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Arabic Between Your Hands

Arabic Between Your Hands Dictionary Arabic-Arabic المعجم العربي بين يديك Apr 9, '09 12:28 PM by  Nissho  for everyone IT is a really nice dictionary, what makes it nice is that, it has ayas of Qur'an and ahadeeth for the words. mash-Allah and  what makes it worse is the solid pictures of people, real people. i hate this part of this book really so much.  although i am thinking about buying it. i think if i buy i will have to put papers to cover these people all over the book. Arabic Between Your Hands Dictionary Arabic-Arabic المعجم العربي بين يديك Author: Team of Authors Voice: Publisher: Arabic for All Theme: School Language: Arabic Ages: Middle School List Price: $24.99 More Product Details Dimensions: (8" x 11") First Publishing Date: 7/1/2005 Current Publishing Date: ISBN: 9960466876 Pages: 403 Remarks: Edition: Hardcover Current Edition: Run Time: minutes Shipping weight: 2.518 Code: CBAYHD http://www.noorar