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Shadeed Muhammad's classes: FREE download: ARabic Learning:

learn the Arabic grammar with new audios downloaded today...Jan 24, '10 10:43 AM
by Nasrin for everyone

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ÈÓä Çááå ÇáÑÍãä ÇáÑÍíã
All praise is for Allah and may peace and blessings be upon His final Messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. As to what proceeds:

We at are glad to present the newly added cd set from our brother in Islam, Abu Azzubayr Shadeed Muhammad (May Allah preserve him and his family) learning the Arabic grammar, Madeenah Series Book One. This was an Arabic Language/Grammar seminar taught by him in June of 2008 at Masjid Ansar us Sunnah, Paterson, NJ.
During this seminar the following books were covered:
- Arabic Grammar (i.e. Tadribaat): Book one from the four book Madeenah series taught in the Islamic University of Madeenah, Madeenah, Saudi Arabia. This book focuses on classical Arabic grammar/syntax, sentence structure, nouns and verbs for the elementary level student(s).
-Reading (i.e. Qira'ah): one of the sub-books that is taught with this series, concentrating on proper pronunciation of the Arabic words and terms as well as reading and comprehension.
-Classical Arabic Handwriting (i.e. Imlaa'): This is another sub- book taught along with that series, concentrating on precise Arabic handwriting.
 - Expression (i.e. Ta'beer): Another sub- book taught along with the grammar series and this book concentrates on teaching the elementary level student(s) the basics of proper expression in the Arabic language.
These cd's, by the permission of Allah, are available for free on the site  for those interested in gaining a brief understanding of the language, in which,  Allah revealed His final Book. This is another small effort in trying to increase the awareness of the Muslims about the importance of learning the Arabic Language.
The above mentioned course was not finished completely; however, the listener(s) may find the little that what was recorded beneficial insha Allah. I pray that Allah makes us all from those strive diligently to attain His pleasure and grants us the Tawfeeq (i.e. success) to follow what will bring us closer to Him and His paradise and to avoid anything/anyone that will place distance between us and Him and bring us closer to His punishment in this life as well as the hereafter.  
You can access the audio links by visiting  We have not gotten all the CDs uploaded yet, inshaa Allah they will all be posted within the next few days. 
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