Saturday, July 31, 2010

7/31 - Madinah Class and Aljaromiyah

Alhamdulillah for another blessed day of classes.

Today in the madinah Arabic book 1 class, there was some grammar that were gone over. I was busy writing the text shaykh told me to write so i couldn't make notes of everything. But he went over chapter 4 A and the grammar of that lessons.

I know i heard him talking about the female proper noun and male proper noun matter and how female proper noun does not take dammatyn while male one do and that not all female noun ends with the ta-marbutah.

and another thing was حروف الجر و الخفض {جر} في الاسم - you know how if the harf aljar comes before the noun and makes it end with the kasra.

and for aljaromiyah it was a test that our teacher said will give us so i reminded him of it and he gave it to us and we had to take it. so that took the whole session. InshaaAllah i hope tomorrow we do a lot of work inshaaAllah.

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