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A good news for those Learning arabic.

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As'Salamu Alaikum wa Barakatuh,

This is classical work on Sarf insha'allah for those of studying the language you will it to be of great benefit

Barakallahu Feekum
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i think it's a good news for all those who are learning arabic. Get your RSS from this site, mash-allah. i know this site was taken down long time ago. i think in 2007 or even more. but i just tried to find a site that has "sahab" in it too and i then my miss writing took me to this page mash-allah. how blessed alhamdulillah.

it is a great site. join and benefit.

Subscribe to RSS feed for this site, they have a list of RSS for the site's different parts, but one for all sections. a good reading time.
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alhamdulillah, finally after long struggle i finished watching all DVDs of Madinah BOok three [after book one and two.]

you bet the book was long and it had so much info. in it, so much to learn from that book. don't ask about how much writing i have left. many things Allah willed to bring my life, so i had to change my method of studying this book mash-Allah.

and the last method was just to finish watching DVDs without writing out the lessons after watching each DVD.

one time i missed about a week or more study, so i had to catch that up in the following week with super intensive study mash-Allah. you bet i was tired, i felt like my ears and eyes could not take any more.

and then few days ago, i really got so tired, i think my ears were hurting me, because i watch like over 2 hours long with ear phone on in the morning when my dear sisters sleep and wake up like after 12am mash-Allah. My ears could not bear anymore. i got tired and i hardly watched DVD # 22 and then i took a break, didn't watch i think day.

i was suppose to finish all 23 DVDs by 30th of July but i delayed till today morning mash-allah. alhamdulillah. at least i gained back the motivation to watch them again and learn. Alhamdulillah.

i think if you watch the DVDs - let say one DVD a day and then next day you write out all materials you went over in that one DVD then you become really good at what you covered, mash-Allah, alhamdulillah. i did this until lesson # 6 or 7. but still it wasn't good. i think i wrote upto lesson # 8 or 9, then i had to stop and catch up what i missed. so i totally stopped writing.

but alhamdulillah watching was no less beneficial. i wanted to finish the book and know what it had and i believe alhamdulillah, with HIs mercy and blessings and grace i have good understanding of what the book has.

and insha-Allah i plan to go over the book again [without DVDs], just read the keys and then write out the lessons. insha-Allah this should be good. if i need to go back to the DVDs then i will go back to it as i need insha-allah.

i didn't read the keys either, i think the teacher explained enough. i did not want to do too much as i felt tired mash-Allah.

but alhamdulillah i am done with all 3 books' DVDs with the tawpiq of Allah and this is a great blessings alhamdulillah.

i started the forth book DVDs and i hope to finish  them soon insha-Allah, don't plan to read or write anything, just watch all DVDs and finish them. after that i will start over the book 3 and book 4. insha-Allah.

book four goes over selected verses of the Qur'an in detail mash-Allah. alhamdulillah. so i look forward to go over and i hope they will increase my Emaan.

the only thing about Arabic study is that i do not find my Emaan increasing a lot, but i do believe it does increase emaan some alhamdulillah as it is seeking knowledge and it is a form of worship insha-Allah.

that's a reason i am really looking forward to finish this Arabic study so i can study my religion. i love studying Aqeedah a lot and i really look forward to study Qur'an in detail and learning its tajweed. insha-Allah.

i really miss studying my Deen as i used to before i started studying Arabic. i really do. studying all arabic is like being in the desert without any water or trees and winds mash-Allah.

i hope insha-Allah this is my last summer with ARabic study insha-Allah but i do plan to spend few more months in full Arabic study to be more fluent at it so i can translate fluently and know the grammar really well insha-Allah. so i can start studying my Arabic books. insha-Allah. i really hope that.

what always motivated me in keeping up my arabic study is reading of full ARabic works alhamdulillah. i am really nice nice books that i really wish to read but when i took them and start reading i will be lost after a bit and wouldn't understand fully, then i will be like the only way to understand this book fully and read and understand completely is to finish learning ARabic, so i will be back on my study. alhamdulillah.

I did not expect so much things to go on in my life as i was going over one the large advance book of Arabic for the first time in my life, mash-Allah but alhamdulillah in the middle of all this, i am grateful Allah gave me tawpiq to finish it and go over it.

i felt truly blessed mostly the week when i was doing so intensive study after a week or more not studying almost at all. i could not thank Allah more for HIs blessing alhamdulillah. after the hardship, He at least gave me tawpiq to catch up my study with great zeal. alhamdulillah.

after all, we all have to learn this language and i want to finish it fast. i can't wait. i want to move on. i can't wait for the time when i will study my deen and feel my emaan is high and shaytan is far away from me. i really cannot wait for that time. i haven't studied my Qur'an for so long, when i turn on the audios i listen to memorize Qur'an it brings tears to the eyes for i haven't gone over them as i used to go over them 2 years ago almost. mash-Allah.

at the end of DVD 3, the teacher gave really nice talk mash-Allah and went over 2 nice verse of the Qur'an and it really softened the heart and brought tears to the eys. mash-Allah.

alhamdulillah i hope to enjoy forth book well. i really do. insha-Allah.

may Allah aid all of us in learning this language, it is amazing feeling to read qur'an and to understand it, it touches the heart and brings tears to the eye, and delights the heart with the feeling, alhamdulillah now i understand this Qur'an in ARabic now. alhamdulillah.

also, i have to share this with you all, it is so sweet. the first person to ask me to translate anything for her was my mother. she reads a lot of dua and sometimes she asks me here and there to translate for her, i could often do that. after all she sees me studying arabic all the time, she should ask to check if her daughter is actually learning arabic. mash-allah. alhamdulillah.

i have great love for translating, i really do. i look forward to translate much work of our scholars in English [or even my language if Allah gives me tawpiq] for the benefit of myself and the Muslims and [all people insha-Allah].

i hope Allah gives us all tawpiq to do it. ameen.

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by Nissho for everyone
asalamualikum wa rahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu

i was thinking of allowing everyone to post to the group as most of you are learning Arabic and sometimes maybe your tips and encouraging words and sharing your manner of study, what you like and find hard and easy, will help others too [including me].

Insha-Allah posts will be though moderator, insha-Allah, everything related to the group topic will be approved insha-Allah.

so share what you feel important to share with us all in learning arabic.

FREE - Giving away for FREE - Islamic Tapes and Cassettes.Jul 30, '09 5:47 PM
for everyone
asalamualikum wa rahma tulalhiwabaraka tuhu

insha-Allah i would like to give these below Islamic Tapes FOR FREE to whoever wishes them with the below conditions:
- of course you have to pay the shipping charge, when you send the shipping and it is in my bank then i can ship because i don't have any money to ship anything -
if anyone asking for these tapes for public use/learning like for masajid library, or students clubs as MSO/MSA etc in schools or any other islamic library where public muslims can benefit,

then priority goes for this.

and after this, people that i know from my college and from around me has priority to get them over people i do not know face to face.

and after that any muslims/salafees around the globe can get them insha-Allah.

if you understood my conditions and you want the tapes, please write back here, or send me PM if you are a sister, i want NO PM From NO BROTHERS period, no matter how religious and modest you maybe. i want no PM, speak in public as reply to this blog or else be quiet. 

jazakum Allahu khayran
was-salamualikum warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu

1.    explanation of aqeedah at tahawiyyah by shaykh yahya alhajoree [arabic to english] [5 tapes]
2.    the explanation of sahih bukhar by shaykh yahya alhajoree [arabic to english] [7 tapes]
4.    explanation of  four principles by mustafa george [english] [6 tapes]
5.    the manhaj of the prophets in calling to Allah by Shaykh rabee [arabic to english] [4 tapes]

8.    the role of women has to play to make the society righteous by shaykh uthaymeen [arabic to english]  [3 tapes]

11.  usool ad dawatus salafiyah by shaykh albanee [arabic to english]  [3 tapes]
   13.  riyad  dus salihin by mustafa george [english] [6 tapes]
14.  the three fundamental principles by shaykh hasan ibn abdul wahhab [arabic to english] [3 tapes]
   16.  explanation of saheh muslim by shaykh yahya alhajoree [arabic to english]  [11 tapes]

6)      Beneficial stories of the wives of the prophet Muhammad by Hasan as-somali  [english]
AND SEVEN more single Tapes of scholars...
ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewAl-Kitab Arabic CoursesJul 18, '09 7:19 PM
for everyone
Genre:Religion & Spirituality
Author:Of CCNY, Hunter and Queens Colleges
asalamualikum wa rahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu

i thought i should write a review of these courses and share with my friends of College so if Allah wills they will take these classes.

some info. of these classes are found here:


and you can visit Queens college to see their list but it is same as Hunter College. There are other colleges that offer Arabic Courses like City Tech, and i think brooklyn college also.

City College offer three Arabic Courses which covers Al-kitab Alif, Baa book - which is just learning Arabic letters, and some new words and writing, that's the first term. in the second and third term of the course which is second and third level, Al-Kitaab part one is finished almost in full. when i was taking, we had i think couple of chapters to finish. Students were slow so the teacher could not push us. But some of us really wished to finish the full book.

Hunter College has excellent program mash-Allah. i think they finish up to Al-kitab part two. i don't think they touch al-kitab part three. this is what i see based on their listing. Queens college do the same thing.

Hunter college and Queens college offer minor in Arabic, Hunter College is trying to offer a major on Arabic, they said they are working toward it. i would be super happy if they do. although i know i may not be able to attend to take the degree but i would love to.

City college does not offer minor and i feel very sad, i asked the chairman of the department but he said we don't have enough students to do it, we don't even have enough student so we can have classes on al-kitab part two. i feel very sad.

i know many brothers and sisters take classes at private institution on weekend on Arabic but they are not willing to take classes in college. i don't know what's wrong. i wish people will support this excellent program so we muslims going to colleges can attain a knowledge that is a must in our Religion. it is a blessing of Allah to have Arabic classes in these colleges. at least that's how i feel it.

You can find all the books here in here: also sells these books, there are answer key booklet for all books beside the volume 3.

there is one common misconception about these books is that they teach you colloquial Arabic and not fusha, and that's a very very very unjust misconception that is spread about these classes and books offered at college. Many Muslims leave of taking these classes because of this wide spread misconception.

when i wanted to take these classes and didn't want to go to the private inst. of NY that is well known, a friend of mine got mad at me and said i will learn Arabic that will help me understand music etc, something like that.

but i did not let myself be pulled behind by my friends kind words and great concern, i still took the classes and I LOVED THEM, and now I URGE my sisters and brothers to take these classes at college and to support this program so we have more ARabic classes and then eventually a minor and major in Arabic. I really hope for it. Alhamdulillah as days go by more and more students are taking ARabic classes, so i have great hope my beloved college CCNY will offer major and minor in Arabic in near future insha-Allah. and i hope many of my muslim brothers and sisters will major or minor in Arabic insha-Allah.

the course at CCNY, i think they are really easy, the teacher Isaa Imaan, she is really easy going mash-Allah, i have to say it. she is very lenient and easy grader. she encourages and helps you all through the course mash-Allah. although i wish she was a bit tougher and gave hard-er exams and also spoke full Arabic in Classes [almost full], so the students could become fluent in Arabic faster and they could speak it faster and learn it faster.

but the way she is, still some students fear to take ARabic classes and drop the course. so prof. Isaa has good understanding mash-Allah about the way she runs her classes.

many students just take Arabic classes for the fun of taking it to get a A+, and i say, yea it is easy so you can get an A+ or A as you wish. insha-Allah. it is not hard.

i can tell you, when i took ARabic course, in my class there were some non-Muslim students, one of them was at the top of the class always, he had no background at ARabic at all, he learned everything in Class and he was very expert by the end of the course mash-Allah, had very good understanding of Arabic Grammar and the language itself. mash-Allah.

if you study, all of it easy. you don't expect to get a A+ just sleeping and coming and going out of the class, that will never happen. and for the Muslims, i don't know why they search for grade A+ or A, when they must learn thing language to understand the Holy Book of their Religion.

our Goal is that we learn this language irrespective of the grades we get. we should take the class not only for easy A but to learn the language and to learn a Language, it takes A LOT OF WORK TRUST me.... it does. it is as it is said: NO PAIN - NO GAIN. i am running out of my study time now. got to go soon.

what else i should tell you?

Yes you learn All Fush Arabic, Teacher is Easy, and You will speak Arabic and Understand but you have to continue in your ARabic Study so much, after the three courses at CCNY, these three classes only teaches you very basics of ARabic. it is almost nothing compare to what you have to learn to Understand Qur'an but it is a VERY GOOD START, i recommend all students at CCNY to take them, and then they can take e-permit to Hunter college to take more classes, or Queens College.

Everyone taking classes should contact chair of the department and Push him to offer more Arabic Classes. i am not kidding. If you want something, you have to ask for it, always, you have to put some effort on it.

i tell everyone i know to take these classes.

this is how i took the situation for me: i go to this college which is a mix environment and i go there 5 or 4 days a week in each term, and i learn the knowledge of the Duniyah, but there is something of knowledge of Deen that i could learn, THEN WHY SHOULD I NOT take advantage of this knowledge and gain it? why? why do we miss out?

i know some of the people i knew, they took the class and dropped it because they had their major classes to worry about. i don't know people. when i took it, the only thing i had in my mind was, forget about my major classes, i have to learn this language.

alhamdulillah, for the first term, it was super easy, second term there were many things that i had in my life going on, but i did what i could, and the third term, the only thing i can remember was that i was almost always Late, my teacher was very upset at me, and she even said, if i am late one more time, she will give me failing grade, mash-Allah. i tried to keep up the class work as much as i could but i was still late to the class throughout the term. i felt bad but alhamdulillah my teacher didn't give me a failing grade.

you want me to tell you what i got, i can tell you right?

Term one: A+
Term two: A
Term three: B+ [b/c of lateness and due to not doing the project with much care]

But Alhamdulillah. i wasn't worry about the grade as much, i was worried about learning the language, and i am still learning it, and there is so much to learn still. mash-Allah.

my teacher often used to say, not to worry about the grades as we are here to learn the language and that we should be proud of what we could accomplish.


Let's go - get ready and take the classes.... and tell others ,and DEMAND PEOPLE to offer more ARabic classes at CCNY and also to offer Minor and Major at it. IF we all want and put effort, we will get it insha-Allah.

was-salamualikum war ahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu
in Arabic this site has a lot:
she can find a lot on this page:  - just have to look and find. tell her to see the photo section and also attached files and link sections insha-allah.
and here: - in english - classes of shaykh muhammad almalki
and here - english -in english - can find lots of english and arabic materials - go down to # 14 section - arabic - in english - great sources mash-allah.
asalamualikum... i am very glad the brothers went this far to do this. may Allah grant them success in their business. so now you can buy these books for such a cheap price  from the store near you. mash-allah.

by the way: the Dictionary from this set is GREAT. everyone learning arabic should have that book.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ammar Saadeh 
Date: 2009/7/8
The publisher is located in Saudi Arabia and is using a fulfillment company. He can reduce his prices because eventually the cost is very minimal. Also they are a non profit organization, they depend mainly on donations not on sales. We lowered our prices to 34.99. Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards,
Ammar Saadeh
Noorart, Inc.
577 Sterling Dr. Richardson,  TX  75081  USA
TEL: 888-442-5687  or  +1 (972) 234-9108 
FAX: 888-442-5688  or  +1 (972) 534-1442

Arabic Between Your Hands (Set) العربية بين يديك

Author:Team of Authors
Publisher:Arabic for All
Ages:Middle School
List Price:$348.91
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by Nissho for everyone

Four Free Childrens Books in Arabic

I thought these four books would be ideal for reading and comprehension. Credit is given to our brother Hamza al-Balqaanee, may Allah protect him from every evil and harm, for contributing these beneficial books. Click on each link to download:


Blog EntryJun 23, '09 7:14 PM
by Nissho for everyone

i hope you all are well and studying hard.

there is one thing i wanted to share, i found it useful for me so far, alhamdulillah. the idea came after a while. alhamdulillah.

you know the dictionary is big and we are not going through the dictionary by going over each word right. we use it to check up words we want to know.

so what i found useful is to high light the word we look up, so next time we need to check it again, it is easy to find it. 

sometimes i check a word and i don't write its English meaning as it is not a good way of learning the words, then i forget the meaning after a while so i check up the word again and if i didn't high light it, it is hard to find and takes a lot of time as well.

so now i high light the word i look up and then next time i look up it is easy to find and it tells me which one i looked up. alhamdulillah.

you can use this tactic for the use of book "conjugation dictionary of verbs." alhamdulillah i find it very useful, makes life a lot easy and saves a lot of time. alhamdulillah.

you can use different high lighter as you wish and make notes with its colors.

i hope you find it useful as well.

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by Nissho for everyone
How To View Arabic On Windows XP and 2000

These are step-by-step instructions of how to get Arabic installed on your Windows XP and 2000, however some versions of windows needs an additional CD with the Arabic on it.

1. Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel - as seen on the picture below:

2. Choose the "Regional and Language Options" option.

This screen determines how numbers and currency will show up on your windows for example the date and so on.

3. Click the "Advanced" tab at the top and it will take you to this screen:

4. Select "Arabic (Saudi Arabia)" from the drop down list and click all the squares that say the word "Arabic" on it below. Scroll down the list and everywhere you see the word "Arabic" click it.

5. Click "Ok" or "Apply" to install it. 

Once installed we need to configure the Arabic keyboard out. That can be found in the "Languages" tab as seen on the picture below:

6. Click on the "Details" button. That should take you to the following screen:

The option in the middle is what you will see.

7. Click the "Add" button to add a new language keyboard. 

8. Then the next box will appear, so select "Saudi Arabia" from the "Input Languages" drop-down list. And then choose either the "101" version or the "102".

Then press "Ok". 

9. Once done you need to select a way to switch between languages, so click on the "Key Settings" option, which should take you to the next screen shown below:

10. Then select how you want to switch between languages.

Now you're done. You may be prompted to restart the computer. If not restart the computer manually. This should enable the Arabic fonts, insha Allah.

How To View Arabic On Windows Vista

To view arabic on paltalk - For Windows Vista - please follow these steps inshaa'Allaah:

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Open Regional and Language Options
3. Click on tab called Administrative. You should now have the following displayed on your screen:

4. Click Change System Locale
5. And change language to Arabic (Saudia Arabia)
6. Click OK and restart

Now turn on paltalk and visit an arabic room and arabic fonts should appear inshaa'Allaah.

More Information

Sometimes you might be using "Internet Explorer" and all the Arabic comes out Greek, so what you do is you go to the "View" options and choose list and then to the "Encoding" selection and then to the "More" sub-selection and then select "Arabic (Windows)".

If you don't have a keyboard with Arabic letters, you may be able to purchase the Arabic letter stickers for keyboards at your local Islamic store or through the internet. Alternatively, you can view the Arabic keyboard on your screen by doing the following:

- Click on Start
- Click all Programs
- Click on Accessories
- Click on Accessibility
- Select On Screen Keyboard 

When the on-screen keyboard is displayed it emulates whatever keyboard you are currently typing in. So if you are typing in English it will display English and when you switch to Arabic (Alt-Shift or Ctrl-Shift) then the display on the online keyboard switches to Arabic (sometimes you need to type a character or two before it changes). You then select the letters you want with the click of the mouse.
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by Nissho for everyone
Assalaam 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh

To view arabic on paltalk - For Windows Vista - please follow these steps inshaa'Allaah:

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Open Regional and Language Options
3. Click on tab called Administrative. You should now have the following displayed on your screen:

4. Click Change System Locale
5. And change language to Arabic (Saudia Arabia)
6. Click OK and restart

Now turn on paltalk and visit an arabic room and arabic fonts should appear inshaa'Allaah.

Please let me know if this worked inshaa'Allaah. Jazaakumullaahu Khayraa

Wassalaam 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh
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ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewA pocket dictionary of verb conjugationJun 20, '09 12:22 PM
for everyone
Genre:Religion & Spirituality
Author:antoinee eldahdah
i bought the book recently, it is the 2nd order from, i ordered this book and the other book which was on the same topic, that was this book:

and this current book is this one:,

i didn't want to buy it then i ordered it with the other one. the shipping was a lot which made me sad but yea i alhamdulillah.

i hope it pays off by benefiting from both book. i didn't expect that both book are on the same topic.

BUT GOOD NEWS: this book is better and is very useful. it gives you conjugation of many verbs and patters and at the end of the book gives you a LONG list of verbs on these patters so you can refer to the pattern that is done to look up the conjugation of the new verb of the same patter.

i find it useful now as i am going over week verbs and the teacher of the DVD keeps telling we must do conjugation of as many of these verbs as possible to become strong. it takes a lot of time to do them but alhamdulillah it helps looking up the conjugation system in this book.

the other book is ok, but i don't like their way of organizing the ضمائر - which seems abnormal to me.

but this book has nice organization of ضمائر - from هو الى أنا - and they boxed up all in groups and gives you active, passive, and amr and ism fail and ism maful and more of the verb.

and it is an arabic book although in the store they kept the english title page. mash-allah.

so if you wish to buy a book on these conjugation buy this one, the other one is not as comprehensive as this one. but i hope i will benefit from that one too insha-allah.

so yea. got to go. computer takes away much time. with click click click hours flies by. mash-allah. 
With the Arabic dictionaries start with Mukhtaar as-Sihaah, then as-Sihaah, then Mujam Waseet, then Lisaan Arab. Then after that you can do the other bigger dictionaries like Taaj Aroos, etc. Also for Iraab-ul-Quraan then start with the one volume books and then get the bigger volumes.

The Sharh of the Mulhah is good. You will benefit from it inshaAllah.

From the page you linked then start with these:

Mughnee fee Ilm an-Nahw, al-Kaafiyaah by Ibn Haajib, Misbaah fee an-Nahw, as-Saahibee, and Dhurrah Ghawaas, author of the Mulhah. Sharh Shudhoor adh-Dhahab is a must have, and all of the Shrooh of the Alfiyyah especially the Sharh Ibn Aqeel. The Alfiyyah is getting more into the advanced stages of an-Nahw and Sarf, but if you buy them now that is good too. Also the Mughnee al-Labeeb is great and you can get the Mukhtasar of it by Shaykh Uthaymeen from RiMarket. It is excellent. Buy it and the original Mughnee al-Labeeb if you can.

The Marj Tulaab series ($8.00) each are very good too.

Mostly everything on there is very good - - , some are classics some more recent books. I find the classics to be better than the newer books but al-Mujaz fee Qawaaid al-Lughah al-Arabiyyah is very good too.

An advice from noble brother Aboo Imraan.
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by DTSSBC for everyone
Gulf Arabic Sounds

As’Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

!!! Keep the mouse pointer over an earphone icon until the recording of the Arabic words or phrases is over. No need to click.
Group A – with approximately the same pronunciation as their English counterparts.
b – bagar , baachir , il-ba7reyn
d – daftar , 7amdaan , dostuur
dh – dhimma , tadhkara , dhahab (Like ‘th’ in ‘that’, ‘those’.)
p – panka , panchar , parda
ch – chayf , cham , chidhii (This is a distinctly Bedouin sound, used many times (but NOT always) where ‘k’ would be used in Standard Arabic.)
f – firiij , kilaafa , aal xaliifa
g – gaam , rigad , gilt
h – haadha , ihni , dhahab
j – juuti , bi-l-jumla , jaasim
k – il-kuwayt , kisabna , yaktib
m – malik , madrasa , mumayyaz
n – naashif , minhu , alwaan
s – islaam , saalim , dars
sh – yishfi , shiyar , sh gilt?
t – tooba , giltadris
th – thaalith , ithnayn , thoor
w – wiyyaana , ward , wujood
y – ya salaam! , mayz , daray
z – azyan , zoor , zaytoon

Blog EntryJun 15, '09 3:04 PM
by Nissho for everyone

i wanted to share this joke of arabic grammar that i found in my new grammar book that i recently bought. named: Exciting Grammar, t is from the first volume. really nice. it is a full arabic book, and starts with very basic levels. i like it except that i need the dictionary often to check new words. it's good, learning lots of new words alhamdulillah.

so here it is: 
هيا نضحك معا: 
قال الأستاذ لأحمد: أحمد، ضع "الفيل" في جملة مفيدة.
قال أحمد: لا أعرف يا أستاذ. 
قال الأستاذ: لماذا؟
قال أحمد: لأن الفيل كبير لا يدخل في الجملة يا أستاذ! 

now let me translate for you. [up to those knowing arabic to correct me if they wish to].

Lets laugh together: 

the teacher said to the Ahmad: Ahmad put "the elepent" in a complete sentence. 
Ahmed said: i don't know O teacher.
the teacher said: why? 
Ahmed said: because the elepent is big, it doesn't enter in the sentence O teacher.


that was funny don't you think.
take care
got to go off. lots of writing and studying left to finish.
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Students Repertory - in construction - Arabic nahu studies.
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Students Repertory - the rules - Arabic nahu studies.
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Marji' al Tolab fi al Tasurif al 'Afu'al  مرجع الطلاب في تصريف الأفعال
Students Repertory - in conduct of the letters - Arabic nahu studies.
An explanation of the celebrated classical Arabic grammar book, al Ajuromiyah, by Ibn Ajrum (672-723 A.H.). the first book on Arabic grammar rules.
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i ordered for these books, still waiting to get them. they shipped already so they should be home soon insha-allah.
you can check the sample pages of the book in the link above after clicking on each book, insha-allah.
the books looked great to me mash-allah, lots of exercises, reading isn't good enough for me, i like learning by doing lots of exercises, that helps me in writing too.
the most boring way of learning is to write a thing more than once, i am not doing it, i don't liek that. i get bored to write a thing more than once. so i like doing lots of exercises of different kinds and this way i get to write a lot mash-allah.
check out the description for each for each books, they wrote mostly in arabic.

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