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Audio Tapes - Dars on Madinah Books

Audio Tapes - Dars on Madinah Book ONE book1-tape1a.mp3 book1-tape1b.mp3 book1-tape2a.mp3 book1-tape2b.mp3 book1-tape3a.mp3 book1-tape3b.mp3 book1-tape4a.mp3 book1-tape4b.mp3 book1-tape5a.mp3 book1-tape5b.mp3 book1-tape6.mp3 Audio Tapes - Dars on Madinah Book THREE book3-tape1a.mp3 book3-tape1b.mp3 book3-tape2a.mp3 book3-tape3a.mp3 book3-tape3b.mp3 book3-tape4a.mp3 book3-tape4b.mp3 book3-tape5a.mp3 book3-tape5b.mp3 Audio Tapes - Dars of Madinah Book TWO medinaarabic2tape01a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape01b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape02a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape02b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape03a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape05b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape06a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape06b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape07a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape07b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape08a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape08b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape09a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape09b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape10a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape10b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape11a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape11b.mp3 medinaarabic2tape12a.mp3 medinaarabic2tape1

# 1 site to learn Arabic and To MASTER arabic

# 1 site to learn Arabic and To MASTER arabic: I did not Kid when i said, to MASTER Arabic. You will master it if you go over all 4 books DVD lessons and you master each lessons. you will understand Qur'an and be able to read any classical arabic books. insha-Allah. i am SERIOUS. in Arabic this site has a lot: she can find a lot on this page: † - just have to look and find. tell her to see the photo section and also attached files and link sections insha-allah. and and here: - in english - classes of shaykh muhammad almalki - can find lots of english and arabic materials - go down to # 14 section - arabic - in english - great sources mash-allah

arabic - Stars of Islam - from kids' arabic stories.

arabic - Stars of Islam - from kids' arabic stories. May 7, '09 10:26 AM for everyone Category: Books Genre: Religion & Spirituality Author: - I thought i should put another review of these books. the books are amazing mash-Allah, i read several of them and this book is in 2nd column's 3rd book. The way i felt was that the book teaches you "salafee Manhaj". It really is like that. alhamdulillah. it shows the virtues of the sahabah, and why they are of such a high status and why they should be respected and loved. i liked it a lot. and the second book from first column, it is the story of one of the tabee, who lose his hands, feet and almost didn't have eye sight or hearing but He constantly praised Allah for blessings saying that Allah favored him above many, he had a son who took care of him. the book teaches you to be patient in times of hardship, to give thanks in times of health and fearing Allah openly and secretly. how big o

arabic grammar & learning ebooks

Arabic-Grammar-for-Quran.html   Arabic-an-Essential-Grammar.html   Arabic-Grammar-Book-PDF.html   a_new_arabic_grammar.html   Ajaroomiyyah_-_eng-arabic.html arabia1.html   arabia2.html   arabia3.html   Arabic_Verbs_and_Essentials_of_Grammar_2nd_Ed.html   Arabic_Grammar_Basics.html   Arabic_Tutor-Volume_Four.html   Arabic_Tutor-Volume_One.html   Arabic_Tutor-Volume_Three.html   Arabic_Tutor-Volume_Two.html   fundamentals_full.html   Ilm_un_Nahw_Eng.html   Modern_Standard_Arabic_Reference_Grammar.html   Treasures_of_Arabic_Morphology.html   vocab_memorisation_technique.html

Explanation of Al-Fiya by Shaykh Uthaymeen.

Ash-Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen explains the famous Arabic grammar matn: Alfiya bin Malik. I bought this book very recently, alhamdulillah. I dont know which other store beside sells it. I was so happy to see it and couldn't wait to buy it. Alhamdulillah i had money so i ordered as soon as possible before it runs out of stock. it is still in stock. so buy it insha-Allah. it's audio is found @ at audio section and may on other side. it is an advance grammar book. i tried to read first couple of pages, looked advance mash-Allah, it doesn't start with beginning grammar. alhamdulillah. I was told al-fiyah is a very advance grammar book on both grammar and sarf.   As Shaykh Uthaymeen advised, in this book - The book of Knowledge - a student of knowledge should take to buy books when can afford and built library. I always thought of it this way. It is very beneficial that one buys beneficial books when one has m

Exp. Al-Aajaroomiyah by Shaykh Uthaymeen

Of course i haven't gone over these books yet but i just thought of posting it hence someone will buy them. I was told that this explanation is very good for beginner and also those who are advance in grammar and the book is very beneficial. You can find its audio online at and also at at audio section. I have the Egyptian print. You can find both print @ sells another print for like first one for $25 dollars.  Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen explains the famous matn Al-Aaajaroomiyah, which deals with the topic of Arabic Grammar (An-Nahw). Saudi Print Ash-Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen explains the famous arabic grammar matn, Al-Aajaroomiyah. Egyptian Print.

مختصر مغنى اللبيب عن كتب الاعاريب

This Book is sold @ and you just have it online. So insha-Allah may Allah benefit is. I did not go over it but i have it. insha-Allah in future I will go over it. I was told the book is very good. I am sure it is. It looked very brief to me. The book has very nice print mash-Allah and very clear writing. Alhamdulillah. المكتبة المقروءة : اللـغة : مختصر مغنى اللبيب عن كتب الاعاريب   · مقدمة المعتني   · في تفسير المفردات وذكر أحكامها   · في تفسير الجملة وأحكامها   · في أحكام الظرف والجار والمجرور   · في أحكام يكثر دورها   · الباب الخامس   · في أمور اشتهرت بين المعربين والصواب خلافها   · في ذكر أموركلية

متون النحو

This is the tiny little lovely book that i am using to memorize Al-Jaromiyah alhamdulillah. I like the print and i like it's organization of the full book chapter by chapter. It's paper is good too and that's why they cost much too. This book was sold for $5 dollars but i got some discount. also, the book has another grammar book text: Muhallat al-'rab. I didn't know of that book when i bought it but i know it now. I am happy that i have it in this book. Alhamdulillah. There is no vowel marks in the book though, i am using another of my mutun book for that - and i am recognizing many things looking at the vowel alhamdulillah, i was surprize myself. like the praise: جمع المذكر السالم - you know what that last word is and which word it is related to? I thought it was for middle term but when i saw its vowel mark that's when i realized: السالم - هي نعت للكلمة - جمع الحمد  لله. maybe you knew, i didn't know. and there are many other details like

Essential Tools in Learning anything specifically Arabic Language

Writing is like one of the important matter in learning Arabic Language, you hear many teachers tell you, write, write... I know of two teachers i benefited from - one of them will keep telling write write... Alhamdulillah. I like writing Arabic very much. I am not so organized in my writing though. It is just writing to absorb the lesson being taught. I like the use of notepad very much with the clip board alhamdulillah with good quality papers. and Pencil is the thing i only use. I kind of forgot how to use pen and i don't use it so often at all. I was looking to buy notepad and notebooks for a while as my last ones were almost done. Alhamdulillah, after trying here and there, i finally went out other day to one of the store near us and bought 12 notepads in a pack, and 3 other composition notebook. alhamdulillah. I was very happy with the good price for the notepads - 12 notepads for only about $4 dollars or a little more than $4 dollars with the taxes. i was going to

FIVE SETS of Textbooks to Learn Arabic - Which ONE is BEST?

Bismillah ir rahman ir raheem asalamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu I really wished to write this review very much. I hope Allah will make it a benefit for all insha-Allah including myself.   what i like about all these FIVE SETS of Books is that they all have lessons and then follows up by Exercises. First Thing: How to study the books by yourself? Suggestion: I like this very much, people studying on their own. I have very great issue with people who when you advise them to study on their own, they will say something like, "I need someone to teach me right in front of me face to face, teach me by writing on board etc...". I mean you don't leave off learning from people when there are good people giving classes, but when there is none to learn from you just don't sit home and do nothing making such excuse, you can't learn by yourself, you need someone to teach you. what a thing on earth. Leave this excuse behind and get up and get ready to study ha

A pocket dictionary of verb conjugation

A pocket dictionary of verb conjugation Jun 20, '09 12:25 PM by  Nissho  for everyone A pocket dictionary of verb conjugation Jun 20, '09 12:22 PM for everyone Category: Books Genre: Religion & Spirituality Author: antoinee eldahdah i bought the book recently, it is the 2nd order from, i ordered this book and the other book which was on the same topic, that was this book: and this current book is this one:, i didn't want to buy it then i ordered it with the other one. the shipping was a lot which made me sad but yea i alhamdulillah. i hope it pays off by benefiting from both book. i didn't expect that both book are on the same topic. BUT GOOD NEWS: this book is better and is very useful. it gives you conjugation of many verbs and patters and at the end of the book gives you a LONG list of verbs on these patters so you can refer to the pattern that is done to look up the conjuga

النحو التطبيقى من القران و السنة

النحو التطبيقى من القران و السنة I bought this book at the beginning this passed summer, i think or before the summer. I think before the summer. Alhamdulillah. The book is really nice mash-Allah. It has so many charts in it. I did not read the book. But i really like it. The book has 2 more parts i believe, this is the first part that i found at Dar-us-Salam store in brooklyn. Alhamdulillah.

Grammar made easy with examples and exercies by Dr. Asraf Fahmy

Grammar made easy with examples and exercies by Dr. Asraf Fahmy This is the book that our teacher at albaseerah's Arabic Course wrote. It is a really nice easy and short book. He starts every single lesson explanation with examples and then breaks down and then gives you the rules behind the grammar and then gives you a lot of exercises. Alhamdulillah. This is how he has been teaching us the grammar as well. He teaches in like 5 to 10 min a lot of advance grammar so easily alhamdulillah. Very easy to understand.  you see all charts in my blog of  My Notes from Arabic Class  - where i shared the notes from the classes - all charts were short lessons of maybe up to 15 min or sometimes maybe more because he goes of exercises and then asks students etc. But Alhamdulillah very easy book. Insha-Allah i will be studying it very soon in full. Alhamdulillah.

Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Concise Guide (Paperback)

Modern Standard Arabic Grammar: A Concise Guide (Paperback) Product Description In a compact, easy-to-use format, Modern Standard Arabic Grammar offers a convenient guide to grammar for any student of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the version of Arabic mostly commonly used in journalism, formal writing, and literature. Drawing on over a decade of experience as a full-time teacher of Arabic, Azza Hassanein explains the rules in straightforward English, illustrating usage with examples throughout. The book covers all the rules of grammar and morphology that students require for elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels of Arabic. As a compact guide, it is an ideal auxiliary, no matter what textbook the student is using. While students of the language will find Modern Standard Arabic Grammar extremely helpful, it is also a valuable tool for linguists who want to acquire a clear idea about the skeletal structure of the language, as well as translators who are working with written Ar