Thursday, July 22, 2010

notes of Lesson # 1 of Madinah book 1

I am not going to write out the book for you nor every words but only the important things that i am finding very good review for myself and something that are new to me also YEA. GOOD. alhamdulillah. I do not wish to miss any lessons at all. He teaches good with good details but due to some task talking i miss out. I want to make sure to get the missed parts by asking the teacher inshaaAllah.

First thing our teacher started the class with was mentioning the importance of learning Arabic and the virtues of it as our mashaykh do because it is something that motivates one and keeps one eager to do what they are doing. Also, as he said it is recommended to start this way by the mashaykh.

So today we learned these details, very interesting to me at least. alhamdulillah.
هذا = ها – ذا
ها: للتنبه
ذا: اشارة إلى شيئ
و “هذا” يسمى اسم الاشارة
١. للقريب
٢. للمفرد
٣. للمذكر
ما – يسمى اسم الاستفهام لغير العاقل
أ – حرف الاستفهام ، و هو للعاقل
؟ – علامة الاستفهام
لا – حرف النفي

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