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my learning of Arabic.

Entrymy learning of Arabic.Mar 28, '10 2:14 PM
by Nasrin for everyone

sis. this is what i could say.

after the summer of 2007, i took an Arabic class in my college - it was 1 and half year of college classes - 3 courses on Arabic learning the basics of Arabic and learning some words alhamdulillah. this book:

it is a book on very basics of the Arabic, then in summer 2008, i finished madinah book 1 and 2 with their audios found online, alhamdulillah.

after i finished college terms, in fall of 2008, in winter 2009, i did half of the book of book 2 of alkitaab on my own. alhamdulillah.
and then in the summer of 2009, i finished madinah 3 books with the DVDs found online alhamdulillah.

and then after summer i did book 3 again and few chapters of book 2 of madinah book and then other books and the albaseerah class that i did with you.

and for Arabic reading, i mostly used to read fatawa of shaykh ibn bazz since spring of 2009, and try to translate them and i had Arabic books that i try to read but i used  read more fatwa of shaykh ibn bazz online, short ones and try to translate and other works online and offline.

i actually did not try to go over the Qur'an word for word nor did i try to translate Qur'an word for word, that i never did. however when i came across ayat of qur'an in the fatawa i could understand and when i knew what the aya meant i could extract its correct translation from the Noble Qur'an based on the citation given in the fatwa. alhamdulillah.

and there are several English books on Arabic Grammar i read and i found them helpful a lot alhamdulillah.

and i used to listen to Arabic Lectures of the lectures.

and my suggestion would be try to read a lot of Arabic as much as possible for you, i would try to read short text, not big ones, so start with small works, like several lines in a paragraph. and also short books for kids. you can buy some from and also from - i bought from here as there is no faces in these books and they are islamic alhamdulillah. very beneficial books. alhamdulillah.

and also listen to Arabic lectures of the scholars, listen to one many times. and also keep up the study, finish madinah books with its audio and video lessons found online inshaaAllah and also try to go over other beneficial learning books of grammar of arabic and reading skill.

you have to go over a lot of materials and of course keep up making dua to Allah. inshaaAllah.

and may Allah guide us and grant us what will benefit us in our affairs of the Deen, Duniyah and Akhira. ameen.
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