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Arabic Courses online

Assalamualikum. COuple of people mentioned this. I haven't been looking into these for a long long time. The teachers I knew [although not that qualified], I lost their contact info. However, these websites may help people a lot, hopefully inshaaAllah. http://golden-arabic-pieces. net/ Prices you have to look yourself. Ibaanah has good price I think, and also qortoba. Ibaanah is better of course, it is the institute located at Cairo, their online branch.  Golden Arabic Pieces is good too, sister is qualified.  Madinah arabic is expensive from what I knew of them from past.  Rest don't know much. Years ago checked, don't know updates. Didn't look now.  I hope some of you can find something useful in these inshaaAllah. Wassalamualikum.