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Best video of Alif, baa, taa [in my opinion]

Bismillah assalamualikum... well! it is not for you only, it is for your future babies and all babies you can teach... v=dsyfaL1KbSw   Visit it and see it for yourself,  trust me i believe mine is better than all those other videos on that youtube page on this topic, at least based on my browsing history.  no boasting but i am saying this as a fact for if you share those looking can benefit a great deal honest. it is free of music, and layout is perfect, timing with audio is perfect, and voice is perfect. alhamdulillah. so yes, you got to see this. it is originally for our fatima baby.  just made it now.  alhamdulillah. wassalamualikum.

FW: Online interactive Arabic FREE at King Saud University

FW: Online interactive Arabic FREE at King Saud University Oct 8, '12 7:19 PM for everyone Begin forwarded message: This is a new project we launched yesterday at King Saud University. it's a complete online interactive Arabic and it's completely FREE. it's a service that King Saud University offers to the international community around the world. You can start learning immediately after the short registration. You can follow any of these two links: http:// learnarabiconline.ksu. http:// sa/ Please don't hesitate to provide us with any suggestions or comments at twitter @interactivearab Kindly forward this to those interested in learning Arabic Interactive Arabic Team ----- P reface Arabic Language institute at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, is proud to launch the Interactive Arabic Project. The Interactive Arabic is a pioneering online Arabic Language project which prov