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Arabic Between Your Hands

IT is a really nice dictionary, what makes it nice is that, it has ayas of Qur'an and ahadeeth for the words. mash-Allah and what makes it worse is the solid pictures of people, real people. i hate this part of this book really so much. although i am thinking about buying it. i think if i buy i will have to put papers to cover these people all over the book.

Arabic Between Your Hands Dictionary Arabic-Arabic المعجم العربي بين يديك

Author:Team of Authors
Publisher:Arabic for All
Ages:Middle School
List Price:$24.99
More Product Details
Dimensions:(8" x 11")
First Publishing Date:7/1/2005
Current Publishing Date:
Current Edition:
Run Time:minutes
Shipping weight:2.518

Student Dictionary; Synonyms and Antonyms قاموس الطالب في المرادفات و الأضداد

This is really a nice dictionary, i just saw it. i HOpe Allah gives me tawfiq to buy it insha-Allah. Check out the sample pages for free view.
Author:Wahebah Khaled and Demah Sa'ad
Publisher:Dar Al Roqe'i
Ages:Junior Level
List Price:$13.50
List Price:$14.99
Web Price:$13.50

Free view pages:

The Student Dictionary: Synonymous and Antonyms was designed to be suitable for all ages. Through the introduction of simple, age-appropriate words, the Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary is a must have for every student’s school supply list. Finding the perfect word for your essays and term papers shouldn’t be that difficult—now it is actually easy with the Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary. Don’t hesitate. Buy it today as the Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary is an essential tool for serious learners.
This well organized dictionary contains 3 columns: the first contains entry words, the second contains synonyms, and the third column lists words with the opposite meaning all arranged alphabetically in the same row.
More Product Details
Dimensions:(8" x 10")
First Publishing Date:7/1/2006
Current Publishing Date:
Current Edition:
Run Time:minutes
Shipping weight:.60625
Buy it....

Saving - Grammer books to buy and ShareApr 4, '09 9:52 PM
for everyone
this is what i just collected from the works of brother aboo imraan, some of the books i don't know where he got them from, but a lot of them, i could find where to buy. InshaAllah, i hope we can buy them and benefit. some sites in here are not good but i kept it so as to make it easy to find books to buy... so be warned!!!

PDF - E-BOOK : At-Tuhfatus Sinniyah Bi-Sharhul Muqaddimatil AjurrumiyyahApr 4, '09 8:08 PM
for everyone
PDF - E-BOOK : At-Tuhfatus Sinniyah Bi-Sharhul Muqaddimatil Ajurrumiyyah
it is a beautiful book mash-Allah, after each lesson shaykh gives Questions to answer on the lesson and also excercises. sells the hardcopy of the book for about $9 dollars. alhamdulillah.
Attachment: al-tuhfahal-sinniyahbisharhal-muqaddimahal-aajurumeeyah-ar.pdf
Blog EntryApr 2, '09 3:59 PM
by Nissho for everyone

The Aajurroomiyyah Archive

Blog EntryMar 25, '09 10:13 PM
by Nissho for group studyarabic
did you memorize the last chapters, if not, then you should do so before you do this chapter...
next coming chapters have things that will be very new...mash-allah
Attachment: lesson_07.wma
Attachment: lesson_07.pdf
Blog EntryMar 21, '09 12:41 PM
by Nissho for group studyarabic
 memorize chart from chap. 6. insha-allah let us finish this book in this way.
Attachment: lesson_05.pdf
Attachment: lesson_05.wma
Attachment: lesson_06.pdf
Attachment: lesson_06.wma
lisan al arab is in MSW - which i did not like - if it was a software - that would be cool.
other one is a book.
Blog EntryMar 17, '09 11:19 PM
by Nissho for group studyarabic
find the audio and chapter file below - memorize, very useful.
i uploaded full book audio on music section as well and directed full book download link as well
Attachment: lesson_04.pdf
Attachment: lesson_04.wma
Blog EntryMar 14, '09 9:35 PM
by Nissho for group studyarabic
audio and chart attached... listen and memorize.
Attachment: chart.pdf
Attachment: lesson_03.mp3
Attachment: lesson_03.pdf
Blog EntryMar 14, '09 12:12 PM
by Nissho for everyone
How to Study the Books of Nahw - read the PDF file - it is a very beneficial Q&A

Taken from fundamentals of Classical Arabic Book. Lesson # 1

Attachment: map of arabic language.JPG
Asalamualikum...just found [almost] all classes audios are saved for free mp3 download - mash-allah. alhamdulillah.


Paltalk Lessons

February 28, 2008

Time schedule                      : SHAIKH MOHAMMAD AL MALKI
location of the classes        : Paltalk
Paltalkname of the shaikh :  @ILMFORALL1
Paltalk ROOM                        :  ILMFORALL KNOW ISLAM
                                                                (Under Religion and Spirituality/ Islam)


Advanced Arabic Class
Milhaatul ´Iraab
10.30 p.m.  EST / 3.30 am GMT / 6.30 a.m KSA

Arabic For Beginners
Expl. Al Ajjurumiyah                          
6 a.m EST / 11 a.m GMT / 2 p.m KSA

Kitab Tawheed
9.30 a.m. EST / 5.30 p.m. Saudi / 2.30 p.m. GMT

LACAL (learn act call)
topic: Principles of Dawa
3 p.m. EST / 11 p.m Saudi / 8 p.m GMT



 Advanced Arabic Class
 Milhaatul ´Iraab
10.30 p.m.  EST / 3.30 a.m GMT / 6.30 a.m KSA

Arabic For Beginners
Expl. Al Ajjurumiyah                          
6 a.m EST / 11 a.m GMT / 2 p.m KSA
Zaad al Ma´ad - provisions for the hereafter
(A book by Imaam Ibn Al Qayyim al Jawziyyah Rahimallah)
9.30 a.m. EST / 5.30 p.m. Saudi / 2.30 p.m. GMT

Explanation of Sunnan Nasaa´i
(the book of Al Allamah Shaikh Mohammad ibn Adam Ethiopee)
3.30 p.m. EST / 11.30 p.m. Saudi / 8.30 p.m.  GMT

Advanced Arabic Class
Milhaatul ´Iraab
10.30 p.m.  EST / 3.30 a.m GMT / 6 a.m KSA

Arabic For Beginners
Expl. Al Ajjurumiyah                          
6 a.m EST / 11 a.m GMT / 2 p.m KSA

Tafseer class
9.30 a.m. EST / 5.30 p.m. Saudi / 2.30 p.m. GMT

Explanation of Sunnan Nasaa´i
(the book of Al Allamah Shaikh Mohammad ibn Adam Ethiopee)
3.30 p.m. EST / 11.30 p.m. Saudi / 8.30 p.m.  GMT


Advanced Arabic Class
Milhaatul ´Iraab
10.30 p.m.  EST / 3.30 a.m GMT / 6.30 a.m KSA

Arabic For Beginners
Expl. Al Ajjurumiyah                          
6 a.m EST / 11 a.m GMT / 2 p.m KSA

3.00 p.m. EST / 11.00 p.m. Saudi / 8.00 p.m. GMT Inshaa Allah


FRIDAY DUROOS– Jumuah Khutba

Grand Mufti, Grand Mosque, Riyadh 
12:10 a.m Saudi / 4:10 a.m. EST / 9:10 a.m. GMT 
followed by  Masjid Haram, Makkah
then Masjid Nabawi Madinah

Shaykh Mohammed Al Malki will play his khutbah of his masjid,
Masjid Bara bin Malik, King Abdul Azeez Airport, Jeddah
followed by translation and English Duroos/class – inshaa Allah
5 pm KSA / 2 pm GMT / 9 am EST

(related to topic given the day before or just open questions)
3.00 p.m. EST / 11.00 p.m. Saudi / 8.00 p.m. GMT Inshaa Allah

*Please bare in mind that all timings are subjected to change,
  that it might occure that classes might not commence as scheduled,
  or that it might occure that we have to cancel the class at the time that it should be given.
  Jazakum Allahu khairan for your understanding and patience.
Blog EntryMar 6, '09 12:50 PM
by Nissho for everyone
I was thinking of sharing this tip nicely but i don't feel like writing.
but still sharing: if you are serious about learning Arabic, then be organized, this is serious. Do not rush and run around taking tons of classes and going over too many books, jump from one book to the other, or one class to other.
Calm down and pick a book, or a series of books, then go over one after the other. Finish a  book completely with understanding, then move on to the next one.
For example, if you are going over Madinah arabic books, then finish that series, finish book one well, before you touch book two, and finish book 2 well before you move on to book 3. after you finish this, go over their DVD lessons found online and finish them one after another.
or if you use al-kitab book series, 3 books there 2, go one after another.
all in all, be organized and don't rush, don't touch a book out of your level because it will lower your esteem and discourage you, when you go by your level and you see you do well, it helps you move on and keeps up your motivation.
and always keep reading here and there from arabic books and arabic websites of the scholars. I found Shaykh ibn bazz website very easy and helpful. I think his arabic is easier and short fatawa reading and trying to translate them helps a lot. you can subscribe to RSS FED as well.
Insha-allah i hope all of you are studying and doing well. Keep me in your dua.
wa-salamualikum wa rahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu

Blog EntryMar 6, '09 12:40 PM
by Nissho for everyone
i just saw this good news yesterday, a new  book of Dr. V. abdur rahim has been added, 6 DVD lessons of Dr. V. himself teaching advanced students, you can watch the DVDs for free online and also download them + there are other books that are sold and also can download for free. check out.


NEW! - Download videos of the advanced course "Selections from the Glorious Qur'an"
NEW! - Download videos from our DVD sets in AVI format
Madina Books - Blank Verb Conjugation SheetMadina Books - Glossary
Madina Books - Arabic TextMadina Books - Key in English
Madina Books - Key in UrduMadina Books - Solutions
Madina Books - HandoutsMadina Books - Book 1 Audio (Arabic Only)


Selections from the Glorious Qur'an: This book comes with a 6 DVD set featuring Dr. V. Abdur Rahim. It is intended for students who have completed the Madina Arabic Course, and contains Advanced Material.

Madina Arabic Books Glossary: This book contains a glossary of the words used in the Madina Arabic Books.

Europe Speaks Arabic: Arabic gave Europe cotton to wear, candy to eat, coffee to drink, chess to play, magazine to read, mattress to sleep on, and sugar to sweeten with. This book is a lucid exposition of these and a host of other Arabic words that have become part and parcel of English and other European languages.

it's canadian dollars in use, so in US dollars it is less than what you see and shipping is fair i believe as well.
so buy or benefit online - your choice.
Blog EntryFeb 14, '09 8:21 AM
by DTSSBC for group studyarabic
CLASS NOTES: Al-Ajurumiyyah
Safar 8, 1430/February 3, 2009
Umm Kutubah Samia Al’Garland
v                       فا لاسمُ تعْرِيفُهُ: كلِمةٌ دلَّتْ عَلَى معنى فِي نفسِها ولم تقترنْ بزمنٍ.
أمثلة للاسم
كتابٌ، قَلَمٌ، دَوَاةٌ، كرَّاسَةٌ، جَرِيدَةٌ، خليل، صالح، عمران، وَرَقَةٌ، سَبُعٌ، حَمَارٌ
v                       فالفِعلُ تَعرِيفُهُ: هُوَ كلمَةٌ دَلَّتْ عَلَى معنى فِي نفسِها واقترًنَت بِزَمَنٍ.
[1]أمثلة للفعل
[2]أَكَلَ  يَأْكُلُ  كُل، [3]هَنَأَ يَهْنؤُ اُهْنُؤْ، [4]وَجَلَ يَوْجُلُ اُوْجُلْ، [5]يَمَنَ يَيْمُنُ اُيْمُنْ،
The Verb: Therefore, each one of these expressions or pronunciations indicates upon a meaning within its self and it is occurrences, and it is connected to time. Thus (he Ate) indicates upon an event which took place in the past, and (he’s Eating) indicates upon an event which is taking place in the present [i.e. NOW] or future and as for (Eat!) which indicates upon a command for eating regarding to the future. Therefore, every word indicating upon an event in regards to TIME thus it is a verb.[6]

[1] All the verbs listed are called فِعْلٌ مُجَرَّدٌ ثلاثيٌّ   which means  A Three letter naked verb
[2] Means: To Eat, Eating, Eat! (  A command)
[3] Means: Healthful
[4] Means: To be afraid
[5] Means: Fortunate
[6] Taken from المُمتِعُ س:١٣
Blog EntryFeb 13, '09 10:05 AM
by DTSSBC for group studyarabic
As'Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,
Below are links for the  Abu Jaad, Hawwaaz, HutTya letters
Master Letters part 1 King Abu Jaad
Master Letters part 2 King Hawwaaz
Master Letters part 3 King HuTTiya
Barakallahu Feekum
Blog EntryFeb 8, '09 10:18 PM
by Nissho for group studyarabic
اِعْتَدَّ فــــعــــــــل اِعْتَبَرَ , حَسَبَ
look at as , think , count , hold , assume , rate , consider , suppose , deem , regard as , take as , view as , view as right , take it , take for , daresay
اِعْتَدَّ بِنَفْسِهِ
be become , feel self-important
ثِيَاب اســــــــــــم مَلَابِس
مَلابِس جــــمــــــــع أَزْياء
garment , apparel , attire , array
gown , garment , clothing , clothes , apparel , attire , robe , wear
أَذَّنَ فــــعــــــــل دَعَا إلى الصَّلاة
call to prayer

أُذُن اســــــــــــم عُضْوُ السَّمْع
حَصَلَ فــــعــــــــل جَرَى , حَدَثَ
take place , happen
تَلَذَّذَ فــــعــــــــل اِلْتَذَّ ( بِـ )
bask in , relish , enjoy , savor , be pleased or delighted at , enjoy oneself , have for one's use or benefit , have the use or benefit of , find delightful , be delighted with , take delight in , delight in , find delicious , get pleasure from , take pleasure or delight in

تَلَذُّذ مـــصــــــدر اِسْتِمْتاع
gusto , fruition , enjoyment , pleasure , relish , zest
صَوْت اســــــــــــم كُلُّ ما يُسْمَع
sound , voice
جَنْبَة اســــــــــــم شُجَيْرَة
bush , shrub

جُنَبَة اســــــــــــم ما يَتَجَنَّبُهُ المَرْءُ
what one avoids
يمسك = grasping on
أَجَلْ حــــــــــــرف نَعَمْ
indeed , certainly , yea , yes

أَجِلَ فــــعــــــــل تَأَخَّرَ
delay , be late , tarry

أَجْل مـــصــــــدر سَبَب
for , reason , cause , parent , toward , that , to , rationale
تَدَنٍّ مـــصــــــدر تَدَنٍّ ( التَّدَنِّي ) : هُبُوط , اِنْخِفاض
diminution , dropping , dwindling , decline , sinking , slump , drop
تَحَرَّمَ فــــعــــــــل حُرِّمَ , حُظِّرَ
be or become forbidden , be or become unauthorized , be or become illicit
اِقْتَرَنَ فــــعــــــــل اِقْتَرَنَ ( أحياء )
conjugate joined in a reciprocal relationship
كَفِيف صـــــفـــــــة أَعْمَى
blind , sightless

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