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Class of Aug. 29th - madinah book 1 exam

The Aljaromiyah classes has been super fast this weekend and alhamdulillah we will be done with the book by the end of the course and also will have a final exam on the whole book InshaaAllah on the last weekend that is Sep. 4 & 5. This weekend there was exam on Madinah Book 1. Yesterday, half of the exam was given and today last half was given. Alhamdulillah it was great.  First half was about vocabularies - it was divided into 3 parts. 1st part - the words were given with vowel mark and you had to give their meaning 2nd part - words were given without vowel mark and you had to put vowel mark and give their meaning 3rd part - English words were given - you had to give arabic of them and put vowel marks. - 2nd part of the exam is as follow - inshaaAllah - ١ -  for each give 3 conditions for their use ا - هذا - ١ - للمفرد - ٢ - للقريب - ٣ - للمذكر ب - تلك - ١ - للمؤنث - ٢ - للبعيد - ٣ - للمفرد {للجمع}ا ج - هذه - ١ - للمؤنث - ٢ - للقريب - ٣ - للمفرد ٢ - mention four حروف الجر - ا

Jazahum Allahu khayran kathiran...

I decided not to post my own words too much out there over online. inshaaAllah this would be the last one... Alhamdulillah our Arabic class has been a blessing to us, a great blessing for me before anyone else, someone who benefited the most from it. May Allah reward my brother Zahid for his extra ordinary care and attention that he gave me and for all his hard work and sabr with me in carrying out everything i asked him. Jazahu Allahu khayran kathiran baaraka Allahu feehe jiddan. ameen. Then of course all thanks goes to our brothers at the masjid who came early to the masjid to set up the classes and tried their best to do everything as perfectly as Allah has made easy on them. Indeed, if it wasn't for the mercy of Allah, then their cooperation and kindness, this class would not have been possible and we would not have been in the last days of classes either. although the sisters side have been very hard on the teacher due to their zeal to benefit from the teacher as much as possi

class Aug. 28th

we are upto babul badal... and a NOTE inshaaAllah whoever is looking out for the notes of what we cover, it is just that we are reading through attuhfatus suniyah, inshaaAllah, inshaaAllah i will post up the book info. [copy pasting] after Ramadan. I am sorry for the delay. But i will keep my word of doing this task. inshaaAllah.

Classes of Aug. 21st & 22nd - Aljaromiyah & Madinah Book 1

Alhamdulillah the classes were well. In madinah Book 1 - we are in lesson # 10 i think and in Al-Jaromiyah class we are in نواسخ المبتدأ و الخبر -

جليد = ice...

جليد = ice...

LevelOne Sarf class starting after ramadan

A new message received from Fahad Al Tahiri in your WiZiQ Inbox: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم from your loving brother in Islam Fahd At’ Tahiri to everyone this message reaches to Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Inshallah Because of many difficulties the brothers and sisters found in catching up with the second batch: A third batch is scheduled to start right after Ramadan with Sarf (Level one) With priority to US timings kindly pass this message to those interested and if already a contact confirm your interest in registering from this moment so you can be updated. For new comers kindly forward my e-mail to them so I can send them a step by step guide on how to join Wiziq and other important issues as well My email is I wish all of you the best in this Dunyah and in the hereafter, and love you for the sake of Allah

Aug. 14th & 15th Classes - Aljaromiyah and Madinah Book 1

yesterday we finished فصل المعربات قسمان  و باب الأفعال حتى النواصب عشرة واليوم - درسنا - الجوازم ثمانية عشر - باب مرفوعات الأسماء - باب الفاعل لكن لم ننتهي هذا الباب InshaaAllah i will copy paste from the book things that we covered inshaaAllah. and we are in chapter # 8 now in the Madinah book alhamdulillah...

Class of 8/1st - notes of Aljaromiyah

قال : ولِلنَّصبِ خَمْسُ عَلاَمَاتٍ الْفَتْحَةُ ، وَالأَلِفُ ، وَالكَسْرَةُ ، وَاليَاءُ ، وَحَذْفُ النُّونِ . وأقول : يمكنك أن تحكم علي الكلمة بأنها منصوبةٌ إذا وجدَتَ في آخرها علامة من خمس علاماتٍ : واحدة منها أصلية ، وهي الفتحة ، وأربع فروع عنها ، وهي : الألف ، والكسرة ، والياء ، وحَذْفُ النون . قال : فَاَمَّا الفَتْحَةُ فَتَكُونُ عَلاَمَة لِلنَّصْبِ في ثَلاُثَةِ مَوَاضِعَ : فِي الاِسْمِ الْمُفْرَدِ ، وَجَمْعِ التَّكْسِيرِ ، وَالْفِعْلِ الْمُضَارِعِ إِذَا دَخَلَ عِلَيْهِ نَاصِبٌ ، وَلَمْ يَتَّصِلُ بِآخِرِهِ شَيْءٌ . وأقول تكون الفتحة علامة علي أن الكلمة منصوبة في ثلاثة مواضع ، الموضع الأوَّل : الاسم المفرد ، والموضع الثاني ، جمع التكسير ، والموضع الثالث : الفعل المضارع الذي سَبَقَهُ ناصب ، ولم يتصل بآخره ألفُ اثنين ، ولا واو جماعة ، ولا ياء مخاطبة ، ولا نون توكيد ، ولا نون نسوة . أما الاسم المفرد فقد سبق تعريفه ، والفتحة تكون ظاهرة علي آخره في نحو" لقيتُ عَلِيًّ " ونحو " قَابَلْتُ هِنْداً " فَعليًّ ، وهنداً : اسمان مفردان ، وهما منصوبان لأنهما مفعولان ، وع