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Addicted Learners [of ... + Arabic]

bismillah assalamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu, the message is for the Addicted Arabic Learners mostly, however it can benefit all Muslims if they use the link i will share inshaaAllah. i will tell you why i called it addicted.  It is really an amazing (what should i even call it? thing?!) Ok, it is amazing to see that so many people are learning Arabic  language,  and trying hard, very hard to master it, giving Arabic full time over everything else to master it fast. Alhamdulillah, this is a GREAT blessing and Tawfeeq from Allah. Whoever has obtained it, obtained great blessing. Alhamdulillah.  BUT everyone makes mistake!  If you did not know this, lets learn this fact together so we could be easy on each others always in every aspects of life.  In learning ARabic, the learner makes many mistakes, from amongst them is:  paying less attention to learn NEW words!  i say, eat up every new arabic word comes in your way, let it run in your blood stream like red &

fastest way to speak ARabic inshaaAllah.

For those learning or want to Learn Arabic: Do you want to speak Arabic [Fusha] in a short period of time? if answer is NO, we end here but if it is YES, then lets do this: I asked two of my very beloved teachers to advice me regarding this matter, how can i speak Arabic well, what should i do to attain this goal? # 1 teacher said: You should read a page or so in Arabic loudly and also try to speak as much arabic as you know, etc... # 2 teacher said: keep listening to the Arabic [as she speaks it in the class with me/us] and i should be speaking Arabic [better], she was saying, the important part is that you listen to ARabic and you have it stored in your brain, then you will just speak Arabic easily. so, what i did was? I am always looking for the easiest way to reach my goal, really. first advice was hard for me, honest! Read a page loudly daily, i tried and then stopped. second advice was easy for me to carry out and not only that i knew brother and sister who learne

free online dictionaries and translating tool

Nasrin Akther I wish i had an Arabic Learning group here too! but that's too much to have, like a group on this or that everywhere i go. hum! But i feel like sharing this. So yes here for you are 3 dictionaries and translating tools [very useful], i sit with all of these and others when i sit down to translate. dicthome.htm  - it is good trust me so long you know what's you doing. قاموس ومعجم المعاني متعدد اللغات والمجالات - قاموس عربي عربي و قاموس عربي انجليزي ثنائي المعاني قاموس عربي فوري متعدد اللغات والمجالات. قاموس عربي انجليزي ثنائي, قاموس عربي فرنسي , قاموس عربي اسباني, قاموس عربي برتغالي , قاموس عربي عربي معجم عربي

Teachers to Learn ARabic & Quraan & Tajweed

Firstly, advises on learning arabic, please see here: Secondly, there are 3 teachers who are female that are good and teaches for fair prices. they are sisters and they teach sisters and the price is good and you get to learn as you please at your own time from your own home. Alhamdulillah The best of the three is the sister whose arabic program website is:  - per hour she charges is you $6.50 some dollars, that's it. She is a very qualified teacher maashaaAllah. I strongly recommend you to take advantage of her and her knowledge if you can afford it inshaaAllah. The second best of the three is: Umm Yahya Manar, she is quite qualified but not as good as the first one in my opinion only, she charges $5 dollars per hour. She is very more flexible than the above sister. she has a facebook page for her arabic program:

FREE Tajweed &... Classes - SAudi Teachers - WOMEN ONLY

assalamualikum - if anyone is looking for FREE FULL ARABIC speaking teachers for Quraan hifth, Arabic language, Tajweed, etc... Then this below school should be your # 1 place. Excellent teachers, likes of them i never saw before. HONEST. and FREE and dedicated to teach you and honestly an school, they give you certificates, exams, and more... Registration is going on now. over the skype, check linked file for the skype ID and join in... OK. [like all students are arabs from all over the world, but they take any sisters want to learn... so long you know arabic, go for it. ok] Nasrin Akther if you want to learn Tajweed, this is the best free place i know of.... they are from Makkah, Saudi.. PURE arabic speakers... if you know arabic... join in and REGISTRATION IS GOING ON NOWWWWWWWW 104803624/ Free-Quraan-CLass-for-Women Free Quraan CLass for Women Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.