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Starting Saturday, July 17 - Free Arabic Intensive Courses (Level 1 and Level 2)

Just to save the flier that came along with this course... Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah More classes have been added with new schedule of courses, please visit for updated schedule. Masjid Ahlul-Quraan wa As-Sunnah Summer of Knowledge  is HERE:   -  FREE - Intensive Courses -FREE- Register Now at register.php Arabic Language, Level 1 and Level 2 Hadeeth, Aqeedah, Fiq Courses All Classes will take place in the Masjid only - NO - ONLINE Classes For detailed schedule please visit following link summer.php   

Class of 7/25 - notes of Lesson # 3 – Aljaromiyah

I hope you see what we covered in Last class inshaaAllah. I could speak and tell you what these are in English but writing out the English no fun. Sorry. باب الإعراب والمقصود من " تَغْيِير أَوَاخِرِ الْكَلِم " تَغْيِير ُأَحْوَالِ أَوَاخِر الكلم ، ولا يُعْقَل أن يُرَادَ تغييرُ نفس الأوَاَخِرِ، فإنَّ آخِر الكلمة نَفْسَهُ لا يتغير ، وتغيير أحوال أواخِر الكلمة عبارة عن تحوٌّلها من الرفع إلي النصب أو الجر : حقيقة ، أو حُكماً ، ويكون هذا التَّحَوُّل بسبب تغيير العوامل  " حَضَرَ مُحَمَّدٌ " " رأيت محمداً " " حظيتُ بمحمدٍ " وهذا التغير من حالة الرفع إلي حالة النصب إلي حالة الجرِّ هو الإعراب عند المؤلف وهذه الحركات الثلاث ـ التي هي الرفع ، والنصب ، الجر ـ هي علامة وأَمَارَةُ علي الإعراب . ومثلُ الاسم في ذلك الفعلُ المضارعُ  " يُسَافِرُ إبراهيمُ " " لَنْ يُسَافِرَ إبراهيمُ " " لَمْ يُسَافِرْ إبراهيمُ " من الرفع إلي النصب و من الرفع أو النصب إلي الجزم ، واعلم أن هذا التغير ينقسِمُ إلي قسمين : لَفْظِيُّ ، وتقديري . فأما الل

Tuhfatu As-Siniya in Q & A - buy @

Ash-Sheikh Abu Ammar Wahbaan bin Murshad places Tuhfatu As-Siniya, the famous sharh of Al-Aaajaroomiyah, in Q & A form. This work includes an introduction from Muhammad Al-Imaam. I wanted to suggest to you to buy this book as it is a very very very good book as review for the textbook of Tuhfatus Suniyah. Really. The Q&A makes it so much easier for you to understand and remember the text in a simple manner.  i was reading the book for my review for the exam we were suppose to have today and as i was studying the book, i said alhamdulillah, it is a blessing to buy the books and have them so i can use them when i need to. Alhamdulillah.  I found a lot of benefit.  Except that there is no vowel marks at all so for the new words that comes on your way, it would be helpful to read the text well using the version of Dar-us-Salam that i posted previously because that one has some vowel marks on new w

7/31 - Madinah Class and Aljaromiyah

Alhamdulillah for another blessed day of classes. Today in the madinah Arabic book 1 class, there was some grammar that were gone over. I was busy writing the text shaykh told me to write so i couldn't make notes of everything. But he went over chapter 4 A and the grammar of that lessons. I know i heard him talking about the female proper noun and male proper noun matter and how female proper noun does not take dammatyn while male one do and that not all female noun ends with the ta-marbutah. and another thing was حروف الجر و الخفض {جر} في الاسم - you know how if the harf aljar comes before the noun and makes it end with the kasra. and for aljaromiyah it was a test that our teacher said will give us so i reminded him of it and he gave it to us and we had to take it. so that took the whole session. InshaaAllah i hope tomorrow we do a lot of work inshaaAllah.

Class of 7/25 - Aljaromiyah and Madinah Book

Alhamdulillah we had the class on Sunday. There isn't any grammar info. that i see need for posting in here for Madinah book so i will skip that class notes. InshaaAllah i will post the notes of the aljaromiyah class - which would be just copy pasting the text of attuhfatus suniyah only that we covered as there wasn't any other notes and i will add some English to that so you can get what we did inshaaAllah. Right? I hope to post the notes by Friday inshaaAllah.

Class of 7/24th - Cancelled for Aljaromiyah

Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal. Today, the power cut off and it didn't return except after 6pm i believe maashaaAllah.

notes of Lesson # 2 – Aljaromiyah

وَحُرُوفُ اَلْقَسَمِ, وَهِيَ اَلْوَاوُ, وَالْبَاءُ, وَالتَّاءُ Example: واللهِ – باللهِ – تاللهِ Analyze:    والشمسِ و – حرف القسم شمس اسم، و علامة اسمه الخفض،و دخول الالف و اللام، و دخول الحرف القسم علامات الفعل وَالْفِعْلُ يُعْرَفُ بِقَدْ , وَالسِّينِ وَسَوْفَ وَتَاءِ اَلتَّأْنِيثِ اَلسَّاكِنَةِ ————————————————————————————- قد – معناها  تحقيق: مثال: قد أفلح تحقيق : verification, putting emphasis, no doubt, for surety another of its meaning is: تقليل – not surety, seldom, rarely, possibly تحقيق -> is the meaning for most of the time comes before the فعل المضارع و فعل الماضي ———————— السين و السوف: للمستقبل يأتي قبل الفعل المضارع مثال: سيقول السفهاء من الناس٫  كلا سوف تعلمون They can both mean future closely by or distant future —————- بْ – مثال: قالتْ  أنى يكون لي يأتي بعد الفعل الماضي للغائبة ——- Just because it is said it is said these signs of فعل and comes before فعل – that they cannot come before the اسم – this is our teacher informed just so we understand the text.

Lesson # 1 notes cont….. aljaromiyah

حروف الجر أو الخفض ١. من – للابتدأ – سافرت من مصر إلى مكة ٢. إلى – للغاية – خرجت من البيت و ذهبت إلى السوق ٣. على – فوقية – القلم على الكتاب ٤ – الباء – الاستعانة و الاستعاذة ٥ – اللام – للتمليك Let me give you the rest from the Book وحروف الخفض هي : “من ” ولها معانٍ : منها الابتداءُ ، نحو” سَافْرتُ  مِنَ  الْقَاهِرَةِ “ و “إلي ” من معانيها الانتهاء ، نحو ” سَافَرْتُ  إلي الإِسْكَنْدَرِيَّةِ “ و ” عَنْ ” ومن معانيها المجاوزةُ ، نحو ” رَمَيْتُ  السَّهْمَ عَنِ الْقَوْسِ” و” علي”و من معانيها الاستعلاءُ ، نحو ” صَعِدْتُ  عَلَي  الْجَبَلْ “ و ” فِي ” ومن معانيها الظرفية نحو ” الْمَاءُ في الْكُوز “ و ” رُب َّ” ومن معانيها التقليل، ونحْو ” رُبَّ  رَجُلٍ كرِيمٍ  قَابَلَنِي “ و الْبَاءُ ومن معانيها التعدية ، ونحو ” مَرَرْتُ  بالْوَادِي “ و ” الكافُ ” و من معانيها التشبيه ، نحو ” لَيْلي كالْبَدْرِ” و ” اللام ” ومن معانيها الْمِلْكِ  نحْو” المالُ لمحمد “ There are two حرفان that gives me hard time with their meaning and alhamdulillah i found it now. First one: عن للمجاوزة – this is what Hans We

Books we are using…

You already know the Books that are being used for our class. Level -1- Saturdays & Sundays -11:30 am to 1:00 pm Level -1- Madinah Book 1  Click Here to download the text Level -2- Saturdays & Sundays -3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Level -2- Al-Ajroomiyah  Click Here to download the text (Arabic) Level -2- Al-Ajroomiyah  Click Here to download the text (Arabic/English) Level -2- Al-Ajroomiyah  Click Here to download Audio file (Arabic) So you have these – download and save these. Make sure you have the audio of it. The audio will help you so much to memorize the matn in Arabic. and our teacher mentioned this book – التحفة السنية بشرح المقدمة الأجرومية -  that he will use for his explanation as he teaches. and you can find it here for free download: Bought from Dar-us-salam store @ brooklyn  One thing if you want to buy the shar of tuhfatus suniyah,

InshaaAllah will post 2nd day notes & rest of the 1st day’s notes

InshaaAllah I will post the notes, i didn’t forget about it. I just have to make some time out to do so.

notes of Lesson # 1 – Aljaromiyah

So after introducing himself and talking little bit about the book. He begun the first lesson of al-jaromiyah. أَنْوَاعُ اَلْكَلَامِ اَلْكَلَامُ: هو اَللَّفْظُ اَلْمُرَكَّبُ، اَلْمُفِيدُ بِالْوَضْعِ، وَأَقْسَامُهُ ثَلَاثَةٌ: اسم، وَفِعْلٌ، وَحَرْفٌ جَاءَ لِمَعْنًى. فَالِاسْمُ يُعْرَفُ: بالخفض، وَالتَّنْوِينِ، وَدُخُولِ اَلْأَلِفِ وَاللَّامِ. وَحُرُوفِ اَلْخَفْضِ، وَهِيَ: مِنْ، وَإِلَى، وَعَنْ، وَعَلَى، وَفِي، وَرُبَّ، وَالْبَاءُ، وَالْكَافُ، وَاللَّامُ. وَحُرُوفُ اَلْقَسَمِ، وَهِيَ: اَلْوَاوُ، وَالْبَاءُ، وَالتَّاءُ. وَالْفِعْلُ يُعْرَفُ: بِقَدْ، وَالسِّينِ وَسَوْفَ وَتَاءِ اَلتَّأْنِيثِ اَلسَّاكِنَةِ.  وَالْحَرْفُ: مَا لَا يَصْلُحُ مَعَهُ دَلِيلُ اَلِاسْمِ وَلَا دَلِيلُ اَلْفِعْلِ.   as you see, the اَلْكَلَامُ   is recognized in Arabic based on 4 conditions, first it has to be اَللَّفْظُ  speech/word of the mouth, the sign of hands and face etc does not count as speech in the Arabic language although if you make gestures people will understand you. secondly, it has to be   اَلْ

notes of Lesson # 1 of Madinah book 1

I am not going to write out the book for you nor every words but only the important things that i am finding very good review for myself and something that are new to me also YEA. GOOD. alhamdulillah. I do not wish to miss any lessons at all. He teaches good with good details but due to some task talking i miss out. I want to make sure to get the missed parts by asking the teacher inshaaAllah. First thing our teacher started the class with was mentioning the importance of learning Arabic and the virtues of it as our mashaykh do because it is something that motivates one and keeps one eager to do what they are doing. Also, as he said it is recommended to start this way by the mashaykh. So today we learned these details, very interesting to me at least. alhamdulillah. هذا = ها – ذا ها: للتنبه ذا: اشارة إلى شيئ و “هذا” يسمى اسم الاشارة ١. للقريب ٢. للمفرد ٣. للمذكر ———————————————- ما – يسمى اسم الاستفهام لغير العاقل ———————————————- أ – حرف الاستفهام ، و هو للعاقل —

The first day of the class of Arabic Course

InshaaAllah i will leave shortly for the Masjid.

Set up pictures of our Arabic class [never mind my camera's error]


Brief biography of our Teacher

He gave us brief biography of himself and that was very nice. His students from brothers side asked and i think the sisters that were there wanted to know too. Me too. i wanted to know as well. MaashaaAllah, the brother’s parents were convert long before they were married. So he was raised in Muslim family. MaashaaAllah he was an smart child [i am adding it], He studied at the beginning in Islamic school and then he went to public school, by the time he was graduating from high-school he finished learning his arabic. He is from Philadelphia by the way and he learned Arabic in it also. Then he went to Saudi to make hajj and stayed there 8 months studying with the mashaykh. Then he went to Sana, Yemen and studied there with the mashaykh and then he got accepted to Madinah Uni. and he got into the college of hadith and he finished his graduation this term. MaashaaAllah. He didn’t study Arabic in the uni. as he already knew it. He first touched aljaromiyah after his high school

Notes of Aljaromiyah Class And Madinah Book 1 also

InshaaAllah, with the Tawpiq of Allah i will do my best to attend these classes and share notes of both Classes Though my priority is Aljaromiyah and i look forward to finish this course of aljaromiyah really well inshaaAllah. InshaaAllah, our teacher will be Muhamemd Hameed (Graduate Islamic University)  

Arabic Courses – Madinah book 1 and Aljaromiyah

Arabic Courses Masjid Ahlul-Quraan Wa As-Sunnah Learn Arabic Language (Level -1 and Level 2) Saturdays and Sundays, Starting July 17th – till – August 22nd Level -1- Saturdays & Sundays -11:30 am to 1:00 pm Level -1- Madinah Book 1  Click Here to download the text Level -2- Saturdays & Sundays -3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Level -2- Al-Ajroomiyah  Click Here to download the text (Arabic) Level -2- Al-Ajroomiyah  Click Here to download the text (Arabic/English) Level -2- Al-Ajroomiyah  Click Here to download Audio file (Arabic) Classes will take place at Masjid Ahlul-Quraan wa As-Sunnah 109-06 Van Wyck Expressway, South Ozone Park, NY 11420