have just started learning Arabic myself and looking into what resources there are online to support me. Do you know if there is any dictionary for all words in Book 1? I found a few online, but they only go up to the few chapters.

    Appreciate any help, JazaKallah


  2. assalamualikum. I honestly don't know. but you can use the dictionary online called: i use it often.