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How To Make A Perfect Yo-Yo Every Time

How To Make A Perfect Yo-Yo Every Time posted by Joan Hawley Lazies, It’s easy to make perfect yo-yo’s for your next sewing or quilting project. You know I love yo-yo’s. So, while I was making some recently, I put together a tutorial. Here is a step-by-step tour of using the Clover Yo-Yo Maker tools. To print this tutorial, click ‘print this Lazy post’ at the end of this post. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss a juicy morsel. Yo-Yo Maker: Each Clover Yo-Yo Maker has two parts: a disk, shown in dark yellow to the left, and a tray, shown in light yellow to the right. Place a piece of fabric between the disk and tray, snap together and go. The tray and disk need to be aligned with each other on the round yo-yo makers only. Match the ridge lines on the disk to the notches at the edge of the tray. You can see a couple of details better with the disk snapped into the tray. Details: 1. Use the hole in the center of the tray to pop the disk out when d

Adorable And Clever Gifts Are Just A Yo-Yo Away

Adorable And Clever Gifts Are Just A Yo-Yo Away posted by Joan Hawley Lazies, I’m a little late with my usual Monday post – I know, it’s Tuesday. Blame my hubster Michael. He surprised me with a trip to see friends for a long weekend as an early b-day present. (Today’s my birthday!) So, grab a cuppa-cuppa and raise your mug in a java toast while you read about these adorable gifts. Julie Bridgeman shares her adorable A-Door-Ables with us today in the next ‘Show Us Your Lazy!’ project feature. Julie used the Lazy Girl Designs ‘A-Door-Ables’ fabric accessory sewing pattern (LGD109) and the two original sizes of Clover Needlecraft Quick Yo-Yo Maker tools to make these beautiful and clever gifts. Large size shown at left and right, small size in center. Here’s Julie: Here are a few of the A-Door-Ables projects I have sewn together using yo-yos. What a fun pattern! On two of the A-Door-Ables I have attached yo-yos. I am using the A-Door-Ables for teacher gift