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I have a dream

I ordered for all these books after seeing the review of brother aboo imran, this site had these books in the lowest of price mash-allah. you can find the review of the brother on his blog page, i posted link of it before.
Marji' al Tolab fi al A'nsha'  مرجع الطلاب في الإنشاء
Students Repertory - in construction - Arabic nahu studies.
Marji' al Tolab fi al Imlaa'  مرجع الطلاب في الاملاء
Students Repertory - in dictation - Arabic nahu studies.
Marji' al Tolab fi al I'rab  مرجع الطلاب في الإعراب
Students Repertory - To Express, Arabic grammar studies.
Marji' al Tolab fi al Khatt al A'rabi  مرجع الطلاب في الخط العربي
Students Repertory - Calligraphy. Nice examples throughout
Marji' al Tolab fi al Qawa'id Al Nahu  مرجع الطلاب في قواعد النحو
Students Repertory - the rules - Arabic nahu studies.
=========================== ohooooooo! i forgot to place order for this book, i thought it was 5 book series now,  see there is another book! subhan allah - that's a sad to know now ========================
Marji' al Tolab fi al Tasurif al 'Afu'al  مرجع الطلاب في تصريف الأفعال
Students Repertory - in conduct of the letters - Arabic nahu studies.
An explanation of the celebrated classical Arabic grammar book, al Ajuromiyah, by Ibn Ajrum (672-723 A.H.). the first book on Arabic grammar rules.
Regular price: $18.00
Sale price: $14.40
i ordered for the book, brother aboo imran had review of this book, it is on sale still, so if you want - buy it insha-allah.
i hope it's a great book. you can find the review of brother aboo imran on his review page, i posted link of it before in a different blog.

i ordered for these books, still waiting to get them. they shipped already so they should be home soon insha-allah.
you can check the sample pages of the book in the link above after clicking on each book, insha-allah.
the books looked great to me mash-allah, lots of exercises, reading isn't good enough for me, i like learning by doing lots of exercises, that helps me in writing too.
the most boring way of learning is to write a thing more than once, i am not doing it, i don't liek that. i get bored to write a thing more than once. so i like doing lots of exercises of different kinds and this way i get to write a lot mash-allah.
check out the description for each for each books, they wrote mostly in arabic.
I finally alhamdulillah bought these books. they look really good and advance. all arabic. i plan to go over them after i am done with madinah books insha-allah.
there are so many real people picture in the first book, but the pictures are less in 2nd and third book. i ordered for 2nd book online as i couldn't get it in the brooklyn store, they didn't have CD with it. i got 2 from darussalam.
you can buy the full set from here:
the shipping is not too much as i thought for which i bought from brooklyn store. mash-allah.
 The project aims at the propagation of the Arabic language and supporting its institutions by utilizing all possible scientific and technical means. To achieve this, we designed and developed a comprehensive program in teaching Arabic to the speakers of other languages. This program starts from zero level and ends when students nearly master the language to an extent that enables them to continue their studies in universities where Arabic is the medium language of study. Arabic at Your Hands is the latest curriculum in teaching non-native speakers of Arabic. The series has a modern approach using the latest methods from the science of linguistics as the foundation of the curriculum. It begins from the basic level (with real beginners) and ends with the students to nearly master the language to the degree that enables them to continue their studies in universities entirely in Arabic.
Main programs of the project:
Compiling an integrative curriculum.
Designing a site at the internet.
Production of compact discs.
Production of T-V instructional programs.
Production of radio broadcasting programs.
Running highly specialized teacher training courses.
Characteristics of the series
Systematic organization of the structure of the units
Sound and phonetic features have been treated in a variety of ways and some of which are totally new.
The structure of the book suites the intended level.
Each textbook comes with an audio CD.
The series was uniquely produced.
The series focuses and address both genders (male and female)
The integration between skill and elements
Concern of the Arabic alphabet sound system with both distinctions (recognition) and production levels
The material is skillfully presented
A variety of texts are selected: dialogue, topics, stories etc…
The functional aspect was utilized when presenting grammar structures
A focus on oral skills in the basic level
The is great balance between language elements and skills
An array of drills and exercise are used
The unit system has been used in the presentation of materials
The number of words and grammar structures in each unit are highly controlled
New words are presented in full context
Word glossary and expressions are listed in the index of each book
Attention has been made to the word lists that are common in the Arab world
Benefit has been made of common grammar structures lists
Cultural concepts have been presented in interesting ways
Illustration has been used overwhelmingly especially in the first book 1
Object of the series The series aims at achieving the following competencies
The Four Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (mechanical and creative)
The Three Language Element: Sounds (various phonetic features), Vocabulary (contextual and idiomatic expressions), Grammar structure (a suitable dose of grammatical and morphological rules).
Communicative Competency
Cultural Competency
Only Arabic: Modern Standard Arabic or (Fus'haa) is used, No dialect is used and there is no other medium language.
Generality of the Arabic series:
It is a Dawah' and educational project that has no aim of worldly profits.
The latest series in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.
The series is composed of three volumes, each containing: the student book, the teacher book and eight recorded tapes.
The series is accompanied by an Arabic-Arabic illustrated dictionary that contains more than 6,000 entries.
The standard modern Arabic is used.
The series aims at teaching the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with special focus on sounds, sound features, and grammatical structures.
The series also aims at facilitating the learning of the Arabic language.
The series has been adopted by more than 12 universities and institutions all over the world.
Components of the Series
The basic level: Textbook + Teacher's Book
Intermediate level: Textbook + Teacher's Book
Advanced level: Textbook + Teacher's Book
Arabic – Arabic Illustrated Dictionary
Mp3 Audio CDs for each level
Levels of the Series
Basic Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
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by Nissho for everyone

i found this helpful, so i wanted to share.

if you want to master arabic grammar, which has to do with voweling the unvoweled text, then Read only un-vowel-ed text, do not read anything vowel-ed beside Qur'an.

when you learn the grammar, make sure the book you use is unvoweled, because this way you will be able to check how much of the rules you have in your head.

if you master the grammar, you should be able to easily vowelize the text by yourself, if you are not, then you will be confused and lost, so you have to learn the rules again. this is the best way of checking yourself.

So if you are using Madina books to learn arabic, do not buy the madinah books that are voweled but buy the one that has no vowel sign at all. like the read version by UK islamic academy.

this is a suggestion and i think it is really very useful.

and allah knows best.

i made this chart, first page is just sample as to how set up, next page on, it should be blank. i wanted to make it for myself so i can print as many copies of it as i wish and then put the verb in it and conjugate. it makes life easier for me at least.

i attached the blank page so it is easy to print 100 copies of it together.

i hope you can make use it of it too. .insha-allah
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by Nissho for everyone

*.SALE.* ISlamic Audio Tapes - Cassettes..Jun 6, '09 6:04 PM
for everyone
asalamualikum wa rahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu

i bought these tapes to learn my deen some time ago, and today i want to sell them to buy something more important to learn my deen. but still i am not so eager to sell them as you see they contain huge amount of knowledge. if anyone buys for their benefit, i will sell them.

There are 18 cassettes that will be given free with the order for the person who buys all the cassettes below. And these cassettes will be divided into orders if many people buy.

All free tapes are from scholars: by shaykh albanee, shaykh rabee, shaykh al-jamee, Ramadan Fatawa that’s a book audio, audio of text of tajweed poem tuhfatul atfal, shaykh ubayd, shaykh yahya and others.

All the Tapes that I am selling, you cannot find them online for free download, they are all sold in stores as cassettes.

The series of Tapes:  Each cassette cost: $2.10 cents.

1.    explanation of aqeedah at tahawiyyah by shaykh yahya alhajoree [arabic to english] [5 tapes]
2.    the explanation of sahih bukhar by shaykh yahya alhajoree [arabic to english] [7 tapes]
3.    explanation of the six principles by shaykh falah ismail [arabic to english] [12 tapes]
4.    explanation of  four principles by mustafa george [english] [6 tapes]
5.    the manhaj of the prophets in calling to Allah by Shaykh rabee [arabic to english] [4 tapes]
6.    explanation of masaailul jaahiliyyah by shaykh abu anas al-uthmaan [arabic to english]  [8 tapes]]
7.    the things that nullify one's islam by shaykh muhammad ibn rabee  [arabic to english] [3 tapes]
8.    the role of women has to play to make the society righteous by shaykh uthaymeen [arabic to english]  [3 tapes]
9.    advice to the muslim woman and mothers by shaykh yahya alhajoree [arabic to english]  [5 tapes]
10.  intro. the virtues of knowledge with the scholars by shaykh bazmool [arabic to english] [3 tapes]
11.  usool ad dawatus salafiyah by shaykh albanee [arabic to english]  [3 tapes]
12.  usool at tafseer by shaykh ahmed bazmol  [arabic to english] [13 tapes]
13.  riyad  dus salihin by mustafa george [english] [6 tapes]
14.  the three fundamental principles by shaykh hasan ibn abdul wahhab [arabic to english] [3 tapes]
15.  alqawlul mufeed fee adilatit tawheed - the beneficial statements concerning the evidence for tawheed by shaykh yahya alhajoree[arabic to english] [10 tapes]
16.  explanation of saheh muslim by shaykh yahya alhajoree [arabic to english]  [11 tapes]
17.  sharh [explanation] of addurar al-bahiyah [a fiqh book] by shaykh muhammad bazmool [arabic to english]  [10 tapes]

The single tapes: Each cassette cost: $0.70 cents                    

1)      advice to the student of knowledge by shaykh abdul muhsin alabbad [arabic to english]
2)      how to call to Allah by shaykh al-jamee [arabic to english]
3)      the conditions of laa ilaha ill allah and salah by shaykh ali tuwaijiri [arabic to english]
4)      Questions and answers for sisters by shaykh muqbil [arabic to english]
5)      A day of knowledge by shaykh muqbil [arabic to english]
6)      Beneficial stories of the wives of the prophet Muhammad by Hasan as-somali  [english]
7)      Women scholars of the salaf by abul hasan malik adam alakhdar [english]
8)      The virtues of the companions by fareed Abdullah [english]
ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewVideo Lessons Madinah Arabic Books [1000s starts for it]May 25, '09 7:51 PM
for everyone
Genre:Religion & Spirituality
Author:Asif Maherali [1000s starts for it]
with the limitless blessings of Allah, and His Mercy and favors i just finished going over Video Lessons of Madinah Arabic book # 1. and i have waited until this moment to write this review.

and if i could show you the happiness and excietment i have in me, i wouldn't wait a second but i don't know how. it really brings tears to the eyes looking at the great blessings of Allah upon me while i do not deserve those. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah for all His Blessings.

these videos have been out for about an year now, or a little more or less. they have been over online for free. and i shared these videos links before with everyone. but i did not go over these lessons as they should be gone over, in a series, in sequence, with consistance as they were done. it is a class, and one going over should start with first class and then go to second and then continue to the last class.

alhamdulillah, Allah gave me tawpiq to go over these since the end of the school. and i finished today the 9 DVD containing series course of Madinah Arabic book 1. i bought these videos about an year ago.

in the fall of 2008, so it was not last term of my college but the term before. and it wasn't an easy task to buy these. i don't know how i found these videos first time, but i found them online on a site, then i contacted the admin of that site and he gave me the link to the main website [] who were the ones who did these videos and shared with all over online, so i contacted the admin of that site [], and the DVDs of all classes and all books were not done at the time.

i kept in touch with them for a long time and i know i bugged them so much for all videos that at one point the brother had to say, i have to have some patience. i was like ok. then finally, i had money and their videos were ready and i ordered all 3 books videos. and i did not go over any of these videos for all these times due to college as i did not just wish to see them but i wanted to study them.

so alhamdulillah, how should i tell you how great these video courses are? how? have you gone over them? you know how great of a blessings of Allah it is that we have these videos over online For FREE, yes free for download, and you have all books, their solutions, and their grammar keys, and glossary, and all videos of a FULL SEVEN months Intensive course on these books that are far far far better than any classes you can take for such a cheap price.

wallahi, i ask Allah that He guides this teacher, asif, to salafiyah and make him a strong salafee brother and guide him to sunnah so he adorns himself with sunnah for wallahi, his classes are amazing, his love to teach arabic is amazing, and his love for qur'an is amazing and amazing is his encouraging words to his students to learn Arabic, to understand qur'an and more.

i went over the audios of madinah arabic books that are found online for free, two sets of them, none of those audios comes even close to these video lessons, this seven month intensive course on madinah arabic books.

the brother went over the book in so much detail with grammatical analysis, that i can assure you if you go over these lessons of book one, by the end of it, you mastered this book such that you can analyze full book.

and the brother says it too, he is not suppose to teach the book in such details, it should be in book 3 but he took this method so students slowly becomes strong and he taught these books many times and he saw the fruits of this method and so he teaches like this.

and i have to say, he is right, may Allah bless his great efforts. alhamdulillah, i learned so much and i understood so much and i truly feel i am strong at the grammars he taught in the full course of book 1. alhamdulillah.

i like his small songs that he made to teach many concepts of grammar, and his encouraging words like this one: NO PAIN - NO GAIN.

very true. now i truly feel how great of a blessing it was from Allah that He gave me tawpiq to buy these DVDs, and how great of a Blessings of Allah it is that He gave me tawpiq to BUY a DVD Player. alhamdulillah.

each DVD is about 5 hours long classes, which is 2 classes put together in one DVD, and i never had to go back except when i was absent minded and so needed a repeat.

he is very lively teacher, mash-Allah, as he always says, the book is really "halwa puri" [a kind of food from pakistan where he is from, he speaks urdu sometimes and makes jokes that are funny but he does to make students feel at ease.].

i think it was a great accomplishment for all students including me and for him too as teacher he gained a great success. alhamdulillah.

i truly truly truly encourage everyone who wants to learn arabic to go over these lessons - BUY everything you find on this page,

wallahi, it is cheap. in NYC you have institute that gives 4 classes a month for $125 dollars, this is too much. i was talking to someone and i told the person, spend this money and buy all the materials from this site, and go over, you will master Arabic.

no these people they love going out, they don't like to take advantage of such a great blessing of Allah, for such a cheap price and for free.

but alhamdulillah. i hope they learn arabic too some day insha-Allah.

i know when i wanted to learn arabic, at the beginning i too wanted someone to teach me, i really wanted some help from someone and i did. i had a friend to help but we got into some arguement over some stuffs and we stopped.

and i love umm kutubah for the sake of Allah, when i would talk to her on learning with others, she would tell me, you have to teach yourself. and she is right. alhamdulillah, Allah guideded me to so many sources for free and cheap prices to Master Arabic, and wallahi, I cannot thank Allah enough for these blessings. and Allah gave me tawpiq to go over these lessons like classes all by myself. alhamdulillah.

there was someone who asked me to do with her, i don't like group study, i never liked it since my young age, i always studied by myself except for few times in last few years. and i think only one time i did it good with a sister from UK 2 summers ago. other than that, none of the other time the study worked out well and gave great fruit, it didn't last and stopped after short time. and alhamdulillah i didn't mean to be mean with the person, i denied.

i study offline and that's why i spent money to buy the DVD player so i can stay offline and save time to go over saved audios and Videos by myself and learn what i need to learn. and i go in a pace that will be put back if i have others studing with me. and i do not want my valuable free time to be wasted away.

Insha=Allah after i master arabic, i can help others learn but in my learning process i ask Allah for HIs blessings and Aid to give me success and tawpiq to keep up and finish my study. ameen.

if you cannot buy all for free just visit and learn.

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by DTSSBC for everyone
As'Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

In This document you will find the basic types of khabr 
Attachment: Types of Khabar.pdf
Blog EntryMay 25, '09 12:58 PM
by DTSSBC for everyone
As'Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Again test your knowledge but this time we will be dealing with basic Iraab.

Blog EntryMay 25, '09 12:53 PM
by DTSSBC for everyone
As'Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Test your knowledge on how to conjugate verbs on a scale 
Attachment: Blank Verb Conjugation Sheet.pdf
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by DTSSBC for everyone
As'Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

It is a Classic work dealing  with SARF  insha'allh you will find it of great benefit 
Attachment: Binaa Afaal.pdf
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by Nissho for everyone
asalamualikum warahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu

"I have a dream" - i learned from my Arabic lesson today and it is a very true situation with almost all of us [not only the dream situation is true about arabic learning but about learning islam], and we all have this dream. so this is how the teacher went:

we are put into Qur'an study at the age of 7 or 8, and at that young age, we say to ourselves, i have a dream, what is that dream, i want to learn Arabic, but we pass the time, playing and doing things, then we are about 12 or 13 years old, then we still say, i have a dream, what's that dream, i want to learn Arabic, but we are too busy doing, what is done at these ages of 12 and 13, then we are about 17th and 18th years, we still say, i have a dream, what's that dream, i want to learn Arabic. but at the time, the person likes someone and busy with that, and then tells parents and so the person gets marry, thus becomes busy with family life, then again at the age of 23 and 24, the person says, i have a dream, what's that dream, the person wants to learn Arabic, but he/she is too busy with college works, and marriage, no time to learn arabic but still holds that desire.

so then the person has children, and becomes busy with them, then in the middle of the age, the person still says, i have a dream, i want to learn Arabic, then old age come, still the person has that dream, but never get time to Learn Arabic being busy with children, who got married and and works and more.

then death comes, and angel of death is taking the soul away, the person says, i have a dream - i want to learn arabic, and the angel of death says, too late, time out.

then the person is in the grave, the 2 angels [of questioning] are with him, and he/she still says, i have a dream - i want to learn arabic, and the angels say, shut up.


this is really the situations with many of us. i was amazed to hear this story you know. because around me are people, they really want to learn their religion and learn arabic but they are too busy with college, and they are saying insha-Allah after such and such i will do. and then i hear them planning ahead, they want to graduate and they are looking for work and they plan to work, and then they plan to get marry in life also.

and i wonder to myself, these people, they are busy with college works now, then they will graduate, they will be busy with jobs, then they will get marry, they will be busy taking care of family, and husband and wives, and children and JOBs...

when will they ever have time to study Islam? and Learn Arabic.

to be honest with myself and you, learning basics of Islam that we all must learn, an obligation - not optional, does not take much time.

but if you want to Learn Arabic, YOU HAVE To GIVE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH time you won't believe. you have to work hard so much. if you spend at least 3 months, only studying Arabic and nothing else, day and night working hard, with the condition you study from good sources and you are consistence each passing day, YOU HAVE HOPE that you will have at least 70% of Arabic in you.

then you have to keep reading and revising, going over many grammar books and more...

i will write a review of the class lessons i am going over, they are amazing, and i like the fact the teacher encourages us to work hard, to work day and night, it is a hijad. [for the students he is teaching a 7 months course and they have to learn Arabic in 7 month, i am sure they had. and for me in 3 months]

i hope Allah aids me. ameen. makes it easy for me, and i hope He takes away my sleep, so i can spend more time studying.

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by Nissho for everyone
ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewarabic - Stars of Islam - from kids' arabic stories.May 7, '09 10:26 AM
for everyone
Genre:Religion & Spirituality
I thought i should put another review of these books.

the books are amazing mash-Allah, i read several of them and this book is in 2nd column's 3rd book.

The way i felt was that the book teaches you "salafee Manhaj". It really is like that. alhamdulillah. it shows the virtues of the sahabah, and why they are of such a high status and why they should be respected and loved.

i liked it a lot.

and the second book from first column, it is the story of one of the tabee, who lose his hands, feet and almost didn't have eye sight or hearing but He constantly praised Allah for blessings saying that Allah favored him above many, he had a son who took care of him.

the book teaches you to be patient in times of hardship, to give thanks in times of health and fearing Allah openly and secretly. how big of a lesson it is for kids to learn?

what is amazing about these books is that they have ayas of Qur'an and ahadeeth and duas to teach each lessons. i like that. you learn Islam and Islamic manners. alhamdulillah.


6 books series, from these books.

i read first row of books. they are so nice. in the first one, it teaches you importance of hijab and girls wearing them and not copying the kuffar or men in dressing etc.

i read end of the book: it was in a school, the teacher was teaching about the importance of following the order of Allah, and woman not dressing like men or kuffar. and the girls had pants on, and the girl with blue pant with home and told her mom of this and she took it off and she bought new jilbab and wore it to school. mash-Allah, a good lesson on sacrifice. although she loved her dress, she left it off for the sake of Allah in obedience to His Command.

the other book was funny, but it teaches you importance of obeying parents, not lying etc.

the girl learned a hadith where it talks of a person who follows people blindly in their mistakes along with what is correct, having none of their opinion, so the girl does that too but she goes little too much and misses homework and not do what mom says, i.e. having her opinion not follow others.

but then she realizes at the end about it and her mom teaches her importance of obeying parents and tells her hadith on it etc.

so yea.

i have to go.

i hope you get to buy the books and ENJOYYYYYYYYYY!

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by Nissho for everyone
Blog EntryBeginning Book on SarfApr 20, '09 12:59 PM
for everyone
One of the sister asked on  this and brother Imraan sent the info. to me to give her, so i am posting here for all of us. the Book is attached. Below is the words of brother aboo Imran.

------------ May Allah reward him for his great work for all us.-----------

Let the sister know that one of the beginner texts is Binaa-ul-Af'aal. It has several Shurooh to it as well. I am including it in PDF form for you to send the sister or to post. I will place it on my blog later on inshaAllah.

After that Laamiyat-ul-Af'aal is studied and it is more advanced and in poem form. It also has various Shurooh. Then there are more advanced texts like ash-Shaykh Muhammad Muhyeed-ud-Deen Abdil-Hameed's Duroos fee Tasreef which is very detailed. Keep in mind that there are other Mutoon as well. All of these texts require a teacher for full appreciation and understanding but they can be self studied as a Tamheed process.

Please make Duaa for me.

Aboo Imraan al-Mekseekee
The one in need of Allah's guidance
Attachment: Binaa Afaal.pdf
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by Nissho for everyone
ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewLetter Size Hardboard Clipboard with Low Profile ClipApr 14, '09 9:41 PM
for everyone
I bought so far 2 of these clip boards for my study after reading akh Aboo Imran good advice on this. He was using them too. I found them very useful too mash-allah.

you know there are so many ebooks, and if you print and put them in these clip boards to study, mash-Allah it works great - at least for me, i don't like those binders as i don't touch them. so if i keep in one of these i am most likely to study.

I like them a lot for writing too. seems to charge a lot, more than my school's bookstore, I hope to buy couple of more of these insha-Allah.
Blog EntryApr 12, '09 2:54 PM
by Nissho for everyone

Attachment: alfiyah poem.pdf
Attachment: najm aljaromiyah finnahw.pdf
Please note that most of the sites are not authentic, they sell all types of books, astray books, books of fire *(should be in)* etc but for our purpose we are going there to buy our books only.
i hope your life is made much easy in here to buy nice gammar books of Arabic. insha-allah

Blog EntryCollection of Grammar books to buy - with their links....Apr 9, '09 5:56 PM
for everyone

SALE Al Kawakib Al Duriya (Sharh Al Ajrumiya) الكواكب الدرية شرح متممة الآجرومية
Qatr al Nada Wa Bal al Sada قطر الندى وبل الصدى
Sharh Ibn al Nazm al Alfiyat Ibn Malik
شرح ابن الناظم على ألفية ابن مالك
Title: Sharh Qitr al-Nada
Title: Sharh Milhat al-I'rab
Title: Awdhah al-Masalik ila Alfiyat Ibn Malik
Title: Sharh al-Makudi ala al-Alfiyah
Title: al-Maqasid wa al-Masalik fi Sharh Alfiyat bn Malik
al-Maqasid al-Nuhawiyah fi Sharh Shawahid al-Alfiyah
al-Bahjah al-Mardhiyah Sharh Alfiyat ibn Malik
Hashiyat al-Khudhari 'ala Sharh Ibn Aqeel
Title: Tashweeq al-Ikhllan (Hashiyat Sharh al-Ojrumiyah
Sharh al-Muqaimah al-Ojrumiyah
Sharh Ibn Aqeel 'ala al-Alfiyah
Hashiyat al-Khudhari ala Sharh Ibn Aqeel
al-Tuhfah al-Saniyah fi sharh al-Muqaddimah al-Ajrumiyah
Sharh Ibn Aqeel
Sharh Ibn Aqeel
Sharh al-Muqaddimah al-Ajrumiyah
Mujeeb al-Nada sharh Qatr al-Nada
al-Kawakib al-Duriyah ala Mutamimat al-Ojrumiyah
Ta'ajeel An-Nadaa Sharh Qatr An-Nadaa
Al-Hulalu Adh-Dhahabiyyah Fee At-Tuhfah As-Siniyyah
Muallimah Al-Qiraah Al-'Arabiyyah
مختصر مغني اللبيب
القواعد الاساسية للغة العربية
akh aboo imraan directed me to these books, insha-allah, when Allah makes it easy, i hope to buy them very much.  - see the sample pages and back cover - you would love these books.
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Pages: 542 (total)
Size: Box: 13×9.5×1.6"
Manufacturer: Darussalam / PeaceTech
Shipping Weight: 4.98 lbs

Al-Mualim: Majmuah Zahabiyah  (10 Books)
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   Back Cover

This package contains 10 full color Arabic booklets and 1 cartridge to be used with the Al-Mualim - Teacher Advanced unit. This set contains the full audio for all the books for an interactive experience. These beautiful books are great for children and adults. They cover a wide range of interesting topics including Quran/Tafseer, Tajweed, Hadith study, supplications, how to pray, stories of Prophets and even learning the Arabic alphabets. Exact list of books can be found on the back cover (link found above).
Listen to the books with the Teacher Advanced version. Just plug the cartridge and place one of the book on to the learn pad (sold separately), set the page # on the unit according to the page on the book, and then point to the line/word/picture you want to hear and it will read it out loud. You can see sample pages and also listen along with the sample audio (links found above & below).
Note: This package does not contain the unit which can be used to listen to these booklets. You can purchase the Teacher Advanced unit (item #E04) from the 'Related Item' links below. You can, however, read and benefit from these booklets even without unit.

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