AlQawaid Al-Nahawiyah - القواعد النحوية

ReviewReviewReviewReviewReviewAlQawaid Al-Nahawiyah - القواعد النحويةApr 26, '10 5:53 PM
by Nasrin for everyone
Genre:Religion & Spirituality
Author:Umm Salma Al-Abbaasiya
Umm Salma Al-Abbaasiya compiles a beneficial work of arabic grammar, which includes an introduction from Ahmad bin Thabit Al-Wasaabee, a teacher of Arabic Grammar in Al-Yemen's Dar Al-Hadith in Dammaj.
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I bought this book on Dec. of 2008, and after 1 and half years later almost Alhamdulillah i finished reading the main text of the book Yesterday. I didn't do the exercise because i started reading the book because i really MISSED studying Grammar of Arabic.

Arabic Grammar is amazing, honestly, i really love it much. it is so systematic and organized and logical alhamdulillah and it is beautiful. Alhamdulillah.

As i was eading the book, i was thinking of posting a review of it but i didn't want to write until i was done. There was one thing i wanted to say about this book that is: it is an EASY EASY EASY BOOK. Alhamdulillah.

MaashaaAllah, our noble shaykhah only took the basics of Arabic Grammar and made very brief chapters with brief text containing very brief explanation. Then she followed up with TWO section of Exercises, ONE that should be done with the main chapter and another that should be done by the student at home.

I just tried to do the exercises in my head at the beginning then i didn't do it later in the head. I was just focusing on the text of the book. InshaaAllah in future i will do the book with the exercises.

There seemed to be words that i didn't know the meaning of here and there so i didn't want to do the exercises for that as i have to open the dictionary and pen and papers etc. my aim was to study the grammar firstly. alhamdulillah.

i bought this book after reading the review of brother Aboo Imran that you can find here: CLICK HERE and he said, "lso for those doing Madinah Book Two and Three then you will have few problems understanding the lessons and principles as the Shaykhah used very clear and understandable terminology."

This is very true, alhamdulillah. maashaaallah i just realized i understood something else from what he said, that is "will have problem".

maashaaAllah no, i do not think those finishing 3 madinah books will have problem, maybe few as the brother said, not even few i think, maybe couple due to change of few terms here and there.

But the book is VERY EASY and it is VERY BASIC and it gives for the beginner what they should know at first.

BUT i think the exercises may take more grammar then what shaykhah explained because for the instruments of exception and sisters of innah, dhanna and kana" some more explanation is needed for each particles and also for Haal.

but the main text of the book is SO EASY. Alhamdulillah. For all beginners, this book is perfect and an excellent review as well and practice book alhamdulillah.

SO GET it.... 


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