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Arabic Picture Dictionary and more.

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Motkan El Tollab Double Dictionary English-Arabic and Arabic-English متقن الطلاب المزدوج
Motkan El Tollab Double Dictionary English-Arabic and Arabic-English متقن الطلاب المزدوج
This dictionary is considered a reference dictionary where it includes two languages: Arabic and English.
List price: $15.99
Motkan El Tollab Dictionary English-Arabic متقن الطلاب
Motkan El Tollab Dictionary English-Arabic متقن الطلاب
This dictionary is considered a reference dictionary where it includes two languages: Arabic and English.
List price: $9.99
My Illustrated Book - First 500 Words كتابي المصوّر أول 500 كلمة
My Illustrated Book - First 500 Words كتابي المصوّر أول 500 كلمة
This book contains the 500 most used words in everyday life.
List price: $8.99
Pictured Dictionary for Children القاموس المصور للأطفال
Pictured Dictionary for Children القاموس المصور للأطفال
A great tri-lingual dictionary in 3 volumes with Islamic content.
List price: $59.97
(Out of Stock)
Children's Illustrated Dictionary English-English-Arabic القاموس الإبتدائي المصوّر
Children's Illustrated Dictionary English-English-Arabic القاموس الإبتدائي المصوّر
Illustrated Dictionary is specifically aimed to children of seven years and up...
List price: $48.99
Pictures Dictionary English-Arabic صور  وكلمات
Pictures Dictionary English-Arabic صور وكلمات
This is a dictionary of a young child’s first words.
List price: $20.99
El-Motkan Tri-lingual Dictionary Spanish-French-Arabic المتقن الثلاثي
El-Motkan Tri-lingual Dictionary Spanish-French-Arabic المتقن الثلاثي
English/French/Arabic dictionary
List price: $44.99
Web price: $22.50
You save: $22.49(~50%)
Motkan Pocket Dictionary Spanish-Arabic متقن الجيب
Motkan Pocket Dictionary Spanish-Arabic متقن الجيب
This dictionary is considered a reference dictionary where it includes two languages: Arabic, and Spanish.
List price: $5.99
Web price: $3.00
You save: $2.99(~50%)
El Motkan Junior Dictionary Spanish-Arabic المتقن الوسيط
El Motkan Junior Dictionary Spanish-Arabic المتقن الوسيط
This dictionary is considered a reference dictionary where it includes two languages: Arabic, and Spanish.
List price: $12.99
Web price: $6.50
You save: $6.49(~50%)
Everyday Words Dictionary Arabic-English كلمات الحياة اليومية
Everyday Words Dictionary Arabic-English كلمات الحياة اليومية
Fun-filled practice in word and picture recognition.
List price: $19.99
My Preparatory Alphabetical Dictionary Arabic-Spanish قاموسي الألفبائي التمهيدي
My Preparatory Alphabetical Dictionary Arabic-Spanish قاموسي الألفبائي التمهيدي
This dictionary is a pre-dictionary to the First Alphabetical Arabic-Spanish Dictionary.
List price: $2.99
My Preparatory Alphabetical Dictionary Arabic-French قاموسي الألفبائي التمهيدي
My Preparatory Alphabetical Dictionary Arabic-French قاموسي الألفبائي التمهيدي
Simple, easy and clear language dictionary.
List price: $2.99
My Preparatory Alphabetical Dictionary Arabic-Italian قاموسي الألفبائي التمهيدي
My Preparatory Alphabetical Dictionary Arabic-Italian قاموسي الألفبائي التمهيدي
This dictionary is a pre-dictionary to the First Alphabetical Arabic-Italian Dictionary.
List price: $2.99
Web price: $1.50
You save: $1.49(~50%)
Zad El Tollab, Tri-lingual Dictionary English-French-Arabic زاد الطلاب الثلاثي
Zad El Tollab, Tri-lingual Dictionary English-French-Arabic زاد الطلاب الثلاثي
This is the most advanced English/Arabic/French dictionary.
List price: $13.99
El-Motkan Double Dictionary Spanish-Arabic and Arabic-Spanish المتقن الوسيط المزدوج
El-Motkan Double Dictionary Spanish-Arabic and Arabic-Spanish المتقن الوسيط المزدوج
This dictionary is considered a reference dictionary where it includes two languages: Arabic and Spanish.
List price: $15.99
Picture Dictionary English-English-Arabic قاموس الصغار المصور
Picture Dictionary English-English-Arabic قاموس الصغار المصور
Fun and engaging way to learn a new language.
List price: $16.99
Al-Mawrid Junior Illustrated Dictionary English-English-Arabic المورد المصور للطلاب
Al-Mawrid Junior Illustrated Dictionary English-English-Arabic المورد المصور للطلاب
The visual dictionary English-English-Arabic.
List price: $23.99
First Thousand Words in Arabic 
First Thousand Words in Arabic
Fun and engaging way to learn a new language.
List price: $12.99
(Out of Stock)
Children's Illustrated Arabic Dictionary 
Children's Illustrated Arabic Dictionary
Designed to be a child's very first foreign language dictionary
List price: $14.99
My First Dictionary English-Arabic 
My First Dictionary English-Arabic
Definitions of 1000 words, sorted alphabetically.
List price: $24.99
YORK First Picture Dictionary English-Arabic القاموس المصور الأول
YORK First Picture Dictionary English-Arabic القاموس المصور الأول
Definitions of 1000 words, sorted alphabetically.
List price: $14.99
DK Dictionary English-English-Arabic القاموس الأول المصور
DK Dictionary English-English-Arabic القاموس الأول المصور
Definitions of 3000 words, sorted alphabetically.
List price: $39.99
Stickers Book for 100 Basic Word كتاب الملصقات لمئة كلمة أساسية
Stickers Book for 100 Basic Word كتاب الملصقات لمئة كلمة أساسية
Using all senses to learn!
List price: $8.99
My First Words (New Edition) كلماتي الأولى
My First Words (New Edition) كلماتي الأولى
A great and new edition of My First Word book for kids.
List price: $17.99
1000 Words and Pictures 
1000 Words and Pictures
1000 words with humorous and colourful pictures.
List price: $11.99
My First Word Book 
My First Word Book
1000 words for common items in both Arabic and English.
List price: $19.99
First Word Book 
First Word Book
Comical illustrations for the youngest child.
List price: $14.99
Baby and Toddler's Big Book of Everything English-Arabic 
Baby and Toddler's Big Book of Everything English-Arabic
A great first word book for kids.
List price: $17.99
Picture Dictionary English-Arabic قاموسي المصور
Picture Dictionary English-Arabic قاموسي المصور
It's from Illustrated Dictionaries series is the first and best book used as reference..
List price: $12.99
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for everyone
bismillah asalamualikum.

anyone who would like this set of CDs with 3 madinah books audio lessons in URDU, please reply to the blog post. Condition is that you must be URDU speaking and you have to pay the shipping price.

Visit Me @

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Click on the images to visit. These files are nicely formatted.alhamdulillah.
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Jan 24, '12 12:51 PM
for everyone

The Dawd Center
As salaamu 'alaykum, 

Welcome to the Dawd Center Vocabulary Builder System! 

Since 2004, hundreds of students from all over the world have attended Arabic courses at the Dawd Center. Now, we are bringing this experience right to your inbox! 

Here is your first lesson: 
But, we encourage you to read on to understand the program.

Here are the keys to success for this program: 

1. You will receive several new words every three days, in sha Allah. Take the the new words and memorize them. Replace the English words with the Arabic ones. For example, if your new word is Baab (which means door in Arabic), start replacing the word door with baab. For example, say: "Open the baab" or "Close the baab" or "Why is the baab open?" 

2. Be patient! As time goes on, you will begin to see a significant increase in your vocabulary and understanding. The Dawd Center specializes in Arabic Immersion. This means all lessons are completely in Arabic. If you followed the first step, it will be very easy for you to retain words. You may be familiar with many words in this program already, but it is okay. You can forward these emails to family and friends and allow them to benefit from this program as well. 

3. Be consistent! Once you start don't stop. It's only a few words every three days. That's about a word a day. Keep going until you finish. The videos are less than three minutes each. 

It is interesting to note here that most people don't use more than 1,000 words in day to day conversation. With consistency you can reach that number sooner than you think. 

Our Methodology 

You will receive a video with the most commonly used Arabic words. We will translate one time. We will not translate words you have already learned. All translations are below the video. The video is completely in Arabic. Why? Well, you will start to associate the words with the sound of the words and not the Arabic word with its English translation. This is very important. You want to look at a word and think of it in Arabic. This exercise will allow you to think quickly in your new language. 
Here is your first lesson:

We hope you enjoy this program and benefit greatly from it. Feel free to offer feedback in the comment section below the videos.


Dawd Center Staff 
Online Courses: 
Student Portal: 
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Jan 20, '12 10:35 AM
for everyone
  here is a email :  
Dear brothers and sisters,

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهWe have some exciting news from the website of the respected Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim:

We are offering (a limited number of) Free copies of our Shaykh's outstanding course-book that teaches Qur'aanic Arabic through the sacred text of Suurah Yuusuf. The book is named:

المسعِفُ في لغةِ وإعرابِ سورة يوسفَ
(Lexical & Grammatical Exposition of Suurah Yuusuf ["alayhis-salaam]).

It is an exceptional work maa shaa Allaah, with a wealth of classical Arabic vocabulary, wealth of lexical & grammatical notes, wealth of Qur'aanic aayaat cited from other suurahs, wealth of citations from Ibn Maalik's famous "Al-Alfiyyah" ( a classical Arabic text teaching the fundamentals of Arabic grammar through couplets), wealth of exercises to test grammar, Sarf, and language skills, etc, wa l-Hamdu lillaah.

It is recommended for advanced students of Arabic (e.g.  if you have completed the Madinah course or have attained proficiency in Arabic equivalent to it), for teachers, Arabic institutions, colleges and universities for forming part of their Arabic language curriculum.

Please refer here for the extracts:

(Admin. is contactable via this email.

We hope you are enjoying the Arabic lessons, Q & As and other materials on the Shaykh's site and wish you success on your journey to mastering Arabic.

administrator of Shaykh's website
Assalaamu alaikum brothers and sisters,

We are writing a special email to registered members at the Shaykh Dr. V. Abdur Rahim's website, in order to convey some wonderful news for all students, teachers, parents, institutes of Arabic etc,:

Now available at the website of the Institute of Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language, Islaamic University of Madinah, are the 3 Madinah Arabic Books, in a new fully-interactive format which enhances the enjoyment of learning and accelerates the rate at which material is understood and recalled.

The site presents audio files and written lessons of the entire Madinah Arabic Course (3 Volumes), along with audios and text of the entire 2-year Arabic Language and Islaamic Studies curriculum which is authored and compiled by our respected Shaykh, and comprise various lessons in Qur'aan, Hadiith, Fiqh, Siirah, Stories of the Prophets, etc.

The special feature for non-natives is that all lessons and audios are available in Arabic, along with the translation in the language you wish to have translated.

For example, an English-speaker has the translation provided (in writing) on the screen as they listen to each word and sentence from the text, dialogues, exercises, vocabulary etc from any one lesson. 

One has the option to close the translation facility if one is fluent in Arabic.

The benefit of providing a written on-line translation and not a vocal one alongside the vocalised Arabic, is to enhance listening fluency of the Arabic.

Lessons are prepared with colours, carefully-coded to teach  the lexical and grammatical elements .

There are many foreign languages at this site which the Madinah Books and 2-year syllabus can be viewed in, and studied. 

This is a tremendous facilitation for non-native speakers of Arabic worldwide.

Important Note: The audios and site material work best when the site is viewed through Internet Explorer (7). The site does not fully operate through some other Internet Browsers (like Mozilla Firefox) so please view the site via Internet Explorer (7).

Here is the link:

(If you are using a web browser other than Internet Explorer, please switch to Internet Explorer at this point to have full access to material).

We hope all students, teachers, parents, institutions etc benefit greatly from this rich, interactive Arabic teaching resource which paves the way for non-natives to master Arabic, in shaa Allaah.

If you are doing the 3 Madinah Books, the above site should be your primary on-line resource to help teach you.

Please share news of the site.

Administrator for
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by Nasrin for everyone

I hope inshaaAllah Allah will aid me through THREE people who will buy this product. it will be a great support for me really. 
Two sets of Books for you here:

Books 50. Pages 8.12.16. ارنوب العجيب

& Books 3. Pages 17. مكارم الاخلاق
Assalamu alaikum;
Dear sisters,

Golden Arabic Pieces Arabic online Study Courses for Women is proud to inform you of our upcoming semester for Arabic classes. We will begin Sunday,January 8Th 2012
Beginners class
Sunday - Wednesday
9 - 11 (PM) EST
Beginners class
Sunday - Wednesday
9 - 11 (PM) EST
Class Schedule for women
1-Beginners class:Sunday - Wednesday 9 - 11 (PM) EST
2-Intermediate Level:Monday - Thursday 9 - 11 (PM) EST
3-Level one:Sunday - Wednesday 7 - 9 (AM) EST
Class Schedule for children
1-Beginners class:Saturday - Tuesday 6 - 7 PM (EST)
2-Advanced class:Saturday - Tuesday 5 - 6 PM (EST)  

Beginners class
Sunday - Wednesday
9 - 11 (PM) EST
Please share this email and link with all sisters looking to learn this beautiful language.
Please feel free to ask, demand and inquire about all your concerns.
Your feedback on our services is appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,
GAP team,
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As-slaam alaikum:

Dear sisters;

This is a sisters only free monthly class aiming to get you familiar with the stories in Quraan.

The class is based on Tafseer Ebn Katheer the Arabic book.

The class repeats on 1st Sunday of every month.

To join click: 
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by Nasrin for everyone

The Paved Way to Professional Arabic: Link
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Dec 27, '11 5:14 PM
for everyone
assalam aleikum,

I found this to be very resourceful ->

They also have duroos audio/text of Arabic class levels(from Syria): here

فهرس كتاب نحو إتقان الكتابة باللغة العربية
----- build proficiency in Arabic : here- 
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Explanation of al-Ajroomiyah [Audio] by Shaykh Muhammad Bin ‘Ali al-Ethopi is one senior scholars in Mecca

مكتبة الإمام الآجري – رحمه الله – تقدم لكم

شرح متن الآجرومية للشيخ محمد بن علي آدم الإثيوبي الولوي ـ حفظه الله ـ
ترجمة للشيخ الشارح – حفظه الله- : من هنا
ـ وصف المتن:” متن الآجرومية ” لأبي عبد الله محمد بن محمد بن داود الصنهاجي المعروف بـ” ابن آجروم ” المتوفي سنة (723هـ) – رحمه الله تعالى – وهو متن مشهور مبارك.
حيث يبين الكتاب أنواع الكلام وإعرابه. وقد عرض كل ذلك بإيجاز دون أن يكون ذلك على حساب الإيضاح. فبين في باب الإعراب باب معرفة علامات الإعراب ثم عقد فصلاً في المعربات ثم أتبع ذلك بباب الأفعال، حيث بين أنواعها وأحوالها وإعراب كل حالة وانتقل إلى باب مرفوعات الأسماء ومن ثم باب الفاعل وباب المفعول وبعدها تناول باباً آخر في المبتدأ والخبر والعوامل الداخلة عليه، ومن ثم تحدث في أبواب لاحقة عن النعت والعطف والتوكيد والبدل والمتعديات من الأسماء والمفعول به والمصدر وظرف المكان والزمان، والحال والتمييز والاستثناء والمنادى والمفعول من أجله والمفعول من معه ثم اختتم المتن بالمخفوضات من الأسماء.
تحميل المتن : pdf [مكتوب / مطبوعword mp3
تحميل الشرح : pdf word

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From: "Mu'aawiyah Tucker" <>
Date: 12 December 2011 01:14:36 GMT
Subject: Spring Term Announcement

Spring Term Announcement

Below is a list of our latest activities. Please follow the link found at the end of each announcement to find out more.
Arabic Courses Madrasah

Spring Term Madrasah

A New Term With A New System

Term: 2nd Jan - 1st Apr 2012
Booking & registration can be done online
During this term we will have our usual three classes,
Alif Class: Mon, Wed, Fri ~ 16:00-17:30 (£120)
Baa Class: Tue, Thur ~ 16:00-17:30 (£80)
Jeem Class: Sat, Sun ~ 10:00-12:00 (£180)
In the spring term we will be rolling out a new system where each parent will be able to monitor their children's progress online via our website. They will be able to view what soorahs they have read so far, how far their child has memorised the Qur'aan, the quality of their memorisation and will be able to see their term attendance.
In order to enrol your child online to our Madrasah, please click on the link below, alternatively, give us a call or visit our centre.
Study with us

Kids Islamic Studies school

Basic Islamic studies

Date: 7 Jan - 31 Mar & 21 Apr - 14 Jul
Fee: £150 per term
This new term will debut our new Islamic Course, aimed at teaching the youth Islamic studies, from basic tenants of Islamic belief, to how a Muslim should behave with other people. We will educate the students on what it means to be a Muslim, and how to represent Islam in the best way. It will encourage our youth to invite their friends and family to Islam, and put them on the road to success in this life and the next.
Follow the link to find more course details and booking information.
Picture of Arabic Courses Classroom

Adult Arabic Courses

Spring Term Line Up

We have arranged our selection of classes starting in the new year. We have lessons starting from the very basics of learning how to read Arabic, recognising the letters and reading with tajweed to advanced Arabic studies and completing Book 3 of the Madeenah Series.
If you have ever wished you could understand the Qur'aan, then now is your time to prepare for the coming Ramadhaan and Taraaweeh.
If you have any suggestions for classes at times more convenient for you, please let us know via our online 'lesson request form' found on the following link.
Picture of Early Mac

IT & Computing for Kids

Basic Web Design & Programming

Date: 4th Jan to 28th Mar
Fees: £150
We have arranged classes aimed at teaching children the basic about the computer, web design and programming. Our aim is to give the students skills that will better equips them for the future and help them develop their logical thought processes.
We will cover the history of computing, web design and programming. Each child will be tasked to develop their own web pages, populate it with their own ideas and content potentially win a prize for the best design and implementation.
With the fast progression of technology, every step a child takes to adapt to this every changing world and contribute positively to this every expanding global community would be a requirement more than a necessity.
To find out more about the course curriculum and how to enrol your child, please click the following link.
Picture of the Ka'bah

Umrah with Arabic Courses

an Umrah like none other

Dates: 1st Apr - 14th Apr (In Shaa Allaah)
Fees: TBC
Based upon the success of our Ramadhaan Umrah experience 2011, we will be organising another Umrah journey next year, 2012. Our dates are (In Shaa Allaah) 1st Apr - 14th Apr (easter holiday two week break) and another one during Ramadhaan. If you would like to join us for an experience you will never forget, please give us a call.
We also made a video blog of our last Umrah experience and will be uploading that to our YouTube channel soon, In Shaa Allaah, so stay tuned for more information about that.
All our courses, events and projects can be found on our website:
All bookings can be made both on our website where we have full PayPal intergration, and at our Centre at:
222 High Road
London, E11 3HU
Tel: 0208 519 0502
We emphasis the heighest level of quality in the services, with small class sizes, customer support forums, our unique Shuffle Up program, and much more.
To unsubscribe, email back "Unsubscribe".
If this email does not show up properly, please visit this link.

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Books 15. Pages 16. صحابة الرسول # ١.zip December 9, 2011

Posted by thuriayaa in Books 15. Pages 16. صحابة الرسول # ١.zip
trackback ,  
PDFs’ of these 15 books have been uploaded @
Zip file is found here, all books in one file:
I hope you all find these files very beneficial inshaaAllah.
Blog EntryDec 8, '11 9:14 PM
by Nasrin for everyone
Books 55. Pages 16. قصص الانبياء.zip December 9, 2011
Posted by thuriayaa in Books 55. Pages 16. قصص الانبياء.zip
PDFs’ of these 55 books have been uploaded @ - one book is missing as it was not on the site. I covered up funny images, it was not nice to see many. Alhamdulillah.
Zip file is found here, all books in one file:
I hope you all find these files very beneficial inshaaAllah.
I have longed to find PDF of these, today I have finished making them, alhamdulillah. Now next coming seerah of Our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhe wa sallam and many more inshaaAllah.
Blog EntryDec 2, '11 10:50 PM
by Nasrin for everyone

Please visit to find PDF here:

I pick the ones i like in terms of layout and images etc. if there is a set you want as pdf let me know. 


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