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Here are three tips to help you learn Arabic:

took from this site: The idea of learning Arabic can be overwhelming – after all, how are you supposed to make sense of all those squiggly little letters? If you’re struggling to get started, consider the following tips on learning Arabic. Learning Arabic isn’t something you can do easily or overnight – it takes time, dedication, and a desire to learn to succeed with this difficult language. While there are many people that learn Arabic more quickly than others, you’ll want to work at your own pace. If you attempt to rush through your Arabic instruction, you simply will not be able to comprehend this language. Here are three tips to help you learn Arabic: 1. Use a systematic curriculum. One of the best ways to learn Arabic is to study the language through a structured, systematic curriculum. You can find many of these courses in learning Arabic online or in your local bookstore. Online courses are a great option, as they offer you the scheduling versatility that many people with bu

my learning of Arabic.

my learning of Arabic. Mar 28, '10 2:14 PM by Nasrin for everyone sis. this is what i could say. after the summer of 2007, i took an Arabic class in my college - it was 1 and half year of college classes - 3 courses on Arabic learning the basics of Arabic and learning some words alhamdulillah. this book: it is a book on very basics of the Arabic, then in summer 2008, i finished madinah book 1 and 2 with their audios found online, alhamdulillah. after i finished college terms, in fall of 2008, in winter 2009, i did half of the book of book 2 of alkitaab on my own. alhamdulillah. and then in the summer of 2009, i finished madinah 3 books with the DVDs found online alhamdulillah. and then after summer i did book 3 again and few chapters of book 2 of madinah book and then other books and the albaseerah class that i did with you. and for Arabic reading, i mostly used to read fatawa of shaykh

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Al-Mu'jaam Al-Waseet Various Authors Al-I'raab an Qawaai'd Al-I'raab Al-Ansaree Tuhfatu As-Siniya in Q & A Ibn Murshad Exp. Alfiya bin Malik (Al-Uthaymeen) Al-Uthaymeen   and MOREEEEEEE so CHECK and BUY and BENEFIT and LEARN THIS LANGUAGE AND MOVE UPPPPPPPPPPP

Excellent List of Ar. books on beginning, Nahw, & Sarf & balagah and more..

maashaaAllah - FREE a lot of Arabic Grammar Books Mar 25, '10 5:46 PM by Nasrin for everyone continue...>> Introduction About the Arabic language Love of the Arab (by Gibril F. Hadad) [pdf] Arabic for beginners Madina books: Book 1 ( pdf ) w/ English explanations - Key (pdf)               and answers to excercises ( audio ) Book 2 ( pdf ) Book 3 ( pdf ) al-Kitab al-Asasi, part 1,(pdf) continue...>> Arabic grammar - Nahw (syntax) Al-Ajurumiyya     Matn: [ point-by-point note-book, pdf ] [ html ]  Sharh: Ibn 'Ajiba: al-Khalasa - Sharh  'ala al-Ajurumiyya (scanned pdf) Umar AbdAllah Kamil: Modern Sharh (pdf) part [1] [2] [3] [4] متن الآجرومية قد تمتع متن الآجرومية بذيوع عظيم بين طلبة علوم العربية، فهو يعد أشهر متن للمبتدئين في علم النحو، حتى أنه لم يشتهر من تصانيفه غيره. ويدل علىشتهاره وانتشاره تواتر العلماء على شرحه ودرسه ما بين شارح ومحش وناظم. ما بين ناقد له ومتعصب al-Jurjani: Al-Jum

The critical stage of my ARabic Learning...

I want to share so maybe it will help me find my solutions and/or maybe some of you will be willing to share some of your thoughts that will help me as well inshaaAllah. I am like in the tough stage of my Arabic Learning, Alhamdulillah i do believe i am good with my Arabic Grammar, the grammar of Aljaromiyah inshaaAllah, though i may need some more review of the last lessons of aljaromiyah to be better at those end lessons of aljaromiyah. The only obstacles on my way is the VOCABULARIES, the new words stand like the mountains on my way to move up and advance ahead. maaShaaAllah. Alhamdulillah. I have been looking for a while to find a sister to help me on this, in going over Al-arabiyah bayna yadayk vol 2 and 3. I know 2 sisters, who are really good at Fusha Arabic but one is too busy to even give 15 or 30 min or any help, and another one doesn't even show any sign of interest of help, neither did i ask more than once. and i found a sister, who maashaaAllah at first ask was

Shaykh Muhammad almaliki: FREE mp3 download: Archive for the ‘ARABIC LANGUAGE’ Category

Archive for the ‘ARABIC LANGUAGE’ Category Advanced Arabic Class The book Mulhaatul ´Iraab 2009 February 28, 2009 Dars 001 Introduction Mulhaatul ´Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 28/02/2009 Dars 002 Mulhaatul ´Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 01/03/2009 Dars 003 Kalaam wa Ism Istiqaq Mulhaatul Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 02/03/2009 Dars 004 Ismun Mulhaatul Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 03/03/2009 Dars 005 Filun Mulhaatul Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 07/03/2009 Dars 006 Baabul Maarifah wa Nakirah Mulhaatul Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 08/03/2009 Dars 007 Baabul Filun Mulhaatul Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 09/03/2009 Dars 008 Baabul Afaal Mulhaatul Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 10/03/2009 Dars 009 Baabul Iraab Mulhaatul Iraab Advanced Arabic Class 11/03/2009 Dars 010 Baabul Iraab Ismul mansarf Advanced Arabic Class 15/03/2009 Dars 011 Mamnoo Minas Sarf Advanced Arabic Class 16/03/2009 Dars 012 Ismu Munsarif Advanced Arabic Class 17/03/2009 Dars 013 Asmaal Sitah Advanced Arabic Class

Shaykh Muhammad almaliki: FREE-mp3 download: Arabic For Beginners Class 2009 - Al Ajurrumiyyah

Archive for the ‘Al Ajurrumiyyah 2009’ Category Arabic For Beginners Class 2009 - Al Ajurrumiyyah February 6, 2009 (The link for  the E-book is: ) THE E-BOOK : At-Tuhfatus Sinniyah Bi-Sharhul Muqaddimatil Ajurrumiyyah       Dars 001 Introduction & Kalaam Al Ajurrumiyah Class 30/01/2009 Dars 002 Aqsamu Kalaam Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 01/02/2009                                                                                   Dars 003 ‘Alaamatul Ism Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 02/02/2009   Dars 004 ‘Alaamatul Fi’lun wa ‘Alaamatul Harf Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 03/02/2009         Dars 005 ´Iraab Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 07/02/2009   Dars 006 part 1  The Signs of ´Iraab Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 08/02/2009 Dars 006  part 2 The Signs of ´Iraab Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 08/02/2009 Dars 007 Homework surah adh Dhoha Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 09/02/2009 Dars 008 Alaamatul ´Iraab Raf Al Ajurrumiyyah Class 10/02/2009 Dars 009 Tamareen page 26 Ebook Al

Shadeed Muhammad's classes: FREE download: ARabic Learning:

learn the Arabic grammar with new audios downloaded today... Jan 24, '10 10:43 AM by Nasrin for everyone ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: ibraaheem Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 4:39 AM Subject: [rawdah] learn the Arabic grammar with new audios downloaded today... To:   ÈÓä Çááå ÇáÑÍãä ÇáÑÍíã All praise is for Allah and may peace and blessings be upon His final Messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. As to what proceeds: We at are glad to present the newly added cd set from our brother in Islam, Abu Azzubayr Shadeed Muhammad (May Allah preserve him and his family) learning the Arabic grammar, Madeenah Series Book One. This was an Arabic Language/Grammar seminar taught by him in June of 2008 at Masjid Ansar us Sunnah, Paterson, NJ. During this seminar the following books were covered: - Arabic Grammar (i.e. Tadribaat ): Book one from the four book Madeenah series taught in the Islamic Uni

FREE download: All Materials of Madinah book: Solutions, Answer Key, Glossary, Arabic Text & DVD & Mp3 Audios

Madina Books Video: Br. Asif's DVD sets (AVI) AVI is a video format for Windows (and Mac) Br. Asif's DVD sets (MPEG4 Hi-Res) Large MP4 files for the iMac/iPhone/iPad/iWhatever Br. Asif's DVD sets (MPEG4 Low-Res) Smaller MP4 files, best suited for iPhones Audio: Br. Asif's DVD sets Our DVD sets in mp3 format only Madina Books (Arabic, English and Urdu) The Madina Books narrated in Arabic, English and Urdu Books: Madina Books - Arabic Text Madina Books - Key (English) Madina Books - Key (German) Madina Books - Key (Urdu) Madina Books - Solutions Madina Books - Glossary Madina Books - Handouts Blank Verb Conjugation Sheet Other Downloads Video: Conversation DVDs (AVI) AVI is a video format for Windows (and Mac) Conversation DVDs (MPEG4 Hi-Res) Large MP4 files for the iMac/iPhone/iPad/iWhatever Conversation DVDs (MPEG4 Low-Res) Smaller MP4 files, best suited for iPhones Books: Conversation Drills A PDF to accompany the Conversation DV

Madina Books - Audio Files

Madina Books - Audio Files Mar 10, '10 11:11 PM by Nasrin for everyone Madina Books - Audio Files NOTE: Audio files have been added to the site again, and are now available for direct download in mp3 format. Files by Dr. V. Abdur Rahim (Arabic only) Madina Arabic Book 1 Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Lesson 10 Lesson 11 Lesson 12 Lesson 13 Lesson 14 Lesson 15 Lesson 16 Lesson 17 Lesson 18 Lesson 19 Lesson 20 Lesson 21 Lesson 22 Lesson 23   Files by Br. Gulsher M. el Shukri (English) Madina Arabic Book