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Ra'id-ut-Tulab - Mu3jam al-Waseet - Hans Wehr - Al-Mawrid

Ra'id-ut-Tulab - Mu3jam al-Waseet - Hans Wehr - Al-Mawrid Jun 17, '10 5:48 PM by Nasrin for everyone Category: Books Genre: Religion & Spirituality Author: About four dictionaries to Learn Arabic. i thought about writing a post on these 4 dictionaries that are out there for us to use to learn our Arabic Language for a long time but never made it until today, alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me with the tawpiq to buy all these four dictionaries. and i am sure many of have all these dictionaries as well. Last two dictionaries:- Hans Wehr - Al-Mawrid, they are arabic to English and almawrid has English to Arabic dictionary in it as well, i hardly ever use that part. and the first two dictionaries: Ra'id-ut-Tulab - Mu3jam al-Waseet are FULL ARABIC to Arabic dictionaries. I do not know why the ARabic writing shows upside down in the picture, i tried to see if i can take pictures and writing shows up correctly but it doesn't