Issue of Copy Right - & - Removing from my accounts copy righted materials.

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem
asalamualikum warahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu

I just wanted to say jazak allahu khayran to the brother who reminded me of this matter, i am not perfect and i forget and i need reminder like everyone else. So i hope you all excuse my shortcomings whenever you notice and advice me sincere for the sake of Allah. know that even if fail to act on what you advice me on right away but i will not reject your advice but i will try my best to act on it as far as i am able inshaaAllah, though sometimes it may take time. and Allah knows best.

i have tried to remove all doubtful and copy righted books from my pages, including the main sources. i believe we as muslims have more right to be away from stealing than the kuffar - some sites they automatically remove copy righted materials from the account when their system notice the file. maashaaAllah. if they are so strict on this, then why shouldn't we. may Allah forgive us and guide us.

and you know i truly understand this fact now, that this violation of copy right truly hurts others income, whose daily life means of earning is from selling of books after publishing them. i do not think it is fair that one should steal and use them like these. if it was my published books, i am sure i would be very hurt. 

and trust me, i bought all these ebooks found online spending so much money bearing much hardship, and i do not want to say it to brag but i know there were days i didn't eat any lunch just to save that money to buy these books because i don't like ebooks. and it is sad to me that now that i want to sell some of these books back i cannot because they are online and people do not want to buy and prices are lower than what i bought the books for maashaaAllah. but Alhamdulillah.

the al-kitab series is copy righted
the gateway to Arabic as well
Arabic in a Flash
and some other grammar books like 
Arabic Verb and Essential grammar
and Arabic: an essential grammar 
[these last two are removed from scribd upon upload right away]

from the treasure of arabic morphology and Arabic Tutor
- it was online as PDF before it was published as Book - so i kept these books 

and Alarabiyah Bayna yadayk does not have copy right
nor does Madinah Books
and the Saudi, Palestinian and Ummul Qura books are taken from their official sites, thus they are given out for free
and alkitab alasasi of Egypt 
- it is the old version of the book not the newest version of it, so i kept it. for that
the talking story books -
 i don't see any copyright on them, if you know let me know. 

we need much blessing in our study, i surely do not want to lose any blessings by sharing any copy righted materials - while i don't even use any of these ebooks and have hard copy these books that i bought spending much money. Alhamdulillah.

I removed what i had doubt in.

Also, to give you assurance
Alhamdulillah you have 
So don't Be Sad and do not be hesitant to stop using what is copyrighted that is shared online. 

Visit this page again:
InshaaAllah you can see how much you have of materials to learn Arabic From Alhamdulillah.

and visit and buy USED/New books - some of the books are sold at a very cheap price really.

I don't want you to have gastric but to be honest people spend so much money on food and clothes and beautification, i wish they would save some money and use it to buy beneficial books to learn their Deen and take classes.

May Allah guide us to what is best for our deen, duniyah and akhira. 

Forgive me for my shortcomings and guide me through as well. i need reminders like you all do.

jazakum Allahu khayran
was-salamualikum warahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu


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